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  1. W.L.Weller

    Battery powered mixer?

    Any users of the Behringer Xenyx 1002B out there? Any opinions or alternative battery-powered solutions for 4 channels? (If the Behringer is a clone of something better, please let me know)
  2. W.L.Weller

    Mono Impedance Switching

    I know how to switch 2 speakers between series and parallel (achieving double and half the individual speaker impedances), but here's what I'm after and I can't tell if it's possible: I have a 4x10" cabinet with four 16Ω speakers. It's currently wired series/parallel for a 16Ω impedance to...
  3. W.L.Weller

    Beltone AP-A (AP-12?) Clone

    Thanks to some private encouragement by @Wally , I'm going to take a shot at building one of these, with a few differences. Going with a 5Y3 and an appropriate PT for the tube lineup. 2 inputs. This Edcor OT...
  4. W.L.Weller

    Making the time

    I tallied up the repairs, half-built and half-planned amp projects last night. I've got 10, ranging from finishing a Boot Hill Six Shooter to cleaning, servicing, checking and testing 2 amp chassis that got submerged in flood water. How do you plan your projects? Do you make a schedule, try to...
  5. W.L.Weller

    New Old Amp Day!

    A Kalamazoo Bass 30 rehoused in a Groove Tubes closed-back 4x10. Buckled up and ready to roll! (Probably) Two 7591 and two 6EU7. (I found someone talking about theirs that came stock with 6L6 not 7591). And I'm saying probably because I haven't opened it up yet. I know there are folks who...
  6. W.L.Weller

    Amps & Floods

    Any advice on drying out amplifier chassis that took a dip? Obviously I'm not going to be plugging anything in until a thorough cleaning and inspection has taken place. And I was already going to replace things like the cardboard-wrapped filter caps. It's the transformers that I'm worried...
  7. W.L.Weller

    Can you learn rhythm?

    Basically the title, is it possible. If so, what's worked for you? Lots of technical aspects of my playing have been improving, but the rhythmic part absolutely isn't. Whether we're talking about basic beats per minute stuff, or accents and "feel". I'd love to hear about something that's worked...
  8. W.L.Weller

    Silicone for vibration dampening?

    I'm working on a Bogen CHB50 and the replacement filter capacitors are much smaller than the mounting ring hardware that held the originals. Should I try to resize the hardware (they're sort of like the ring that the lion tamer would have the big cat jump through, except these are riveted to the...
  9. W.L.Weller

    NPAD - Bogen Challenger CHB50

    I'm starting off on the wrong foot by waiting to post photos, I know. A little googling and youtubing seems to suggest that these are pretty decent guitar amps "stock". Half of a 6EU7 as the input stage, a Baxandall tone stack using a 12AX7, a...
  10. W.L.Weller

    Any Gretsch Electromatic baritone players/owners?

    I'm considering one, wondering whether anyone here has any hands-on experience with one. Main selling point to me over my current 30" scale baritone (a Danelectro reissue) would be the Bigsby. Main concern (based on not having played one) would be the neck profile and the pickups ("mini...
  11. W.L.Weller

    Built-in reverb

    And death-ray blaster SFX! I'm trying to decide if I have an acoustic that's crummy enough to do this to. I used to (saddle had been replaced with a lollipop stick when I got it), but I traded that one for a pack of strings. Maybe I should see if there are any Craigslist Estebans I could get...
  12. W.L.Weller

    Basic tube pinout/construction

    I'm thinking about building a single-ended tube amp that'll use a 7591A power tube (because I already have a half-dozen, and an amp using a pair of them configured push-pull) (and I have a different single-ended 6V6 amp already). My question is about the difference between the pinout of the...
  13. W.L.Weller

    Little Milton

    Always dug this one: Also this is a cool picture, even if he played Gibson ES models most of his career.
  14. W.L.Weller

    Rechargeable Battery Pedalboard Power

    I set up a pedal board that doesn't require a 9v subscription or a power cable stretching back to the wall tonight. I confess I probably won't get the chance to plug an amp into a generator and play electric music off the grid. But I was so happy with the portability and low noise floor that...
  15. W.L.Weller

    Solder price

    Kester rosin core, $30/lb. I could have gotten some nice dry-aged Ribeyes. Then again, steaks don't sound as good with single coils...
  16. W.L.Weller

    Hohner CA-300

    Lacking the ability to grasp a concept as simple as "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," I elected to replace R48, seeing as it was getting pretty warm sitting right between the 7591s and it had a little brown spot visible on the casting (and actually measured way high once I had it out of the...
  17. W.L.Weller

    Wraparound Bridge Questions

    I've got a Maestro LP Jr.-style guitar with a wraparound bridge/tailpiece. Since the body seems to be made of balsa, the posts that the bridge/tailpiece screw into have been pulled towards the nut to the tune of 20 degrees or so. Should I: a) plug with actual wood and re-drill for new posts b)...
  18. W.L.Weller

    New 3PC Day

    New three-prong cord day! I bit the bullet and swapped the lamp cord on my Univox ULM-6 for a grounded one yesterday. Didn't even burn any insulation, components or myself! And I managed to get the ground onto one of the PT bolts even though the space between the chassis and the nut was almost...
  19. W.L.Weller

    Solid State Shootout?

    I'm looking to add an amp for baritone guitar. (Regular-scale length functionality of secondary importance). If you had your choice between a Yamaha G 100 II head and a Peavey Deuce VT, which would you choose? For this question I'm leaving aside the head/combo issue, because I have a...
  20. W.L.Weller

    Solid State impedance matching

    A solid state amp rated at 80W into one 8Ω speaker will be: a) louder b) less loud c) no different into a 16Ω speaker? Or whatever differences will be caused by things other than the impedance? I know that "impedance matching" isn't as critical since solid state amps don't have output...
  21. W.L.Weller

    Jim Campilongo appreciation from the New Yorker

    A Telecaster Master at the Living Room I thought folks here might enjoy this article. Shout out to this messageboard about mid-way through.
  22. W.L.Weller

    Trying to fix up a Hohner CA-300

    I picked up a Hohner CA-300 chassis from Craigslist because I love obscure things. But I don't think I realized how obscure this was. The previous owner had pulled it out of its cabinet for some reason, and had pulled the tubes. So it came with (3) loose 12ax7's, a 12au7 and one tube that just...

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