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  1. Sterling Sound

    Help... trussrod on the loose

    My strat neck was in need of some adjustment, it was just incredibly tight and needed to be loosened up a little to provide some neck relief. When I took the neck off, the trussrod was already so loose that I could almost turn it round with a nail :lol: Shouldn't trussrods be tight as hell...
  2. Sterling Sound

    What removes gold plating?

    Foolishly I bought a NOS Badass bridge from the 70s only to notice it was gold plated. It looked very chrome on the pics! :roll: According to the owner it's nickel underneath. Is there anything in the market that I can remove the gold plating with and not shoot the nickel to he|| ?
  3. Sterling Sound

    1959 Fender Esquire build

    Hi all, my first post here, wanted to share a great build that Preeb is doing for me. I wanted an Esquire with a light and resonant body, with great grain pattern and a nice brazilian board. Some nice woods selected Great grain Cutting started Nice body!