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  1. Ben Harmless

    Got into a real studio for the first time in... like forever.

    Quick summary of 20 years: Spent 10 years working in live and recorded sound in Upstate NY. Didn't want to do it forever, and really needed to find myself. Moved to Boston from NY about 9 years ago and became a social worker. I write/record myself at home, but have only been in real studios...
  2. Ben Harmless

    Not new, but back into the fold.

    Well, you may notice that I have a few posts... Looks like the last post was in late 2014. So, since that time: Went to grad school for an MSW and started working as a crisis counselor. Absolutely the best thing I've ever done. Played in a couple of garage-ey bands and recorded some fun stuff...
  3. Ben Harmless

    Streaming the recording session this week

    Hey gents! Checkin' in. I've been playing the lurker around here lately, but never fear, I'm always hovering. My current musical endeavor, a punk/rock and roll band by the name of New Red Scare, is going to be recording our newest song at a friend's studio tomorrow. We were invited to...
  4. Ben Harmless

    Just fixed it "wrong" - The case for true bypass

    This feels weird. I'm not really a big stompbox user, but I think this is the best place for this thread. I've been a Tele/Marshall guy for awhile now. I've got an '82 JCM800 that I bought for $200 (and then made work) and a hot-rodded clone that I built in my bedroom. These amps sound...
  5. Ben Harmless

    Why don't my E and A strings punch?

    I'm usually pretty on top of at least the causes of problems with my guitars ('cause it's usually me!) but this one has me stumped. I have two guitars with the same bridge pickup, but one projects single notes on the two lowest strings much better than the other. My new band is doing some...
  6. Ben Harmless

    Checkin' in!

    Hey all! Been off-the-grid for the most part for awhile, but lurking on Facebook and seeing my TDPRI friends posting, combined with my recent transition from playing my Gretsch as #1 to my '72 Custom RI with a BK Piledriver in the bridge has put me in a tele/TDPRI way. Since I last posted here...
  7. Ben Harmless

    Thinking of building a buffer-splitter

    I'm thinking of putting together a unity-gain buffer/splitter to drive multiple amps. Currently, I've used the dual outputs of my Ibanez AD-9 delay, and it sounds good to me, but I can tell the difference between an unloaded signal going into the amps and what I get when the pedal is bypassed...
  8. Ben Harmless

    The job hunting blues - maybe lifting?

    I've been out of work for the past couple of months. I left what was a fairly steady job for a position where I thought I had a shot at doing some good for our world, and it was an incredible let down. I've been on several interviews for decent positions, but I don't hear back. Every...
  9. Ben Harmless

    If we sounded as good as we looked... (pics!)

    About a month ago, shortly before I left my last band, a good friend came out to our practice space and shot some pictures. She's a talented photographer, but was stuck using cheap crap because all of her good gear was several hours away in the hands of a dishonest, cheating boyfriend... I've...
  10. Ben Harmless

    Ben's New One-Stop Drum Shop. (DAW Drums)

    I can't play the drums to save my life, but I want them for my little ditties that I record here at home. Until now, I've been stuck using loops (which are never what I want) or programming on a MIDI roll, or dropping samples onto the grid in Reaper. These options always fall short in two...
  11. Ben Harmless

    Had it with another band... Where's your threshold? (ranty)

    Yesterday was "Punk Island" - held on Governor's Island off of Manhattan. It's only accessible by ferry. The only way my (now former) band got to play after the event was overbooked was that our singer offered to bring a PA and generator so that we could host some of the overflow. I begged...
  12. Ben Harmless

    I got old.

    I'm 30. I don't quite know how that happened. I presume that it has something to do with having been 29 for a year. There were a bunch of things I wanted to be by now, but I'm still somehow at peace, which is not a normal state for me. I spent my birthday yesterday by taking the train to...
  13. Ben Harmless

    Need a "band van." Advice?

