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  1. Tele Slacker it "the best food?"

    It can be excellent. salmon patties… I never cared for. But fresh salmon, little butter, salt pepper, sliced lemon. Baked, or grilled, or air fried. Hard to beat
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    All day, everyday. Well…. I have a pocket knife if I have pants. Haha Benchmade Mini-Griptillian. Feel naked without it.
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    Super Single-Ended Project

    If you’re settled on ss rectification, ignore this post. But I *think* I recall Steve Melkisethian (Angela Instuments) suggesting in that TAVA podcast that the only reason he suggested two (2) 5y3 rectifier tubes was because he had beaucoup inventory of 5y3 that he was trying to move. I...
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    Build Your 5 Pedal Board

    Haha! You’ve inspire me! I need to plug it back in.
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    Build Your 5 Pedal Board

    surprised to see a dynamic wah on anyone’s ‘basic5’ list. I have and love it… but it’s the definition of ‘niche’….
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    Fender 57 custom champ. Thoughts? Stew Mac kit?

    Conventional wisdom is bigger speaker = bigger sound. to contrast, smaller speaker records and might sound ‘better’ mic’d thru a PA. If I were building one for me, I’d probably go with 8” Warehouse ceramic… you can always unplug the internal speaker, and - instead - plug into and external...
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    Fender 57 custom champ. Thoughts? Stew Mac kit?

    I have built some for sale, and absolutely love them (limitations and all). I too would suggest the 5f2a build as well, simply because of real estate, and getting the wall power on a dedicated switch, instead of AC power on the volume knob/switch. I would strongly encourage you to build one...
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    Jef Brown 5e3 Grid Mod.

    Plate dissipation (wattage) and output transformer wattage are not the same thing. I believe they are related, but not 1:1. There are better minds than mine that can give better information on calculating actual amp (output xformer) wattage. My memory suggests you would need to reliably...
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    Jef Brown 5e3 Grid Mod.

    If tube overdrive at (relatively) low volume is your elixir… don’t overlook a tweed champ or princeton (5f1/5f2a, respectively). But 5 watts can still make friends and neighbors mad!!! 😂 especially when it’s *my* fingers pushing the sine waves.
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    Jef Brown 5e3 Grid Mod.

    I did! Just clipped in the resistor. I liked it… not better. Not worse. Just different, probably a little cleaner. Might be interesting to put it on a switch and try the option in a live band context, but those days are far behind. Didn’t do any extensive comparisons though (different...
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    Hello from Savannah

    Greetings from your northern neighbors in South Carolina. Lived across the state line in Beaufort for years. Welcome to the TDPRI.
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    5F1 Voicing - New Build is Very Dark

    Agree. Think speaker substitution is a solid way to discern if the speaker is the culprit, or perhaps something in the layout. I’ve built several 5f1’s and never thought ‘dark’ was an attribute. and by ‘speaker substitution’, I just mean connecting to another cabinet/combo, even if the...
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    Anyone use a T90 / P90 single coil size bridge pickup on a Telecaster or T Type? Please tell

    I used a P90 from HarmonicDesign for years when I played actively in a band setting. Always enjoyed the sound. Now… was it “twangy”?… my observation has always been twang is often more about how you play, instead of what equipment you use. The ugly truth is… most people listen with their...
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    5E3 Startup - B+ = 6.8v

    Sorry. Didn’t catch the ‘no pilot light’ comment. 5y3 likely NOT the issue.
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    5E3 Startup - B+ = 6.8v

    Got another 5y3? Maybe from another amp (don’t we all have multiple amps?). Haha if so… see if that changes anything.
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    5E3 Startup - B+ = 6.8v

    What @dan40 said…
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    5E3 Startup - B+ = 6.8v

    From the photo it appears to reference DC. what DC voltage are you seeing at pin 8 of 5y3 rectifier?
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    Hello All! Great to be here! Champ Problem!

    in addition, you may want to remove, remove/reinstall (reseat) all the tubes to make sure everything is making solid connection. Maybe work all the pots across their full range several times, just to see if that makes a difference. maybe need to clean pots or tube sockets? but honestly just...
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    Mailbox Hit and Run

    Whew! Jk. Some friends if mine decided it would be fun back in the 80s. Thankfully i stayed back those nights. They had an ‘encounter’ with a reinforced mailbox…. Bat bounced back into the guy sitting in back seat. Broken arm(s?) and concussion later, the great mailbox vandalism...
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    Mailbox Hit and Run

    What state are you in? Asking for a friend…. 😳
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    Dog Attack--> People 1, Dog 0

    Is the local animal control office testing the dog for rabies? Sounds like you were not bitten per sé, but there remains some risk to you from any scratches etc. Strongly suggest you talk with your doc and evaluate your risk. Rabies is approaching 100% fatal if not addressed very quickly...
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    Love me like a man

    So… would you change Angel From Montgomery? I hope not. Sounds good when Raitt sings it. Twisted my head around to know Prine wrote it.
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    Stocking up on resistors?

    I leave the tape on… seems convenient. Why are you discriminating against tape. ;)
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    Collings I35LCV - White Christmas

    Well done, sir! Very nice! and Merry Christmas
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    favourite country girl singers / songwritters.

    Oh and how could I forget Shelby Lynn. This is one of my favorites: Really starts to simmer at 2:30. If it doesn’t give chickenskin, you have no soul!!