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  1. twangking

    Delay pedal help.

    I need help filling the last pedal board slot on my pedalboard. It needs to be a delay pedal not much bigger than MXR size. My current gear is semi hollow ASAT specials (addicting) into fender deluxe reverb or vox ac30. Board is as follows... polytune, DOD carcosa, DOD looking Glass, klone...
  2. twangking

    Help me recall a guitarist.

    I remember learning about this guitarist on this forum. I remember it being a heavy set white guy who wore overalls. I want to say he was from Texas. Any help?
  3. twangking

    Budz Purebred Review

    This is my first review thread and I hope I can get the information across well. I installed these in my highway 1 telecaster along with his saddles. I have to say that the saddles are really incredible. I played two gigs since installing them and I've had the guitar in the trunk of my guitar...
  4. twangking

    Budz Purebred, any experience?

    Does anyone have these in their tele? Care to describe them? I just ordered the saddles, neck and bridge to replace some Dimarzio Twang Kings in my tele. I'm excited because I feel like these pickups will be more responsive and have better tone. Any opinions?
  5. twangking

    Does anyone have a spec list for a 2004 Highway One Telecaster?

    I've been searching for a spec sheet that shows all the parts and components of a 2004 HWY1 Tele. I can't seem to find a concrete answer. Thank you for your time.
  6. twangking

    What do you think of the current fender bassman ri?

    I'm jonesing for a big amp since I got a new place. I can really crank up my small amps but I've really had my eyes on a bassman. Sadly I cannot find one in a store locally...any thoughts?