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    Songs About Money

    Who can ever forget their first love? Whether it was Betty Lou, a Camaro, or the Yankee Dollar it's in your life forever. We begin in the Caribbean, where money is always in short supply but there's always a song;
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    Songs About Guitars

    You'd think there'd be a lot, and maybe there are, but I could only come up with a few- here's a couple for starters;
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    Waddaya Mean, Too Many Notes?

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    Rosettes; A Question for Luthiers

    I've made a few guitars and ukes, but I don't consider myself a luthier and don't really keep up with trends. At any rate, I was looking at some photos of recent creations (an email from LMI), and noticed that traditional rosettes seemed to be mostly absent; either they were thinner and much...
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    Tuck and Patti

    This real life couple represents a sort of ideal pairing. Tuck Andress is a fine guitarist with a unique style, Patti Cathcart is the sort of singer any musician would be glad to pair up with. Never did see them live, though at one point they had a sort of standing gig at a local Cuban...
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    National Guitar Day

    My latest email from StewMac tells me that it's National Guitar Day. The occasion is unknown to me; apparently it can be celebrated by buying stuff from StewMac, but I think I'll keep it low key and just change some strings. Anybody ever heard of this holiday? Have any plans for it?
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    Howzabout Some Harp?

    Stumbled upon this on You Tube, a blowout led by the great Billy Branch. Don't know who the other two guys are; the young lady blowing heck out of the harp is Brazil's Indiara Sfair, a wonderful player (and outstanding cutie) +Bonus Cutie Amanda Ventura;
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    Do (mostly) acoustic bands have more fun?

    I don't know, but sometimes it seems like it.
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    Beth Hart

    Like many people, I first came across Beth through her work with Joe Bonamassa. She had gotten off to a promising career start, and then suffered some sort of major meltdown- don't know much, really not my business- at any rat, Bonamassa seems to have had much to do with bringing her back to...
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    Ronnie Spector, RIP

    Ronnie (Bennett) Spector, lead singer of the Ronettes and one time wife of Phil Spector has passed away from cancer at age 78. She was a fine singer, no telling how far she would have gone if Spector hadn't been so determined to hold her back. She eventually ditched him and had a long, if not...
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    Cat Lee King- The Greatest?

    I believe that this German fellow has the best male rock and roll voice ever. Not talking about skills (though his are excellent), just voice quality. I confess that I'm no fan of the boy soprano/banshee style popular with many rock singers. The band ("The Cocks") also play without King as...
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    Boogie Chilluns

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    Just for the H*** of it

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    Your Favorite (recording of a ) Moon Song

    Moon songs are easy; from time immemorial lovelorn loonies, feckless fools and wambling wallydraigles of all stripes have sought solace in green cheese. Choosing one (roa) song to rule them all may not be so easy. In my case, it pains me profoundly to omit Imelda May's stunning "Meet Me at the...
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    Portuguese guitar

    This is an interesting instrument that you may not be familiar with; it's best known as a vital part of Fado accompaniment. It has six courses of two strings and is in some ways similar to various other instruments but it has a sound all its own. The right hand technique used (by everyone I've...
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    Songs About Dancing Pigs

    Alright you guys- I enjoy these "songs about" threads as much as anyone, but is it possible that a saturation point has been reached? This one should be challenging, at any rate.
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    Well, Safeway's been full of orange bags of candy for a month and my neighbor has a ten foot tall skeleton in her driveway; must be time for some Halloween songs. We can take "Monster Mash" and most of the Cramps catalogue as givens, what else ya got?
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    Gary Primich

    Just learned about this guy from another thread (courtesy Sparky 472). Born in Chicago, but his career was in the Austin area. He died in 2007 at the age of 49. He was (to my ear) just an OK singer, but a fabulous harmonica player. He has some stuff on records- "Mr. Freeze (1995) was...
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    Give us Your Fool Songs

    Life and love make fools of all of us some of the time, some of us all of the time, but is it necessary to make a song and dance of it? Apparently so, what are your favorites? Really looking for songs, not titles; Please no "foolish", "fooled" etc., but synonyms gladly accepted; Feel free to...
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    Egils Leimanis

    In case any of you haven't been following the Latvian rockabilly scene- this band (in my opinion) is just OK, but the kid on guitar (Egils Leimanis) is something special;
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    Susan Tedeschi

    Most of you probably know the Tedeschi Trucks band; they've been married about 20 years now; I like both musicians, but what I've heard of their music- an admittedly limited amount, and with YouTube sound-hasn't really excited me much. Pre Trucks, Susan had a decent career going, highlighted by...
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    Why do you do it?

    There seems to be a huge, or at least hugish, industry that's grown up around homemade telecasters, and a lot of people turning them out at a considerable rate. I made a sort of telecaster myself- I had quite a bit of woodworking experience and equipment, and I had a piece of wood that just...
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    Zap Mama

    It can be difficult to combine voices in an all female group, but it can also produce marvelous results (see today's Roches thread). Zap Mama was an eclectic group, based in Belgium, that did a capela music from all over the place, but with an emphasis on Africa. They produced two wonderful...
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    Percy Mayfield

    Songwriting in the blues/blues adjacent field is often an afterthought, as songs are passed around, cannibalized, imitated and in general difficult to pin down. There are exceptions, of course- Robert Johnson's songs are all his own, for instance. Percy Mayfield was a popular performer until...

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