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    Advice - Confidence in Live Setting

    This is some great stuff to think about. Thanks!
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    Don’t wait for me.

    I love this movie and watch it every summer.
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    Advice - Confidence in Live Setting

    Morning! Wanted y'all's thoughts. I've been playing since I was 14 (I'm 40 now), with twenty of those years being in live bands. I have really to tried to step up my playing over the last 5 years by learning to play the changes (I play in a country band, but love lots of types of music). I've...
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    Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here With You

    Great job! Makes me want to go listen to that album.
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    Agreed. Truefire is an excellent value if you get the $99 deal.
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    Space Hog: In the Meantime

    Agreed. So excellent from start to finish.
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    Looking for cheap Tele, Squier vs. Glarry

    I do love my CV squier tele, but my current #1 is my monoprice. I put Bill Lawrence pups in it and it is now a beast. I like my monoprice strat so much, I sold my CV strat. I'd be cautious about putting too much stock into ceramic vs. alnico pups. Pup height has been a huge thing for me.
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    Looking for cheap Tele, Squier vs. Glarry

    I have a monoprice tele and strat and love them both. I believe they were $79 on sale. I shaved the headstock to make it look like a normal tele.
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    Benefits to Non-Cutaway Guitars? (Grote Content)

    Enjoying this thread. As with many things in music, seems that sometimes limitations can be a good thing.
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    Benefits to Non-Cutaway Guitars? (Grote Content)

    Thanks for the thoughts and input. I'm in love with the sound and it's definitely a guitar I have already connected with, as opposed to the huge jazz box I am about to sell. It won't be appropriate for every gig, but I plan to keep it and enjoy. Thanks!
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    Benefits to Non-Cutaway Guitars? (Grote Content)

    Hey! I wound up buying the Grote single P-90 hollowbody on Amazon and love the sound and feel. Only reservation: no cutaway. Never had one without the upper fret access before. Question for y'all: Has anyone ever found this to be a benefit, in terms of being forced to play more in different...
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    Joyo American Sound Pedal

    I love mine. I returned a deluxe reverb because of it.
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    Just gifted a 1996 fender hot rod deluxe 50th anniversary

    Buy a Joyo American Sound pedal and plug that into the input. 🙂
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    Columbo! (Do you watch,which is your favorite)

    I love this show and still watch it regularly. It is brilliant. The writing is excellent. Peter Falk is excellent.
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    Steely Dan - Black Cow

    That's hilarious. I kind of have the same problem (my ears mainly hear Michael McDonald on the chorus). Still love everything about the song and album, but glad I'm not the only one with that issue.🙂 Just a warning that this only gets worse if you watch the "making of" thing about the album...
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    Single p-90 (neck) hollowbody vs dual p-90 semihollow

    Thanks for these helpful responses!
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    Single p-90 (neck) hollowbody vs dual p-90 semihollow

    Good morning! I own a grote dual p-90 semihollow and love it. Tempted by the hollowbody version with a neck pup. Any experience as to whether they are different enough to merit a purchase? I play mainly country and jazz with a generally clean tone. Thanks!
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    What are you listening to on your turntable

    LCD Soundsystem - 45:33
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    Update: went to the local park basketball court the other day and just did big figure eights across the court to practice turning and pushing while my daughter rode her scooter. Lots of fun! My biggest challenge is learning to lean into those turns. I may get new bearings at some point, also...
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    Thanks for the replies. Y'all are making me nervous. :) Maybe I should have mentioned that I just plan on riding the local hike and bike trail. I'm hoping nothing too crazy can happen on that.
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    Hey! I've been running/swimming/biking for a while now, and recently got a longboard on craigslist. Never skated before, but excited about trying something new. Any of you into this? Any tips? Thanks!
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    Is outboard gear worth it in a home studio?

    Many folks will say that doing some basic room treatment is one of the first/most important things you can do for a home studio. I did that (very basic), sold all of my outboard gear, and have an SM7 as my nicest mic, and haven't looked back.
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    New Member - First Telecaster

    Mechanical pencil graphite in nut slots has been helpful for me when it comes to any tuning issues.
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    Accidentally Sanded Body

    Thank you, sir!