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  1. t-ray

    Nile Rodgers Sells His Teles and Those Other Fender Guitars

    Christie's is currently auctioning off a large collection of Niles' guitars, including a 1954 Tele that went for $93,750, and a 1958 that went for $87,500. Also Gibsons and other brands. Interesting that the Fenders were first up. Thought you guys might find this interesting...
  2. t-ray

    NGD - Squier Jaguar

    I have been gassing for a Jag for quite a long time and decided to buy the Squier as a Christmas present to myself. This is my second Squier, the other being a Toronado I bought near the beginning of the year (for my birthday, of course!) and which I have previously posted about. The quality of...
  3. t-ray

    Old Man's Guitar Has a New Home

    I recently acquired my father's old guitar. Photos show it after I cleaned it up a bit. It most recently was held by one of my cousins, and I finally had the opportunity to bring it home with me. This is one he bought cheap back in the day to replace a nicer guitar that was ruined by a sibling...
  4. t-ray

    LP Finds

    I recently bought a turntable for my stereo system - the old one gave up the ghost years ago - and have a new hobby - or obsession - of buying old LPs. Recently found these at a small record store in Rutland, VT. Eight bucks each and in near-new condition. And all my old records sound great, too.
  5. t-ray

    String Tension - Does Bridge Make a Difference?

    I have read a number of posts here over the years discussing how different bridges have a noticeable effect on the tension or "slinkiness" if the strings. For example, how a top-loader has a different feel than a through-body bridge, some commenting that it feels more slinky. I don't get it. I...
  6. t-ray

    New Gibson! No New Gibson!

    From my in-box earlier today:
  7. t-ray

    NGD: My First Squier, a Paranormal Toronado

    I posted a while ago when these came out and decided to pull the trigger. My first Squier. First thing I have to say is that the build and finish quality are WAY beyond expectations for the price: $371 delivered. The neck is awesome and I like the Indian laurel fingerboard. It looks better in...
  8. t-ray

    NGD American Original 60's Jazzmaster

    Scored this on the Bay, a recent vintage AO 60's in Ocean Turquoise. Have been gassing for a Jazzmaster or Jaguar for years and finally pulled the trigger. Beautifully crafted, and the tremolo lives up to the hype.
  9. t-ray

    How Long Must I Wait?!

    NGD has arrived! It is 25 degrees F here in Vermont, and my latest acquisition arrived at noon. It is 70 degrees in the house. How long must I wait for the case and guitar to warm up before I can lay my eyes on my new baby?
  10. t-ray

    Help ID Acoustic Guitar

    Hoping someone might be able to identify brand of the guitar my father is playing in this photo from late 1940's or early 1950's. Perhaps the headstock is recognizable to someone. Thanks in advance.
  11. t-ray

    No Inspiration During COVID?

    I have had a lot of time on my hands during these crazy times but have had absolutely no inspiration to write or record anything. It also seems like our RIP forum has been pretty sparse of new recordings the past 6 months, or so. Is it just me?
  12. t-ray

    Squier Paranormal Toronado Black

    Anyone have or play one of these? Looks pretty cool for small dollars.
  13. t-ray

    SM 57 into a Cloudlifter CL-Z: Improvement?

    I generally like my SM 57, but I have to crank the gain on my interface to get a decent signal and also use a gain plug-in in Logic. I have been doing some reading on how changing the input impedance when using a 57 can improve the sound of the 57. I have been tempted to try a Cloudlifter CL-Z...
  14. t-ray

    No Guitar in Sight! Guitar withdrawal distress syndrome

    I am in day 2 of a visit with my mother, and I am in suffering from guitar withdrawal distress syndrome ( I just made that term up). My 89 year-old mom is a wonderful lady who loves her son, and I am really happy to be here with her. But I can't wait to get home to get my hands on my guitars...
  15. t-ray

    Frampton Was Alive Lat Night at the Garden

    Saw the Peter Frampton Farewell Tour last night at Madison Square Garden. Was a very good show, and the crowd loved it. He nailed so many of his great songs from across his career. He also played his instrumental version of Black Hole Sun. The sound was huge. Here is a vid...
  16. t-ray

    Non-Bucket List

    What adventurous things have you not done that you refuse to do before you die? Here's the start of my list (more to come, no doubt): Sky dive Ride in a helicopter Free climb (Hmm, there seems to be a pattern here)
  17. t-ray

    Brothers from Different Mothers

    Just acquired the new 2019 LPJ. It is simply awesome. The build quality and finish are outstanding and the setup was near perfect. Also really love the chunky neck that has nearly the exact profile as his LaCabronita brother. I have been on the lookout for an LPJ for years, and it turns out to...
  18. t-ray

    Play It Loud

    At the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, of all places, is a new exhibition, Play It Loud. On display are dozens of iconic modern music instruments, mostly guitars, but some other famous ones such as Rick Wakeman's Moog. They have Micawber, as pictured below, Blackie, the original snakehead...
  19. t-ray

    Newest Most Complex Mix

    I have attempted a cover of Radiohead's Decks Dark, from their A Moon Shaped Pool record. It is, by far, the most complex mix I have ever attempted and I used a fair number of the tools provided by Logic Pro X including automation and Flex Pitch (thank you, Apple, for Flex Pitch!). I look...
  20. t-ray

    Logic Help!

    I am running Pro X 10.4.1 on my MacBook Pro. I have recorded several tracks. When I opened the project today to work on it, one of my tracks does not show up on the screen. But I know it is there, because it plays. The unhide function does not work. Anyone have any ideas? My internet searches...
  21. t-ray

    A Humidity Question: Wet or Dry

    I have found over the years that I prefer the sound of my acoustic guitars when the humidity level is less than that recommended by the makers. In this time of year in my climate, with higher humidity, my guitars have reduced clarity and bite. Almost makes me look forward to winter! What say you?
  22. t-ray

    First Mix Post

    Dear RIP Forum: I have been following and commenting on this forum for several years, have learned a tremendous amount from you guys, and I thank you for it. I finally have worked up to courage to post my first mix. It is rather simple, a strummed acoustic guitar, my daughter's vocal and a...
  23. t-ray

    Solid State Storage - Any Issues When Recording?

    It looks like it might be about time to retire my old MacBook Pro. I am thinking about buying a new MacBook Pro with solid state storage, and wondering whether the use of solid state "drives" causes any issues when recording, and the results. Anything to be concerned about? Or does it work just...
  24. t-ray

    Has Anyone Touched New Starcaster?

    Wondering if the new Starcasters are shipping and whether anyone here has played one yet. If so, what are your initial impressions?
  25. t-ray


    Anyone seen or touched the new (reissued, I guess) Starcaster? Looks pretty sweet on Fender's website. I like what they did to the bridge and string-tree, and the aged cherry burst looks spectacular. Anyone know where made? Mexico? Asia? I sorta feel GAS coming on.