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  1. medic_90

    57 custom shop strat legit?

    I was browsing the vault at guitar center yesterday when a 57 heavy relic custom shop strat caught my eye. Not a huge fan of the relic treatment but this guitar had a lot going for it. The feel of the neck and buttery smooth frets we’re unlike any other strat I’ve played. I plugged it into my...
  2. medic_90

    NPD(New Pickup Day) Bootstrap Vintage High Wind Jazz Bass

    These badboys just came in the mail after a much anticipated wait. I could not be happier with them! Dropped in easily without any issue. Breathed new life into my Squier Paranormal Jazz bass! Way more output and clarity than the stock pups. I might actually enjoy this bass more than my American...
  3. medic_90

    NAD and Partscaster! 5F1 point to point champion 600

    Recently picked up this amazing completely rebuilt Fender Champion 600 off craigslist. It pairs so well with my recently finished Sonic Blue partscaster. Sharing my excitement with the community! The amp was completely rewired by hand to a 5F1 circuit with GE NOS tubes. The previous owner even...
  4. medic_90


    Crazy groove!! Stumbled across this and I swear it took me on a journey.
  5. medic_90

    First T-style Partscaster Build. Roasted Everything!

    A good friend of mine picked up some quality parts for his first tele and custom build. He didn't feel comfortable putting it together himself so I helped him out. I've only really frankensteined a strat and tele before this so I'm pretty stoked how it came out!!! The roasted flame maple neck is...
  6. medic_90

    NBD American Original 60s P Bass Surf Green

    Stoked on this new axe! Recently got into playing the bass after picking up a Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass. The deal on this AO was just too good to pass up! Matches my 62 RI Custom Tele quite nicely!
  7. medic_90

    25$ DIY IKEA Pedalboard

    I’ve recently gotten into the world of guitar pedals and decided to pop my woodworking cherry and build a basic pedal board. The main part of this build was a 9$ shelf at IKEA found here. A 12 dollar can of stain/poly, Velcro tape and small rubber feet all found at ACE hardware. Definitely a fun...
  8. medic_90

    American Special Tele project questions.

    I have this 2010 American Special tele that I picked up used a few years back. It’s been an ongoing project guitar of mine. (Vintage style tuners, resoldering, relicing both natural and fake, pick-guard swap , new input jack, new saddles) The guitar is actually pretty unique now and plays great...
  9. medic_90

    Stoked! 62 AVRI Custom Tele + Blues JR

    First time post but long time lurker. Was so stoked on this great come up that I just had to make an account to share. Got this surf green AVRI 62 Custom Tele complete with all the case candy/hang tags and a Relic Blues JR tweed together for an incredible price. Compliments my American special...