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  1. NoTeleBob

    What Fender guitar is this?

    Mostly visible in solo starting at 7:12. Funky carve reverse headstock and better views starting at 7:44.
  2. NoTeleBob

    inexpensive Tuners for 3+3 thicker headstock acoustic?

    I have an inexpensive acoustic. My "take it to the beach, I'm OK with it being in the rough" guitar. I've got it set up to very nicely considering its questionable pedigree, but it could really use a half-decent set of tuners as a final touch. 3+3 closed tuners (although open would be fine)...
  3. NoTeleBob

    Opinions on Acoustic's G100FX SS Amp anyone?

    Anyone have experience with an Acoustic G100FX? I'm wondering about cleans, driving it with a pedal or modeler. Not so much the "on board effects" or crunch. There's one for sale near me for a good price. I can't seem to find a schematic to tell if it's analog with a couple effects on a chip...
  4. NoTeleBob

    Champ 600 Reissue Repair Help

    Need some help fixing my Champ 600 Reissue. Low hours on amp and tubes. Has been working fine. Powered on yesterday and got no sound. Nothing simple like a cord issue. A low frequency, low volume hum started. Hum was unaffected by volume control. Powered it off. Checked the speaker...
  5. NoTeleBob

    How do I contact a mod regarding a deleted post?

    I got an alert that a post I made was deleted because of "politics". I'm fairly certain that there wasn't anything political in any post I made today. If something was considered "political", I'd be interested in knowing what it was so I can avoid similar. So how do I get to the mod for the...
  6. NoTeleBob

    Funky Vintage Amp - Ever seen one of these?

    Unusual shape. No manufacturer name visible front or rear. Even speaker appears unlabeled. EQ, Trem, Reverb. Funky Off, On, On switch as it's apparently an SS amp.
  7. NoTeleBob

    Fender Produces a Better Tele - the Charvel

    I know, the title is edgy, controversial, and click bait. But seriously, check out this Charvel. This is a very versatile guitar in quasi-Tele format. And it still does Tele.
  8. NoTeleBob

    Gibson GA5, all original, $400, would you jump?

    Should I jump on this? All original including the tubes. 1961 model. Same owner since the 80's. Seems like a bargain. But, I don't know that much about tube amps. I don't really have the money for another amp, but you know how it goes :)
  9. NoTeleBob

    Push pull on tone control - what to do with it now?

    I have a SS guitar with a push pull DPDT on the tone control. I originally set it up to try out different tone caps back to back. That testing is done. I'm wondering what to do with it now. It's a 2 vol / 1 tone set up and the vol controls are also DPDT. One vol is a phase switch (neck is RW)...
  10. NoTeleBob

    Testing a SS Power Transformer

    I have a Fender SP10 transformer. Just the transformer, no other components. It's a 120V center tap. Is is OK to hook up 120v to the primary and test the output with a DVM? Or do I need to have some sort of load on the output wires to avoid unwanted happenings? Thanks,
  11. NoTeleBob

    Add Spring Reverb to my Champ 600 RI via a Frontman 15R box/spring?

    I think you can probably talk me out of this, but let's have at it. My Champ 600 RI has been upgraded to an 8" speaker but the cab is really too small for that. I do like a small, low watt amp, so I like the setup, but I've been thinking of grabbing a used Frontman 15R cheap and swapping the...
  12. NoTeleBob

    10" Champ 600 extension cab - how small can the cab be?

    Per the subject, looking to build a little extension cab for my Champion 600 RI. This is mostly just as a "bedroom" amp, but I could see me using it to play out. I'd like to make it look like a miniature mini-stack. That would mean a cab for the 10" that would be about 12" square, 10" deep...
  13. NoTeleBob

    Compressor Pedals w/o pick thunk/clunk ?

    Are there compressor pedals that don't have the common clunk/thunk when they are used to pick single strings? That "pick click" that they seem to add? I know it's popular with some music (perhaps country?). But I'm just looking to get the compression without the clunk. Qualifier: The...
  14. NoTeleBob

    Vintage WAH repair?

    I have Cry Baby from the late 70's, circuit photo below, Model# 95-910511. Has been working fine over the decades but gets minimal use. I let it sit in the closet for a couple years and just pulled it out. It's throwing oscillation and massive amounts of noise when switched on. If I have it...
  15. NoTeleBob

    Too much A/C line in amp with this plan?

    Tube amp newbie tech question: I need to replace the power cord in my Champ 600 Reissue. I have a Fender power cord from another amp of proper gauge. I'm good with the basics on the process. The current cord comes in to the chassis and within 1.25" of entry has 1/4" spade connectors to the...
  16. NoTeleBob

    Got Tweed?

    Ran across this... seems like hoarding to me. First he does ALL the drugs, then he hoards ALL the Tweeds!
  17. NoTeleBob

    Volume Pedal, Pot as Voltage Divider, Capacitance, & Tone

    Project: I have a WAH with nothing left but the jacks and a 100K pot. I want to turn it into a simple volume pedal for now. But I lack any real electronic knowledge. I'm guessing that to do this, I should wire the pedal pot like a volume control (voltage divider) in an amp. That is, the hot...
  18. NoTeleBob

    Staggered pole pieces: Why is "B" string so low?

    Newb Fender single coil question: I understand staggered pole pieces... but why is the "B" string set so low... and lower than the "E" string? I can see that B/E would be lower due to the fretboard curve, but B being lower that E doesn't seem to make sense. Enlighten me with the wisdom of the...
  19. NoTeleBob

    Does this label indicate a Squier pickup?

    (I'm a pickup newb) See photo... has the 018730 (016730?) molded into the bobbin, but a stick on label as shown. Is this a Squier pickup when you see that sort of label vs. the handwritten number? It's supposed to be a "classic vintage 50's" pickup.
  20. NoTeleBob

    Vintage Tele - Terry Williams, "What Condition My Condition Was In".

    For you newbs, before Kenny Rogers was a Country star, he did some Rock with the First Edition. The guitar player was Terry Williams, a talented Tele player. Here's their best rock hit. Tele soloing starts around 1:15 if you're impatient but the whole song is worth a listen:
  21. NoTeleBob

    Wiring: Shielded needed or not?

    Seems like modern pickups are always shielded wire... but I still see controls wired with plain or twisted pair. Does shielded matter? Does it help cut single-coil hum? How good is twisted pair at doing the same?
  22. NoTeleBob

    Setting up single coils as "humbucking"? Wiring?

    I recently heard that you could set your two standard single coils as humbucking (or maybe that's 'at least a bit humbucking' :- ). True? What wiring is this then? I understand parallel, series, and out of phase. Is it one of those or is there something else I'm not imagining?
  23. NoTeleBob

    Understanding Tone Stacks?

    Disclosure: Newb with only basic understanding of electronics. I'm trying to understand tone stacks. I plan on some mods to a Champion 600 Reissue. I've read a lot of threads on those mods here and elsewhere. I'll put my specific Champ 600 questions in the Champ 600 mods thread... this is just...