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  1. MrCoolGuy

    Is there a good Tech 21 Sansamp Classic layout and schematic?

    That is basically my question. Is there a good Tech 21 Sansamp Classic layout and schematic out there somewhere. I have looked quite a bit, but results are sketchy at best. The question arises because I bought a broken pedal at a discounted rate... because it looked like they just tried to...
  2. MrCoolGuy

    Are Squire frets softer than vintage or new Fender frets ?

    I've heard many people say that Squire frets wear out faster than Fender frets. Maybe they use a different, softer metal... What do you think? (Warning... I have some new data to share after voting is complete.)
  3. MrCoolGuy

    Need help repairing an old radio

    I have an old Westinghouse H104 that I'd like to get running. I'm pretty good with guitar amps, but there are some parts in this thing... I dont even know what they are. Anyone know anything about raidios? Or can you point me to a good tube radio forum? Even with all the tubes out, its...
  4. MrCoolGuy

    Sylvania 6V6's

    I came across afew tubes. I would like to learn more about them. How old are they? Where were they made, specifically? And whats your opinion of them. First is a pair of clear sylvania 6V6 GTA's with black plates, flash on top, with code dc adm. Next is a pair of Sylvania with blacked out...
  5. MrCoolGuy

    AB763 Vibrato issues (64 deluxe)

    The Vibrato on this blackface deluxe isnt working. The roach is flashing and reacts to the speed control. It was working yesterday. Nothing had changed. Why would th he plate voltage be low on v3 (trem tube) V3a 185vdc, V3b 192vdc.... I have tried swapping tubes.
  6. MrCoolGuy

    Deluxe reverb power transformers

    When Fender switch to the Silverface Deluxe Reverbs, they started using 5U4 rectifier tubes, but did they change the power transformer? Every schematic for a deluxe reverb that I can find AB763, AA763, AB868, A1172, A1270... all have the same power transformer "125P23B". Am I missing...
  7. MrCoolGuy

    1964 Deluxe (non-reverb) barn find

    Here is the new project. super dirty, but also all unmolested except for someone snagging the bass pots and the speaker. It even has all the original E caps. Owner got it for 100 bucks! The power transformer works fine. The OT looks OK so far, but needs further testing. The only think I...
  8. MrCoolGuy

    Who made these tubes?

    Who made these tubes for Realistic? They are grey short plate 12ax7's with gold pins. They have a circular getter at a 45° angle. I know Mullard and Tungsram and Matsu. all made tubes for Realistic...
  9. MrCoolGuy

    My first New Years without tobacco...

    I have some kind of swelling on my jaw line, where I use tobacco that doesnt seem to be tooth-related. I started taking antibiotics, so hopefully the swelling goes away. I have a dentist appointment as soon as I get back home from my vacation to Hot Springs, but this doesn't seem like a...
  10. MrCoolGuy

    AB763 Trem Roach...

    If an LDR roach is lit but not flashing (that was working yesterday on a band new build), is it broke? The trem was working fine, now its not. I tried swapping tubes. I tried temporarily wiring in New caps parralel to each of the 3 oscillator caps. Same with each of v5's cathode caps...
  11. MrCoolGuy

    3 or 4 transistor fuzz?

    I recently built a germanium Fuzz Face (basically). It sounds AMAZING and was fun to build. I have some nice extra AC128's. Whats another good germanium fuzz circuit? Maybe a 3 or 4 transistor job... Thanks!
  12. MrCoolGuy

    Oscilloscope questions

    I'm new to the scope world so forgive my ignorance. I have a couple of very basic questions about First, probes have a main clip and a ground clip... I suppose that means it is comparing whatever current frequency is on the tip to whatever is on the clip. Make sense? I...
  13. MrCoolGuy

    Twin Reverb eyelet board measurements

    I need a good picture or some way to measure and make an eyelet board for a BFTR (AB763) I know the dimensions of the board itself, But I need to know where to drill the holes. A good picture would work... an actual layout would be better. Anyone?
  14. MrCoolGuy

    Twin Reverb (AB763) Eyelet Board Layout

    I need a good picture or some way to measure and make an eyelet board for a BFTR (AB763) Anyone?
  15. MrCoolGuy

    The Bias Rite seems to be extinct...

    I'm tired of biasing amps manually. I've learned a lot doing it that way, but jeez... And from what I hear the bias rites were the best for a few reasons... anyone have one for sale? If not, whats another good option?
  16. MrCoolGuy

    Twin Reverb RI confusion...

    I'm working on a '65 Twin Reverb made in '94. The owner brought it to me just for a speaker swap... but I noticed it also needed elec. caps and had a nasty hum (60cycle) that I can effect by moving the ground wire that comes from the doghouse via a long wire to the center tap ground point by...
  17. MrCoolGuy

    2n3904 vs bc109?

    If a fuzz pedal uses 2n3904 transistors... (a 2-transistor fuzz...) could you use bc109's instead? If not, why? They are both NPN... what am I missing?
  18. MrCoolGuy

    Is there anything better...

    Is there anything better than a good germanium fuzz face and a tweed deluxe with a single coil guitar... I haven't found anything better. But thats, like, my opinion, man...
  19. MrCoolGuy

    Oscilloscope questions...

    I want to buy an oscilloscope to trace... oscillations. Its for tube amp repair, obviously. Tracing god-foresaken hum, parasitic inaudible oscillations ... you know, amp stuff. My question is... analog or digital? There are some good deals on new digital scopes... with memory and cool...
  20. MrCoolGuy

    Any experience with these transistors?

    Has anyone tried these particular AC128's 1970's New Jersey Semiconductors... Building a Fuzz Face, thought I'd try them out.
  21. MrCoolGuy

    This thing sucks... What should I build?

    I recently bought and put together a MOD "The Rattler Returns" fuzz pedal. Great kit, if you like crap. Cheap. Easy-to-follow instructions... Sounds terrible. I have a lot of experience building and working on amps, but this was only the second pedal I've made. The first was a TS808...
  22. MrCoolGuy

    Cant seem to get my frets right...

    Hello all. I have a 1965 Fender Mustang. Its beautiful. I love it. But I cant seem to get it set up exactly the way I want it. I had a reputable tech level the frets and set it up. The action was too high on the low strings and it didnt buzz bad as long as I left it in normal E tuning and...
  23. MrCoolGuy

    Triad Output Transformer

    Simple question... does anyone have all the exact specs for the 5F6A Bassman and Concert output transformer? The Triad 45249? I've Googled and searched, but cant find everything. Thanks.
  24. MrCoolGuy

    The Incredible Disappearing Circuit Board

    So this is an amp I've worked on twice. June and again this week. For the full story, go here... but I'm posting this thread to get more eyes on it to figure this out. Forgive me. So CR103 is a flyback blocking diode. The trace going North from its right lead goes to pin 3 of v6 (plate)...
  25. MrCoolGuy

    Peavey JSX / flashing tubes and exploding traces

    Back in June I received a Peavey JSX head. The owner said the fuse had blown And that he saw a flash and expected a bad tube and screen grid resistor. I created a thread back then: ...trying to understand this complex amp. Upon...