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  1. 985plowboy

    I started playing guitar 30 years ago today!

    Today is St. Patrick’s day. On the afternoon of this day in 1992, l drove my Jeep CJ-7 from my apartment near the LSU campus about 50 miles East to Hayden’s Music in Hammond, La. There I bought a brand new Fender, laminated rosewood back and sides spruce top, dreadnought acoustic guitar and a...
  2. 985plowboy

    Anyone actually see Jimi Hendrix play live?

    I’ve never met anyone who has. If you have, please tell me about it. Where, when, what was it like, did you have any indication he would become an icon? I look forward to hearing about it.
  3. 985plowboy

    It’s Hobo season again!

    I live about an hour north of New Orleans and an hour east of Baton Rouge right at the crossroads of two major interstates. Every year about this time we get an influx of new hobos panhandling through all the grocery store parking lots and sitting at every red light holding homemade signs asking...
  4. 985plowboy

    NMBD New mountain bike day!!

    Taking my family on vacation up to Tennessee this month. Decided to get myself a new mountain bike to ride around with my boys, who all ride. After much looking and comparing and searching for available bikes, I bought a Giant, Talon 2. Essentially, it is same format as my current bike, (a 2000...
  5. 985plowboy

    Battery shut off switch so I can leave my guitar plugged in.

    I am the acoustic guitar player in my band. We gig 1-3 weekends per month. I am currently playing a Gibson J-45 with an LR Baggs Element Active pickup. The guitar has to be unplugged when not in use so as not to drain the 9V battery, as it is not fast or easy to replace. Especially if it conks...
  6. 985plowboy

    Thinking of selling my last big amp.

    I know lately the trend seems to be players going with smaller amps. It makes sense and has me thinking about selling my Bad Cat Trem Cat. I play acoustic in the band I’m in and I haven’t played my electric guitar much at all in the last 5-6 years. I own a mid ‘70’s SFVC and a Mustang III V2...
  7. 985plowboy

    Who among y’all are the robots?

    At the bottom of the home page here on TDPRI I see the members who are currently logged on, the number of guests who are looking around and the number of robots, which when I started typing this was 296! That’s a bunch. So, identify y’all’s selves! Who are all these robots?
  8. 985plowboy

    Miller Lite Beer now making scented candles.

    I swear. I’ve seen it talked about on my local news channel two mornings in a row. Three choices available to make your house smell like a drinking establishment. You know, since folks can’t actually go out in public. One smells like “Dive Bar” and I can’t remember offhand what the other two are...
  9. 985plowboy

    Started playing guitar 29 years ago today.

    March 17th, 1992 I drove from my apartment near LSU in Baton Rouge to a small guitar shop in Hammond, La called Hayden’s Music. I spent just under $300 on a Fender acoustic guitar and a chord chart. And here we are. Deciding to learn guitar has been one of the best decisions of my life.
  10. 985plowboy

    David Allen Coe handbill from the 70’s

    Found this at my parents house. Mom and Dad went to a DAC concert somewhere around here way back when I was a little kid. Dad was a big music fan and I grew up listening to DAC, Merle, Willie, Waylon etc...Dad played albums and 8-tracks nightly. I guess Dad decided to bring it home as a...
  11. 985plowboy

    Would you rather play a gig on Austin City Limits or The Grand Olde Opry?

    I know there are many great venues out there. Carnegie Hall, Red Rocks and so many many more. None of which have I, or will I, ever get to play. The two that would be of most interest to me would be ACL or the Opry. The Opry has a history that I truly revere, but I don’t think I fit in there...
  12. 985plowboy

    I need a side hustle. Think I’ll be an “Ancient Astronaut Theorist”.

    Get on the (used to be about) History channel, preface anything I say with “could it be”. Should be pretty simple.
  13. 985plowboy

    Too many people buying Valentine’s Day cards

    And just one aisle over the graduation, anniversary and birthday section was empty!!! So I improvised. We laughed.
  14. 985plowboy

    Martin HD-28V

    I have an opportunity to buy a NOS 2018 Martin HD-28V. It is spendy, but I have been selling gear and saving up and it will not put me in a financial bind. I’m looking to buy a true bluegrass cannon Martin and have narrowed it down to either a current D-18 or HD-28. Both are “reimagined” at this...
  15. 985plowboy

    Are you using your micro tilt adjustment?

    I’ve recently become acutely aware of neck angle in the process of setting up my acoustic guitars. Not something I’d ever given much thought to before on my Telecaster. I know, and now understand better, the function of the “micro tilt” adjustment available on some Fender electric guitars...
  16. 985plowboy

    Does anyone make knives?

    My youngest son and I love the show Forged in Fire. We are interested in making knives on a hobby scale. I don’t intend to forge. I think it’d be best to get started by removing material from files or flat metal or old plowshares I have lying around etc... I currently have a bench grinder a...
  17. 985plowboy

    Reimagined Martins. D-18 vs. HD-28

    Anyone own or at least have played both side by side? Thoughts?? Thus far I’ve played a representative example of each but at different locations and on different occasions. Never a direct comparison. I’ve watched YouTube videos but I really don’t want to make my decision based on the tones I...
  18. 985plowboy

    You reckon I can write off the purchase of a new guitar?

    I’ve been in the same band for over five years. We get paid to play. We have formed an LLC and have a checking account etc... I receive a 1099 from the band every year and claim the income on my taxes. If I buy a guitar, can I write it off? Anyone actually done this?
  19. 985plowboy

    Guitar Center emailed me. Says they are filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Well, I’ve heard speculation regarding that around here for years. Hopefully, they’ll get it all sorted out.
  20. 985plowboy

    Cut my grass for the last time this year.

    Had to get one last pass over it before the umpteenth hurricane of this season comes through day after tomorrow. Probably won’t have to do it again until at least mid February.
  21. 985plowboy

    Ever had a neck reset? Would you reset this one? Pictures included.

    This is my 1986 Made in Nashville Gibson J-100E. Sycamore back and sides. I’ve mentioned it around here a few times. I’m considering purchasing a used Martin guitar. In the process of learning about what to look for in a used instrument, I have been made aware of the concept of acoustic guitars...
  22. 985plowboy

    Open gear tuners on electric guitar?

    When I was a kid it seemed like all the little cheap guitars my family bought for me to drag around had open gear tuners. When I did finally buy my first decent guitar, I was well satisfied knowing that the closed gear tuners were a mark of better equipment. Now I see Martin and Larivee and...
  23. 985plowboy

    Yamaha FG-300 MIJ Red Label. What???

    Found this for sale locally. It looks pretty cool. I’m thinking at least early ‘70’s. Pick guard is lifting. Plays pretty well. I don’t think the neck needs a reset, but there may be some bellying behind the bridge. No idea if they have the case or not. Apparently, folks on the internet are...
  24. 985plowboy


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  25. 985plowboy

    How loud is your acoustic guitar?

    My two go to acoustic guitars are an ‘86 Gibson J-100E European Sycamore/Maple back and sides and a ‘17 Gibson J-45 Standard. Before we get into my little bedroom scientific experiment allow me to say that I realize that there are many factors that go into making a great guitar. Volume output...