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  1. Danb541

    Duncan Little 59 in Esquier wiring options/ideas

    I'm putting together an Esquire, single Lil 59 in bridge. No neck pup obviously. I have a blank control cavity cover, I was thinking of just drilling it for a single volume and single tone, no switch at all. But then I started thinking about the Lil 59 having 4 wires, making in capable of much...
  2. Danb541

    Teeth of the Hydra

    I'm not sure if this is an April Fools joke or not...It's kind of jammin!
  3. Danb541

    1953? Fender Super-Amp Model 5C4 Model Tube Amplifier value

    A friend of mines Father recently passed away and he asked me to take a look at an old amp and guitar that has been packed away for some time. Let's just say I was sort of blown away... I can't seem to find much in terms of sold auctions or pricing online. It's in very good condition. I didn't...
  4. Danb541

    I walk where the bottles break

    and the blacktop still comes back for more
  5. Danb541

    Songs with killer Rythm guitar thread

  6. Danb541

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    I wired this up last night and the Lawrence L-250 blade bridge pickup is very thin and not loud at all. It did not come with wire instructions. It's 3 wire. One bare, one black and one white. I wish I would have hooked it to my meter before wiring it up, I usually do that but I assumed black and...
  7. Danb541

    Coil split wiring help

    I've wired lots of guitars but never with a split humbucker. I'm not sure where to ground these push pull pots. I'm guessing anywhere will work? Here is the pots and a schematic.
  8. Danb541

    They say things come in 3's... bad weather related

    Here is Eugene, OR we've has some wind gusts lately. Two days ago I woke up to find my arborvitae split and fell on my neighbors house and two panels of my back fence were down. Last night I woke to a big wind gust, this morning I see a shingle in my front yard. That's 3! I guess it's over...
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    Across 110th street

  10. Danb541

    Test your eyes for free…

  11. Danb541

    Be my friend

  12. Danb541

    Stupid Deal O the Day. Recording King Parlor Guitar

    I just bought one of these. $129.00 delivered, couldn't pass it up. I assume I'll need to give it a proper set up but it looks like a fun little guitar to keep next to my recliner or take camping. I know these are pretty cheap but does anyone have any experience with them? Recording King...
  13. Danb541

    Grits! Love'm or hate'm?

    I've only tried them a few times but haven't been impressed. I'm in Oregon and they're not common so perhaps I've never had good grits.
  14. Danb541

    The female KING … hint… Carole

  15. Danb541

    Is this album I got off ebay as described?

    I'm not naming the seller. I bought this album for $18.00 delivered. Here is the description from the auction. GUITAR SLIM THE THINGS THAT I USED TO DO Specialty # SPS 2120 Stereo LP 1970...
  16. Danb541

    Best songs where the drummer and bass player groove

    I dig this one.
  17. Danb541

    I bought a possible stolen guitar... what to do

    This was probably 5 years ago. I bought this Epiphone P90 LP, I think it's mid-90's. It was covered in stickers I paid $100. It's a set neck, decent build. I left the stickers on for a while. When I removed them, one was covering the serial number on the back of the head stock. This revealed a...
  18. Danb541

    Feet/Foot related songs...

  19. Danb541

    Early 80's Takamine Electric, anyone familiar with these?

    I picked this up for $50 off CL yesterday. Couldn't pass it up for that price and it will be a nice winter project. Someone else obviously had some plans for it and gave up. Seems to be very well made. My limited research tells me its a GX100T made in the early 80's most likely. It looks like a...
  20. Danb541

    ?4U Pro Builders&Luthiers, what's easier to build, bolt neck or set neck?

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum... here goes. What's more difficult to build? a set neck or bolt neck guitar? What do you prefer?
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    Just Like a Fish

  22. Danb541

    Seed of Memory

  23. Danb541

    Will this capacitor work in a guitar?

    I have some of these and am wondering if they are fine to use it a guitar. Is 473K the same as .047UF? What about the voltage? Does that matter?
  24. Danb541

    If you were a MLB Home Run slugger, what's you're walk up song?

    The thread on walk songs by Oldunc inspired this thread. There are some obvious ones.. Welcome to Jungle comes to mind. How about Turn Me Loose, the intro is pretty good.
  25. Danb541

    What's a great song that asks a question?