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  1. Peegoo

    How to totally own a song (John Otway content)

    If you don't know who John Otway is, check out some of his stuff. He has originals and he does covers, and he makes them totally his own. He is supremely entertaining. Here's a live version of House of the Rising Sun. The studio version of this tune was recorded at Abbey Road, and he had...
  2. Peegoo

    "I like to do his lick; it's very very disturbing." -Greg Koch re: Jeff Beck

    The guy is 6'8" and has girly hands like Martha Stewart. How does THAT work? :cool: If you're a Beck fan, you might pick up a few tricks here if you're not careful. And why be careful anyway? That's no fun.
  3. Peegoo

    A trip around the world--via whisky

    My hunnie and I were invited to dinner at a friend's house. They are into alcohol in a big way, and they have an extensive selection of adult beverages from around the world. Our discussion turned to whiskies, and out came the Japanese brands Hibiki, Yamazaki, and Kujira. I'm a bourbon...
  4. Peegoo

    Providing weapons to local thugs: avast, me swabbies!

    A few weeks ago the neighborhood kids were swarming over the equipment in the community playground, hollering like pirates and swinging broken tree branches like swords. First thing I envision is someone getting poked in the eye. So I decided to knock down some mahogany scraps from where I...
  5. Peegoo

    Okay, let's get wacky (fretless goofiness alert)

    A pal wanted a fretless baritone Telecaster with a single humbucker, volume and tone controls, and a kill switch. Here's what just 'excaped' from my lab. If you see this out in the wild, Do Not Feed It. Keep a safe distance, and call the authorities. This thing plays like buttah. It has...
  6. Peegoo

    Happy 75th birthday Iggy Pop!

    I'm BORED! Another trip around the sun for His Iguananess! WOOT!
  7. Peegoo

    You're no longer safe on your own garden shed

    I'd hate to have one of these things jump on me when I'm getting out the lawn mower. This is the stuff of nightmares.
  8. Peegoo

    Mojo to Tina Weymouth

    Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth were involved in a head-on collosion in Connecticut when a drunk driver crossed the center line and crashed into their vehicle. Tina sustained a fractured sternum and fractured ribs, and is expected to recover just fine. Chris was not substantially injured. Both...
  9. Peegoo

    Custom Tele-like beast for a friend of mine

    This guitar is styled after the Telecaster, but it is about 15% smaller in size and the scale length is 24 3/4". I shot a two-color sunburst on the ash body and gave it to the customer so she could decorate it as she liked; I figured it would contain a little more magic for her if she had a hand...
  10. Peegoo

    Painting a It's called a Rocket Case for a reason

    A pal of mine at work is super artistic and she asked me if I'd like a custom painting on a guitar case. I took about two weeks to think about which case and what the subject would be. I was really close to having her paint a tree on my Gibson J45's case. But one day I was playing the...
  11. Peegoo

    Happy burfday Glenn Miller!

    And Harry Belafonte! And Justine Beeper! WOOT!
  12. Peegoo

    What happened to Tubegeek? Anyone know?

    He's no longer listed as a member--that I can find. Did he go to Mars?
  13. Peegoo

    Change just one letter in an album or song title...

    and things can get weird really fast. I'll start. Fred Bird (Skynyrd) Dorkness on the Edge of Town (Springsteen) You Really Got Ma (Kinks) Beets On Me (Dierks Bentley) Jailhouse Rick (Elvis) The Tracks of My Bears (Smokey "the Bear" Robinson) I Wanna Hold Your Wand (Beatles)
  14. Peegoo

    Problematic mics stands

    Play onstage for any amount of time and you quickly learn that the mic stand is often your worst enemy. George Carl (RIP) does a pretty good job demonstrating this problem. He was a huge talent, and most people have never heard of him.
  15. Peegoo

    Happy birthday Eddie Van Halen (rest in peace)

    Born on this day, 1955. He changed rock guitar in a big way.
  16. Peegoo

    My pal Larry cops a pretty good Roy Buchanan here in this composition

    I really enjoyed this one and figured I'd share it here.
  17. Peegoo

    Happy 76, Dolly Parton

    76! Whoooo! Martha Davis (The Motels) is 71 today. Happy burfday laydeez!
  18. Peegoo

    DIY Continuity Test Pen: make one yourself

    A pal of mine who's an amateur radio guy (makes his own antennas, etc.) said he wished he could switch off the continuity beeper on his DMM because the beep makes his dog go nuts. So I knocked together an LED-only continuity test pen, with the light in the pen so there's no need to look at...
  19. Peegoo

    Happy Birthday Pat Benatar

    And also Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies fame: " turned from black into bright white!"
  20. Peegoo

    Fender Double-tap Shawbucker wiring: how to humbuck

    A pal of mine likes the humbucking tone of the Double-tap Shawbuckers in his American Pro II Tele Deluxe, but really had no use for the tapped tones. So I rewired it to work like a Les Paul; the only switching is the three-way pickup selector. If you're not familiar with these pickups, they...
  21. Peegoo

    Last Train Home with Thomm Jutz,at Ram's Head Annapolis

    Just got home from their show and Boy Howdy what a show. It was their third gig in two years. They played Richmond on Thursday and The Birchmere in Alexandria last night. Thomm opened for 'em solo on guitar. They're pals from years back, and he is a very active singer/songwriter from...
  22. Peegoo

    Happy 72 Adrian Belew

    And happy birthday Eddie Vedder too!
  23. Peegoo

    Feeling the pressure of the Christmas crush yet?

    You are now: 100 tons, to be exact.

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