    I am only a little more of a car person than say, the Pope's wife. I recently took up with a local band that people don't seem to hate, so we figure it may be about time to take the "local" and spin it into "regional." I've been cruising Craigslist for used vans. It seems as though there...
  14. Ben Harmless

    I Quit! (and it's about time!)

    I quit. As of the end of the month, I will no longer be recording and mixing live bands for broadcast or any other purpose. No one should take any advice from me beyond that point. It's a good thing too. I went to school for sociology. I have no business doing this sort of thing. I...
  15. Ben Harmless

    Cool article on digital EQ

    I found a link to this on another site, and the writing and research really impressed me. It somewhat confirms what I've always believed and reinforces the way I go about using digital EQ. Digital EQ Fact & Myth. See whatcha think - especially before spending a lot of money on EQ plugins.
  16. Ben Harmless

    Got my HD Super 90 - gig report

    I picked up a '72 Custom RI a couple of months back for a good price, to use while my original Tele goes into semi-retirement. I figured on turning it into a rocker. The stock bridge pickup though, just didn't have a whole lot of rock in it. Now, I'm a certified P90 nut. I love 'em in all...
  17. Ben Harmless

    Ben goes to the Dark Side - Line 6

    For a long time, Ben's first rule of guitar has been: I don't plug my guitar into anything that has to boot up. Last week, I did the unthinkable - I bought a Line 6 POD Studio UX1... ...And then spent a week (about 15 hours total) trying to get the damn thing to work before I exchanged it...
  18. Ben Harmless

    Throwing it out there - Marketing a Venue

    I don't know of any group with more experience than the TDPRI, so I'm intentionally bringing my worlds smashing together and asking a work-related question of the masses. I work for a medium sized regional public radio station based in Upstate New York. Much of my day-to-day activity revolves...
  19. Ben Harmless

    Got My V-Picks: Impressions (longish)

    The praise in the V-picks thread from last week inspired me to order a few and try them out. I got a "Screamer," a medium pointed, and a couple of medium rounded glow-in-the-dark picks, 'cause they were on sale. My first impression upon removing them from the package was they they were big...
  20. Ben Harmless

    The Jaded Guy Gets Impressed (Arlo Guthrie)

    I'm the one on the right. Arlo was my very first concert ever, when I was about 4 years old in Billings Montana. I made him tell me the story that my Mom always told me about him. Apparently Arlo was attending Rocky Mountain College (where my Grandfather was a Professor of Education) when...
  21. Ben Harmless

    Relief thread for those who heven't clicked on Emu!'s thread

    Feel free to read this thread. We're not testing you, and we're not judging. All are welcome. ...But dammit! I might have to click that thread soon!
  22. Ben Harmless

    NGD! '72RI with lousy photo!

    Terrible picture, but I'm quite pleased with my new sweetheart. I'm getting used to the 7.25" radius. I've never played anything below 10" before. The bridge pickup needs to go. It's wimpy, and not in any kind of good way. In fact, I've temporarily dropped in a Duncan Broadcaster that usually...
  23. Ben Harmless

    My Weekend: Zombies

    Just thought I'd share. We threw the second annual Zombie Film Feast this weekend at work. 11 zombie flicks, a zombie-slayer video game tournament, a zombie prom, and the event that drew the most attention: the Zombie Walk. The irony is that I did not dress like a zombie, but now I feel...
  24. Ben Harmless

    Hey slide players, and DIYers:

    I found a really cool site the other day. I have no affiliation, and I haven't even put an order in with them yet, but I'm planning on it. Online Metals specializes in small-quantity and cut-to-size orders of dozens (if not hundreds) of different metal products. If you've got a file, or...
  25. Ben Harmless

    Just a little more than a Duncan Broadcaster?

    I've got myself a new Telecaster, and I'm just plain unimpressed with the bridge pickup. My first Tele is an Esquire which is currently home to a Duncan Broadcaster, which I very much like for its midrange and articulation. For the new axe, I'd like something similar, but with just a touch...

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