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  1. Galen1960

    Fender Super-Sonic Reviews Wanted

    Does anybody out there have a newer Fender Super-Sonic? How do you like it? Any issues with it. I am thinking about getting one instead of a 65 Deluxe Reverb Re-issue. It has a clean channel based on the Deluxe, which is part of what I am after, and it has the gain channel which gives me more...
  2. Galen1960

    Late 90s Early 00s Deluxe Reverb Reissue.

    Does anyone have any familiarity with the Deluxe Reverb Reissue that was available in the late 90s/early 00s? I know someone who is selling one and I would like to know how it compares to the latest '65 reissue. I really have my mind set on the latest version and I can't find any reviews or...
  3. Galen1960

    Poorly cut nut on 50s CV Telecaster

    Has anyone had any experience with a poorly cut nut on 50s CV Telecaster? What was your remedy? If your Tele was still under warranty and you had Fender resolve the problem, what was their solution? How was the experience? Mine is showing signs of a possible bad nut but I haven't had the...
  4. Galen1960

    Indoneasian Squier 50s Classic Vibe Mods.

    I purchased a new Indonesian Squier 50s CV Tele in March with the intention to make it my first Partscaster. I want to change out the PUPs and electrical with either Fender or Lollar 52s and change the pots to American 250K, better wire, and a treble bleed circuit. The conundrum I am in is...

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