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  1. naveed211

    Anime fans…what are you watching these days?

    I seem to recall seeing some anime fans on here. I just started really getting into it a couple months ago, now I’m immersed (even considering going to a local anime con…maybe…) Really into Konosuba, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and new releases like Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie and Love After...
  2. naveed211

    My band’s demo - the fruits of our studio experience Feel free to click the link and give a listen to my band NOBLETIGER (heck, donate a buck and buy a track if you feel so inclined, or not, either way!). As I mentioned in a previous thread, this was the first time I recorded in an actual studio. We had a great time...
  3. naveed211

    Long term relationships ending…how ready were you to move on?

    I won’t get too personal, and you don’t have to either so this thread doesn’t go off the rails. But those who have been married or in long term relationships, how quickly were you ready to start dating again after it ended? I know it can be different for everyone. Not sure how it’ll be for me...
  4. naveed211

    I think I got scammed on FB Marketplace…how quickly to dispute charge?

    Anybody ever get scammed on Facebook Marketplace? I don’t buy on there ever, so I’ll admit I was dumb in agreeing to pay online to have something shipped. I bought an amp and pedals on Wednesday. The guy says he’ll ship it out in the morning and message me. Never get the message. I check in...
  5. naveed211

    Studio chronicles - some pics from our time

    Some gear shots from our time at Flat Black Studios in Lone Tree, IA this past weekend. We had a blast, managed our time well, and have a few songs being mixed and mastered now. Lots of drool worthy gear. Funny enough, we barely used any of it. Our singer did bring his own Bugera amp (which is...
  6. naveed211

    Bands are like marriages/dating

    Just musing here and stating the obvious, but man, what a difference it makes to be in a good, positive, fun, engaged, mature and mentally-healthy band of people who respect each other. I look forward to practice every time, it’s the highlight of my week. Contrast that to the group I was with...
  7. naveed211

    Rig noisy at practice space...anything I can do?

    We practice in the drummer’s basement, and my rig is super noisy, seemingly become more noisy the last few practices. It was unbearable last night, I put my amp on standby between songs. We played a show at someone else’s house a couple months ago, and I didn’t experience the same noise...
  8. naveed211

    Eastern Iowa Luthier/Repair Recommendation?

    I know, super specific thread, I didn’t know where to put it, so if this gets moved, I understand. We moved to Iowa last year, and I wouldn’t say I’ve been wowed by any of the stores in Eastern Iowa. I’m coming from Wisconsin, so I’ve had Dave’s available for all my guitar needs, and of course...
  9. naveed211

    NGD: Flaxwood

    See my past NGD thread for my rundown on Flaxwood guitars in general (in short, made in Finland, completely from composite materials body and neck, semi hollow with a back plate, super stable and resonant), but I was considering getting another for a backup and got a good deal on this one in...
  10. naveed211

    Stupid reasons why you want a particular piece of gear

    I want a Mesa Triple Crown just because its model number TC-100 contains my initials. I’ve never played one.
  11. naveed211

    Backup Rigs 2022 Edition

    We’re planning for more shows in 2022, so I figured it’d be good to have a backup rig. I’m usually running a JCM 800, so when I had a gift card at a local store and they had this PedalPalFX JCM800 in a box, I tested it out and went for it. Sounds great. That got me thinking of pairing it...
  12. naveed211

    Bolt on solid bodies and humidity

    Does humidity have any real effect on the bodies of bolt on solid body electric guitars? I know its effects on necks, and I could see how it could affect glued in neck joints, and maybe how it could affect semi/hollow bodies. I’m trying to think if it’d have any noticeable effects on bolt on...
  13. naveed211

    Guitar sounds good with one amp but not another

    My profile Tele sounds pretty great with most everything I’ve tried it through. My most recent previous amp, a Mesa TA-15, it sounded “sparkly.” Now the Marshall JCM 800 I just acquired, it sounds shrill. Whereas the amp sounds “right” with humbuckers. You ever have a guitar you love that just...
  14. naveed211

