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  1. Bartholomew3

    Bartholomew plus Three - 1967. Am I an old fart or what ???

    Here's one of the sessions we did at Atlantic, NY way back with Corky Laing on drums, Felix Pappalardi producing, Tom Dowd as engineer. Remake of an oldie for the President of the record company, special project. That studio was like magic with Tom there. I think it made #80 or whatever on...
  2. Bartholomew3

    Dont Get No Relief ???

    Vintage tele bought new in 1968. Truss-Rod is now completely turned to the left - will not go further. . Neck is straight and plays no problem with .11 strings but am unable to get more relief. Tech told me the neck is warped but I'm OK with it as long as I stick with those heavier strings...
  3. Bartholomew3

    1968 Telecaster - old parts built better ?

    Rewired the guitar, replaced blown pickups, new cap, new 250K pots, new p/u switch. Everything was in Fender or Dimarzio packaging from a major retail music store. Was my feeling that a new switch would be the way to go since I was replacing everything else... Have now put back the 52 year...
  4. Bartholomew3

    Thermistor - intermittent shut-off

    Have an Ibanez TSA15 head that is shutting down at random times for no reason. Sometimes after playing it a couple of times, sometimes it goes for 4 or 5 days no problem. Shuts off then starts up again after about a 1/4 second shut-down. Has a thermistor in the circuit where the on-off switch...
  5. Bartholomew3

    "Desire" --- Still have the twin reverb and tele from 68...

    Released on a Polydor LP fifty years ago. Am I an old fart or what... Would have been our second single but I walked away from the band after creating and co-producing. Lazy singer, wouldn't do his homework and sang a bit flat most of the time. First single prior to this cut got a Top 20 in...
  6. Bartholomew3

    12AX7 vs 7025 ???

    Question: Since the 7025 is a silent 12AX7 is there any reason not to just use 7025 instead ? Have a few that I saved from 1970 when I was on the road switching tubes every couple of years...still test and sound great. RCA, Telefunken, other Russian & Japanese brands. Why does my twin reverb...
  7. Bartholomew3

    SOFT-SURF - Basement Demo - Internet Collaboration

    Looking for critics and comments - my first effort at internet collaboration. Probably not what most here are into and not what I usually play but had to get it out of my head. Feel free to take a few shots... After at least 25 re-writes. In my basement with Mixcraft, Focusrite 2i4, JBL 305...
  8. Bartholomew3

    Soft-Surf...Should I put war-dance Tom-Toms on it ?

    Looking for critics and comments - my first effort at internet collaboration. Probably not what most here are into and not what I usually play but had to get it out of my head. After at least 25 re-writes. In my basement with Mixcraft, Focusrite 2i4, JBL 305. Telecaster into a tube head, JBL...
  9. Bartholomew3

    Selling original 68 tele pickups...

    Bought a new 68 tele that year and replaced both pickups in 1970 put them in a box in my basement. Neck p/u needs a rewind is dead, probably why I replaced it back then with a humbucker, has full cloth-covered wire. Bridge p/u works well but cloth wires were cut when I put in a Dimarzio while...
  10. Bartholomew3

    Ibanez TSA15H - Bad Power Transformer ???

    Amp sounds pretty good, put in a couple of JJ 6V6, biased by tech plus a couple of 12AX7 pre-amp tubes from 1968 that I have. More musical without the Chinese tubes, clean all the way up but a soft amp compared to a Blues Jr or Pro Jr. Recently power shuts-off by itself at times, no apparent...
  11. Bartholomew3

    Capacitors in parallel ?

    Tone Circuit: If I wire a .47 with a .22 in parallel --- will I end up with a total of .345 ? (47+22)/2 I wanted to try .33 with out getting in my car or paying delivery - will this do the trick ? Anybody know the formula for 2 caps in parallel ?
  12. Bartholomew3

    Heard a loud pop but no smoke ?

    And after that my bass pot on a 15 watt Ibanez TSA15 was not working. Did it blow a resistor ? Any idea as to what would cause a one-time popping sound ? Tech time I guess - once again on that amp for a problem that never should have happened. Garbage build quality.
  13. Bartholomew3

    What's the difference between...?

    An oldie from my younger days on the road: What's the difference between a woman in church and a woman in the bathtub ???
  14. Bartholomew3

    Peavey Cab 112-C - Speaker screw size ?

    Bought one of these new with no speaker, got a great deal but the speaker screws were gone. Anybody know what size - it has T-nuts or some type of wood fastener nuts in the baffle board.
  15. Bartholomew3

    "Life" --- Psychedelic Album Filler - Polydor 1969

    We were short on tunes so did some backwards tape - was done in a pro studio 4 track on 2 inch Ampex tape.
  16. Bartholomew3

    1970 JBL D120F --- vs --- Weber California ?

    Have to replace an old JBL - anybody out there know how close the Weber will get me to the original sound ?
  17. Bartholomew3

    New 3 way switch is junk

    68 tele original switch works better than the new one I bought so put the original back with new pots. Another example - don't make them like they used to... That old switch is really solid, has a great spring instead of tinny parts and clicks right into position. Brand new switch from Fender...
  18. Bartholomew3

    Pots - different brands ?

    Just put new Fender branded pots into an old tele so I guess they would be CTS. Work well but not as tight as the Les Paul which I have to do next. Plus the CTS shafts seems to almost wobble - very slightly. Had Alpha pots on an Epi SG and thought they were really good so don't understand why...
  19. Bartholomew3

    Eating Batteries ?

    My Boss Chorus CH1 eats batteries really fast and the battery connection plug failed so I soldered one in from another pedal but it works way better with the power supply than a battery...seems to have more juice or whatever when plugged-in. Question is: If I put a rechargeable 9 volt battery...
  20. Bartholomew3

    Blown 68 neck p/u- never used, worth anything ?

    From my 68 tele - bought new, changed the p/u to a humbucker right away, never used the original neck p/u. Changed the pickguard, put the original p/u back last year and it doesn't work, no ohms showing, was in storage since new untouched. Probably was bad when purchased or maybe that was the...
  21. Bartholomew3

    "Life" - My Sixties Band - Backwards tape/album filler

    Released on Polydor in 1969 - we had to kill some time, ran out of tunes so did a couple of Jimi imitations using backwards tape - 4 track:
  22. Bartholomew3

    Schaller Tuners - diagonal screw-holes or 6 inline M6

    Anybody know if modern Schaller tuners will fit instead of diagonal Fender tuners from the late Sixties early Seventies ? Also - where can I get Schaller M6 (not the mini version), 6 inline, non-locking 180 degree screw-hole to replace originals from the Seventies?
  23. Bartholomew3

    Dimarzio Eric Johnson neck humbucker ?

    Have an old tele cut for a humbucker long time ago but the pickup blew-out so need a new one. At the same time I have to make a wiring harness as the old tone, volume controls and switch are finished. Am using an Area T noiseless bridge p/u, not the hot version. Ordered an Eric Johnson HB...
  24. Bartholomew3

    Dimarzio Area T

    Blew the neck pickup in a vintage tele so put in a set of Area T - not the hot versions. Seem pretty much the same as the originals from 1968, a bit more mellow on the neck, less icepick on the bridge. Sounds great for recording, love the noiseless part of it, have no problem with a weak neck...
  25. Bartholomew3

    "LIFE" - Polydor Album Filler 1969

    New band - our single that year went Top 20 in Canada and made Billboard Top 100. This was to kill time as we ran out of material for the album. Psychedelic Jam Session - backwards tape:

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