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  1. Ben Harmless

    New Character Plus Pedals From Tech 21

    Wow. The same day I find and order a reasonably priced V2 Blonde online... I'll probably pick up one or two of these anyway. I mean, how else am I going to have the most pedals?
  2. Ben Harmless

    New EQD Special Cranker (Son of Speaker Cranker)

    NPD for me. Actually, a few days ago. I've gotten a chance to mess around with it. For transparency, my applications are typically recording-oriented. I don't use OD live. My interest is in getting varied tones and generally making differing noises. My full, long-winded review: On guitar, I...
  3. Ben Harmless

    Early Mixing is not a group activity

    I've had my own recordings mixed much more than I've mixed others, but early on I found that the best approach is for the mix engineer to just say to the band "give me a bit, I'm going to do some preliminary work on these tracks, like cutting out silence, applying some basic effects and setting...
  4. Ben Harmless

    Downloaded EZDrummer 3 this morning

    Answering my own question here, because I impulsively bought EZD3 even though I was pretty much doing fine with EZD2. The percussion stuff is still assigned to the lowest several MIDI notes for some reason - even though there are multiple repeats of drum hits in the more typical MIDI range. They...
  5. Ben Harmless

    Downloaded EZDrummer 3 this morning

    Quick question for those who have taken the plunge: In EZD2, there was an issue where the actual MIDI notes for the percussion sounds were located at the very bottom of the range (well outside the 88 piano notes) and you couldn't program them for a reliable response by the software. There was...
  6. Ben Harmless

    My Caffeine Alternative

    What about Marshall Coffee? I kid. I've had some caffeine difficulties myself. I blame grad school, but it can happen to anyone.
  7. Ben Harmless

    Sleeps with the fishes... til, uh, climate change...

    I saw an ironic picture from a bookstore once, which was of a sign that read "the current events section is now located under 'dystopian futurism.'" This is where some very divergent groups come together. A lot of hard science and faith-based ideals of stewardship have the same agendas of...
  8. Ben Harmless

    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    Well, apparently in 1975! Let me know if you need a roommate - I have a line on when and where some really good bands will be playing, and we can hang! let me find the keys to the DeLorean.
  9. Ben Harmless

    I think I shall build a mic!

    This is neat, and I'm curious to see how it goes. I've DIY'd a lot of things, but have been hesitant to take on a mic for some reason. ...actually, that's not entirely true, I've built four mics - three out of vintage telephone earpieces and one carbon thing. They all sound.... pretty much like...
  10. Ben Harmless

    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    Really? This was with attacking me over? If it makes you feel better, just read the first part, because I'm assuming that you're referring to the second, which is not what the term I used means. For what it's worth, cognition, meaning-making, and rhetoric are areas in which I have some...
  11. Ben Harmless

    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    Okay. My thing these days is just calling out cognitive distortions that come up. Ima do that. We're not debating why people do or don't use big amps. The truth is that either we're judging each other's musical pursuits, or we're hopelessly clueless to the fact that different people play...
  12. Ben Harmless

    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant) is the best pitch for Sweetwater I've ever seen - for 5% more than the "used" price, my brand new gear comes with a warranty and return period, and I'm more confident that a stranger hasn't been licking it. Is it really math, or English that people struggle with? I don't think "used"...
  13. Ben Harmless

    Esquire pickup suggestions

    I've been Esquiring for about... Wow... Um, not quite 20 years now. In the first say, 10 years, I went through probably 15-20 bridge pickups. I think it was about 9-10 years ago that I had Rob wind me a dual Lion - the Nashville and the Fat Lion winds. That pickup ended the quest. The winds are...
  14. Ben Harmless

    The Domino Effect: New interface and software switch

    I am fully a Reaper fanboy. Should you choose to stay, then welcome aboard! If you like all of what you've seen, and you like external control options, then I recommend checking out the Reaper Web Interface. How about having track or transport controls on your phone? It's a game-changer...
  15. Ben Harmless

    Pedal Storage

    I have a specific IKEA set of drawers that works well. I line the bottom with that toolbox liner stuff so they don't slide around when I'm rooting around for the right one. Mine houses about 45 pedals, and the top drawer is actually dedicated to other things. It's not my whole collection. I...
  16. Ben Harmless

    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    Maybe a little pre-rock and roll, but Pete Seeger when talking about one of his records with... I think it was The Almanac Singers: "We called it a collector's album, because only collectors ever bought it."
  17. Ben Harmless

    Do you have an "artistic vision" of a song as you put it together?

    This has been my experience as well. Having a notion of what I want something to sound like ahead of time never exactly determined what it sounded like when I was done, unless I was really attached to that output. Honestly, the longer I play with this stuff, the less use I have for notions of...
  18. Ben Harmless

    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    Dating myself, but I've been a member of this forum since I bought my first Telecaster in maybe 1998 or so. The whole low-wattage amp thing started not long after that, and hasn't let up. At times, it's become a little judgmental, ("no sane person needs a big amp") but not too badly. The thing...
  19. Ben Harmless

    Strings prices

    ...Just pick the one that's in tune, and you're good to go!
  20. Ben Harmless

    Weirdest guitars used by well known and Pro level players.

    This is what I thought immediately. His guitars aren't just some novelty one-off, they were produced in numbers, but just aren't around much anymore. He really has a way of using their uniqueness to suit his music. I got to work on a show of his once. Small room. He was sitting about six feet...
  21. Ben Harmless

    recording system for old analog guy

    I think this would be more than welcome. On the various Apple products, they do have BandCamp, and as much as Apple doesn't impress me much (same old arguments we've heard before) I do think they've done a good job of making things more easily accessible to people. It would actually be nice if...
  22. Ben Harmless

    recording system for old analog guy

    I completely agree. The problem with accessibility in modern, computer-based recording is that all the old-fashioned options are there in front of you all at once, and combined with a zillion other functions that we're practical or even possible in analog setups. It becomes easily overwhelming...
  23. Ben Harmless

    Learning To Solder..Any Primers?

    +1 to all the tips here (pun intended). My experience has just been to look at what a proper solder joint should look like, and practice. It really doesn't take that long to be decent. I mean, really, for most people I'd say if you have the right iron, solder, and temperature, it's gonna be...
  24. Ben Harmless

    Boss SD-1 or OD-3

    There was actually some discussion of this awhile back, but it may have been a BD-2-titled thread. I have both, or all three pedals. They're wildly different. The SD-1 is roughly a Tubescreamer with a different clipping diode configuration. The OD-3 is its own beast. It can be used as a booster...
  25. Ben Harmless

    Joyo preamp into power amp pedal?

    Eh. Something's wrong. There should be more than enough gain at the mixer to get that thing working through the system. Just a plain ol' DI should do the trick. A power amp is to power speakers, so if you're ampless, then that won't be the ticket. A booster pedal will get the level up, but I'm...