    NAD: Marshall JCM 800 SC20H

    Got home late last night so I just opened this up and plugged in. (Side note: the packing from Guitar Center was impeccable, probably the best amp packaging I’ve ever seen from them. Kudos.) My main rig is at the rehearsal space, so I plugged into my Valvestate’s cab with the Celestion 100 watt...
  15. naveed211

    New Car Day: ‘22 Hyundai Kona SEL

    NCD a couple days ago, actually. I test drove this Kona and it’s bigger brother the Tucson. Both had their merits. I’m coming from sedans and hatchbacks, so the size of the Kona seemed more immediately familiar. Gas mileage is quite good. Easier to park, feels a bit more agile. All the reviews...
  16. naveed211

    I just can’t not be a one-guitar man, man!

    I bought four guitars in 2021 which would’ve all been the second guitar to my #1. I sold/returned them all and am about to again with my most recent acquisition. I don’t know what it is, but every time I just want to be a one-guitar guy. I guess I could see myself having a cheap guitar for a...
  17. naveed211

    Help me buy an amp, please!

    Just looking for suggestions. Here are some things I require: -Tube -Either head or 1x12 combo -Bonus points for lightweight but I can manage as long as it’s not a boat anchor -Must have effects loop -20 watts minimum, 50 watts maximum -2 channels preferred -Nice clean -Good amount of saturation...
  18. naveed211

    NGD: Flaxwood Voima

    Had some time to myself, so I went to my local GC to play around a bit. Saw this on the wall and immediately asked to play it. This thing plays like buttah! Effortless playing experience. Feels like a really expensive high end boutique build. Has a Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge, SSL-2 in the...
  19. naveed211

    20+ years in bands, and just now about to record at a professional studio

    Yup, my band is looking to book studio time for January. I’ve always loved studios, even went to recording school at Madison Media Institute back in ‘04, and yet, I’ve never recorded my music at a professional one before. What should I expect? Is setup part of the time we’re billed for if we...
  20. naveed211

    NGD: Squier Vista Series Jagmaster

    Somebody keep me away from guitar stores! I went into my local shop and saw they had this. I recognized what it was immediately and realized it was very conservatively priced, so I picked it up and played it for a bit and knew I was coming home with it. It’s a Squier Vista Series Jagmaster...
  21. naveed211

    My heart goes out to Waukesha, WI

    Senseless act, not the type of news I wanted to wake up to. I grew up in Waukesha, and I still love going back there. It’ll always be my hometown. I know there are some folks on TDPRI from the surrounding areas, hope everyone and their loved ones are safe.
  22. naveed211

    What non-fish carnivores have you eaten?

    I was thinking about it, and it doesn’t seem very common in American culture at least to eat carnivores (other than fish). I think the only one for me is that I had rattlesnake meatballs once in Arizona. Tasted pretty good. My dad hunts and has eaten bear meat, but for some reason that always...
  23. naveed211

    18v into 9v, is my pedal pretty much screwed?

    Yup, I’m dumb. I accidentally put an 18v charger into a pedal that can only take 9v (JHS Panther Cub). I realized it after it didn’t power up and removed it after about ten seconds. But I smelled something that was like a gas burning, and despite the pedal seeming to work fine when I put a 9v...
  24. naveed211

    Don’t know why I never tried comp AFTER overdrive

    I’ve rarely had a compressor over the years, but like what it does for my current band’s sound, so I have a 280 always on. Ive always had the comp first, and never loved my drive tone with that. Just finally switched the order (admittedly after randomly rewatching an old That Pedal Show on...
  25. naveed211

    NRD: New Rig Day

    God, this sounds good. Just putting it all together ahead of my band’s first show this weekend. Went with stuff that I really wanted. Life is too short, and I’m not getting that sports car any time soon, so why not. Waiting on an OCD to fill in that middle spot on the board, but as I rarely use...

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