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  1. Lashdog

    Under appreciated guitarists

    These three without having to over think this. Johnny Winter Buck Dharma Pat Travers
  2. Lashdog

    Hang that guitar low-real low

    That looks like the outfit he wore when I saw them 5/5/1973 Tampa.
  3. Lashdog

    The rumors are true, I really am a paragon of self-discipline. Kawasaki Z H2 content.

    I had a 1975 H-2. That was truly a beast. It wasn't stock either. That motorcycle was the scariest thing I have ever ridden. Wish I still had it.
  4. Lashdog

    Bands that still made good music after their "golden era"?

    Ugly Kid Joe Ugly Kid Joe's latest effort "Uglier Than They Used To Be" kicks butt. Some of you are into heavy music and UKJ doesn't disappoint.
  5. Lashdog

    What's the one concert you're glad you didn't miss?

    LED Zeppelin 5/5/2973 also at the Big Sombero. Three hours of sheer musical joy. It was my first concert.
  6. Lashdog

    Why are we always wanting another guitar?

    And the tides higher forever. Couldn't help myself, big Outlaws fan.
  7. Lashdog

    The Self-Isolation Build Thread

    Thanks for the info. I already have a GFS unfinished tele body, palauwana(sic) wood. I'd like to finish in Amber or butterscotch on the cheap. I can't really afford a new body, gotta work with the parts I already have. It's my first partscaster build
  8. Lashdog

    The Self-Isolation Build Thread

    That's a sweet little guitar. Was the body prefinished? If you did the finish how did you do that. I have a bare tele idI like to finish in that color.
  9. Lashdog

    Lockdown kit Tele

    Thanks for the heads up on the title. I'm hopeful that I will see some replies on butterscotch finishs on the cheap. Not looking for nitro on my budget. Thanks for the help and stay safe.
  10. Lashdog

    Lockdown kit Tele

    This is my 1rst. partscaster build as well as my 1rst. post. Over the past few years I've assembled the parts for my build. It's going to be a 50's vanhalen style Esquire Parts so far GFS tell body and black pickguapic Squire 51 neck w Grover tuners B Lawrence dimebucker(P90 size) 500k volume...
  11. Lashdog

    I downsized the strings on my Tele today.

    I tried a set of Rev Willy's 7s on my Melody Maker. Easy to play lightly, but that's not how I play. I'm now using Ernie Ball 8s and I personally like those. I have a kit tell that I want to set up as a slide guitar and I hear I need 11s for that.
  12. Lashdog

    Most underrated bands of all time?

    Ugly Kid Joe still rocking Scatterbrain called it quits after three albums, shame. ☮️
  13. Lashdog

    Afterwork Special

    I really like the color and have a GFS tele body I'd like to finish like yours. Can you tell me what exactly you used to achieve this color. I would greatly appreciate you. Thanks
  14. Lashdog

    Why bother with Nitro?

    Don't ya just hate it when your axe doesn't smell good.
  15. Lashdog

    I'm Back on my 2016 Epi Special l TV Yellow:>)

    I'm also a Melody Maker fan. I've got a 2007 double pup sunburst. It's been modified a little. It sports a genuine Leo Quan Badass bridge, Carvin T-60 bridge pup, and amber knobs. I also replaced the tuners with some from Planet Waves. Most definitely a keeper. I also scored an Epi Special 1 in...
  16. Lashdog

    Need info on stain or dye. I would like an amber or butterscotch. The guitar will have a maple...

    Need info on stain or dye. I would like an amber or butterscotch. The guitar will have a maple Squire51 neck.
  17. Lashdog

    I'm building my 1rst. Guitar from a GuitarFetish Tele Kit. It's going to have just 1 humbucker...

    I'm building my 1rst. Guitar from a GuitarFetish Tele Kit. It's going to have just 1 humbucker and just a volume control. Squire51 neck

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