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  1. kennl

    somebody needs to recalibrate the earthquake sensor

    95 dB sets off an earthquake sensor?????????????????????
  2. kennl

    ever prefer a guitar set up "wrong"

    most techs would shift the bridge on Rotem Sylvan's Gibson Howard Roberts to space the strings evenly across the fretboard high E string is nearly falling of the board but his playing is great
  3. kennl

    tone wood debate comes to "Scientific American"

    and now I realize the difference between scientists and musicians Jim Campilongo a shredder...
  4. kennl

    heading to Austin, TX this weekend

    where should we go to hear some music in Austin, San Antonio and points between and where will Redd be playing?
  5. kennl

    Best 31 cents I ever spent

    I have now played 3 gigs and a couple "drive-by" sit-in performances with my latest parts caster. Joe Barden pickups wired to a 500k push-pull switch pot and HooP wiring. I have found the HooP setting to be incredibly useful in "dialing-in" a tone to fit well with other instruments. Using the...
  6. kennl

    Never saw one of those in person before...

    2 weeks ago, I dropped in on a local blues jam night. As I was hitting the stage, I stepped over a pedal used by another player. An original Klon Centaur - interesting. Then, last night, I dropped by the jam again. When I got called up, I got a closer look at an amp that someone had set up and a...
  7. kennl

    My Tele Version Of Chitlin's Con Carne

  8. kennl

    Tell my why - EMG pickups

    I have 4 partscasters with EMG's. Solid alder - T set Thinline - T set Solid alder - T bridge / 85 neck Solid basswood Nashville - 85 / SA / T neck. Locked Kahler whammy bridge. The first 3 have standard Tele switching Vol + tone The Nashville was set up with a 5-way, 2 kill...
  9. kennl

    Mojotone grille cloth

    I just picked up a few things from the Mojotone Clearance site Great deals and service
  10. kennl

    Speaker output question

    I usually connect an 8 ohm cab to the speaker output jack on my Sundown Artist 50. For a huge outdoor gig next week, I plan to use a 4 ohm 2 x 12 cabinet. The Sundown has a switching jack for an extension speaker, so a 4 ohm tap on the OT is switched in when that jack is used. Any preference...
  11. kennl

    2 Wiring questions for the experts

    1) Anyone have parts source ideas for extending pickup leads other than the solder & tape method. Molex or bayonet connectors? 2) I'm finishing up a rat rod with some "attitude" mods. I want to add a kill switch and a "buzz" switch. I thought the "buzz" would be easy, but I'm missing...
  12. kennl

    Danny Gatton's first instructional video

    Part 6 is in heavy rotation at my place
  13. kennl

    Bill Frisell

    just got home from his trio performance in Pittsburgh viola. drums and Telecaster incredibly well done Ken
  14. kennl

    Does your axe ever get the gig for you?

    Ever since I showed up at a blues jam last year with my Pre-CBS Precision Bass, I've gotten a lot of fill-in work which is accompanied by a request for the Fender. Nobody seems to specify amp, clothing or even specifics on playing, but everybody asks for the P-Bass. It's not the most ergonomic...
  15. kennl

    All Tele pop jazz

    Finally got some guitar stuff up on my site and here My #1 partscaster recorded direct into the board Ken
  16. kennl

    For the Reverend fans / collectors

    saw this on the local (Pittsburgh, PA) craigslist and recalled a number of Reverend collectors on this forum....... A "High Times" Reverend
  17. kennl

    Bill Kirchen @ Johnstown Folk Fest

    Bill Kirchen and the Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods are scheduled performers at the Johnstown, PA Folk Festival Labor Day weekend. Ken
  18. kennl

    Worst Partscaster ever??????? Some things are "One-of-a-kind" for good reason
  19. kennl

    Anybody heard of girl Brand Guitars?

    They build some interesting Tele-style guitars for any appetite. Ken
  20. kennl

    Couldn't wait............

    for my neck from Musikraft to arrive, so I bought this partscaster from a local builder to gig with until my parts tele is complete. Tinted nitro MIM neck, purple grain stain and "Mary Kay" finished ash body. Fender plate with cutout, Barden compensated saddles, Electrosocket jack , DiMarzio &...
  21. kennl

    < $4 nut file set

    At Lowes hardware, you can find an orifice cleaner for propane torches. Various stainless steel round files that work great for finish depth adjustments of nut slots. Probably great for saddles too. Looks like this Ken
  22. kennl


    New forum member here. Just picked up a 1-piece swamp ash Warmoth Tele body at the Ohio Guitar Show and plan on finding parts to complete the project. I've been playing for a long time and avoided Telecasters since my first "good" guitar was a '57 Les Paul Junior TV model, and all the Teles I...

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