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  1. capgun

    Here's another YouTube video for all you haters

    Now come on guys, the Anderton videos aren’t bad, now that Chapman is gone.
  2. capgun

    i just played a Tonemaster killer: Quilter Aviator Cub

    Why don’t you get over the fact that someone has a different opinion than you. It seems there are several high school style cliques on this forum with each one thinking they are the big men on campus. No one can deviate from the accepted opinion on things unless it’s one of them. Lighten up...
  3. capgun

    I've never shopped at...

    Menards. I just found out today actually that one opened nearby. I have no idea what they even sell.
  4. capgun

    Signed Gibson Melody Maker

    I had one of those guitars. One of the few I regret selling and I always look out for them. Autographs aren’t worth much to me personally unless I got them myself and even then, I stopped trying to get them a long time ago. Just didn’t see the point. I wouldn’t buy that guitar unless I knew I...
  5. capgun

    What am I missing here?

    Oops. I didn’t swipe far enough to see those ones, but even still the only one that makes any reasonable use of this thing is the last diagram.
  6. capgun

    What am I missing here?

    But it’s not. It’s literally just a box with 4 jacks in it.
  7. capgun

    What am I missing here? Based on this diagram, what’s the point of this thing?
  8. capgun

    My socially conscious daughter.

    I stopped giving out dollars to the people on the corners here when I watched one man walk down a few lots and get in a brand new F150 and drive off.
  9. capgun

    Won’t trade my Chevrolet for your Escalade?

    Maybe, but it still makes no sense when Chevy and Cadillac are literally the same thing.
  10. capgun

    i just played a Tonemaster killer: Quilter Aviator Cub

    No. Lots of tube amps are overpriced as well. Especially Fenders. I don’t have anything against SS amps, but the prices on them have gotten out of hand. As to Quilter, I agree. I had one for a week or two. I forget which one. It was 50 watts (claimed) and was supposed to be 100 watts on two...
  11. capgun

    LP Junior - Wraparound bridge issues

    I’m no help. I hate wraparound bridges.
  12. capgun

    Won’t trade my Chevrolet for your Escalade?

    I was flipping through stations on the radio and that stupid song that line is from was on. Chevrolet is not a model, I know. But the Cadillac Escalade is a spruced up Chevy Suburban/Tahoe. I get the point the dude is trying to make, but it’s the same car. I’ll venture a guess that the...
  13. capgun

    Won’t trade my Chevrolet for your Escalade?

    I don’t get it. It’s literally the same thing.
  14. capgun

    Vintage MXR 117 Passes signal but no effect

    That’s a flanger, right? Probably sounds better now than it ever did.
  15. capgun

    Dream tube Amplifier I do not own but want it.

    Since when have we started paying attention again (or ever)? American cars have been crap as long as I’ve been driving (over 30 years). I’d buy a Japanese car over any other car on the planet any day of the week.
  16. capgun

    i just played a Tonemaster killer: Quilter Aviator Cub

    The real Tonemaster killer Another $600 SS modeler? Pass. No reason for any SS amp to ever cost that much and the Quilters I’ve tried in the past did nothing for me. Also...
  17. capgun

    Jason Isbell signature model Telecaster

    I’m a big Isbell fan. Not really a fan of sig guitars and most definitely would never pay $1500 for a MIM Tele.
  18. capgun

    What is one amplifier you regret selling?

    Trace Elliot TVT9. I’d have absolutely zero use for it at the moment, but that thing was cool as hell.
  19. capgun

    Josh is blown away by cheap Chinese pedals

    I like that dude’s videos and his knowledge, but I have yet to hear one of his pedals and feel like I had to have it. He freely admits what pedals his pedals are copies of. No problem with that, every pedal is a copy/variation of another. I just always find the one being copied to sound better...
  20. capgun

    Someone explain all these face tattoos to me

    I have tattoos. All in places that can be covered. If I was an employer, I’d never hire anyone with face tattoos. Besides it being unpresentable/unprofessional, it immediately tells me you’re an idiot.
  21. capgun

    What album have you listeded to the most...

    Probably Cheap Trick-Budokan, but these others are definitely up there in the hundreds of plays: Avail-Over the James Rancid-...And Out Come the Wolves Prince-Purple Rain Ramones-Leave Home Faith No More-The Real Thing Run DMC-Raising Hell
  22. capgun

    Your first time

    Albums you can still remember the first time you heard them. The impact they had on you and how they made you feel. Minor Threat-Out of Step Black Flag-My War Suicidal Tendencies-Suicidal Tendencies Faith No More-The Real Thing Cheap Trick-Budokan Motley Crue-Too Fast For Love There are others...
  23. capgun

    Strat sound is sixth position?

    No, I like the neck/bridge sound. A 5 way and an S1 is the best option in my opinion, but like I said, all that switching goes out the window in a live setting. We may notice it playing. The handful of guitarists that may be there will see you flipping switches, and they may pick up on three...
  24. capgun

    Bedroom Size Practice, Where Do You Put Your Amp?

    Same size room. Amp right in front of me facing me. Blues Jr., a few pedals. I use the guitar knobs and the pedals to change the sound. Amp controls never change. Also, quit smoking. You won’t need a place for an ashtray or portable oxygen later in life.