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  1. PlainAllman

    Favorite Lady Guitar Player

    Thought of a thread that might be fun and interesting and pay homage to the better half of the species. Lets keep it clean and guitar players only.
  2. PlainAllman

    NGD B.C. Rich content

    Came across this at a pawn shop today. Cleaned it up a bit and put some new strings on it. Nice fat neck that is comfortable to play. It’s a Korean made Mockingbird NJ Classic series. I think its a 2005 model but serial number info on post 1980’s B.C. Rich’s seems very spotty. I’ve always liked...
  3. PlainAllman

    Earl Slick Guitars?

    Anybody have any experience with the Slick brand guitars? I dig the looks of them especially the SL60 LP DC body style. Reviews on YouTube sound fantastic.
  4. PlainAllman

    Filling neck bolt holes?

    I have a Squier CV 60 thinline which has some wonderful tone but I’m not in love with the thin neck. I have an old S-type guitar that is actually the first electric I ever bought some 25 years ago. The neck is wider and has a nice aged patina to it. I checked the scale and it’s identical and it...
  5. PlainAllman

    Is this VM or CV?

    This Tele Deluxe is posted on my local CL. The serial number is a 2019 and the guitar looks like the CV 70’s Deluxe on Fenders website. Supposedly the VM line was discontinued. Does this individual just not know they have a CV or could this be a VM like it says? I just read a thread from last...
  6. PlainAllman

    NGD! CV Thinline

    I went into a couple of the local pawnshops yesterday that I check in with once in a while. Teles of course always catch my eye first. I saw this Squier Thinline but I’m not that familiar with Squiers so didn’t really know what I was looking at. I checked it out for a minute and it seemed well...
  7. PlainAllman

    First build CBG

    I’ve always been an amateur wood worker in my spare time. I’ve built benches and arbors and picture frames and shoe racks and all kinds of random type stuff. I’ve wanted to build a guitar for years but never got around to it until a couple days ago. Frequenting TDPRI for the last year has been...
  8. PlainAllman

    Acoustic with maple fingerboard

    This topic has probably been brought up before. I did a search but turned up nothing. Any theories on why maple fingerboarded acoustic guitars seem to be the proverbial unicorn? A quick internet search turns up a smattering of examples but what I’m really curious about is why is it so rare?
  9. PlainAllman

    Acoustic Only?

    What if there was no more electricity coming from the holes in the wall? Nothing to plug an amp into and crank that sweet Tele tone? Could a man, or woman, live by acoustic alone? Is this subject too frightening to even contemplate? Would more guitar players take up the banjo, for variety, or...
  10. PlainAllman

    ESP LTD EC-256: Anybody have one?

    Any one have an LTD EC-256. Was hoping to hear some experienced opinions about them as far as any negative issues. I was checking one out at GC yesterday and it just amazes me how good the fit and finish can be on a $400 guitar these days. It played real nice too. Only thing i dont like is the...
  11. PlainAllman

    Instead of destroying guitars how about a guitar that destroys. And only a paltry $52,000.
  12. PlainAllman

    What is this odd guitar?

    Found this on a tumblr blog. Anyone ever seen this before or is this likely homemade?
  13. PlainAllman

    Opinions on alternatives to rosewood

    I’ve always been partial to maple for electric guitars but lately I’ve found myself daydreaming about having a darker colored fingerboard or possibly even the whole neck. I know rosewood has traditionally been the standard but since I’ve been thinking about it I’ve discovered there are a few...
  14. PlainAllman


    I've always wanted to try one of these out and recently my son has expressed interest in learning to play so today I picked this up and a chord book. Should be a fun way to spend some time together.
  15. PlainAllman

    MIM Tele from 2002 or 2003.

    This little number is at the closest to me GC. From searching the serial number it is apparently an 02 or 03. As you can see it has a bridge humbucker setup. Is there anyway to tell from the serial number if that original or is this possibly a mod? It is in great condition for its age and a...
  16. PlainAllman

    Blues Jr. III differences.

    I went to GC today with my dad just to browse and fondle some guitars. I was checking out a used MIM Tele with bridge humbucker and I went to plug it up to a used amp. So at first I plugged it into a Champ X20 I think? Then my dad pointed out another amp and said try this one. It was a BJ...
  17. PlainAllman

    Fender DuoSonic

    I know they were originally made as a student model or something like that and have a shorter than average scale but I really dig the look of them. I haven’t had a chance to play one yet. Just wondering if anybody has one or any experience with them. What do you think about it?
  18. PlainAllman

    Need help with Peavey Mystic

    I have a Peavey Mystic that I sort of inherited several years ago. I never really played it much cause I didn’t know much about it and it just looks kind of too 80’s ish. However after researching it some and watching some vids I’ve found it is somewhat uniquely constructed with bridge and neck...

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