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  1. imwjl

    Maybe there really is something strange going on in the world.

    The big bosses are gone today. I thought that meant I would be riding a bicycle at noon. For some strange reason people all over the enterprise I expected to be playing are working.
  2. imwjl

    RIP iPod

    I figured it would happen sooner or later. It was a good run. Classic Apple to do a really good job of polishing an idea and making rather an industry of it. My kids never really got the way we did music for a...
  3. imwjl

    Total oops: BMW Shipping New Cars Temporarily Without Apple CarPlay

    That has to be a major oops with all parties frustrated. A car maker that's advertised one of the best integrations but..... It's kind of nuts how the car industry is still struggling with parts availability for so long...
  4. imwjl

    Training for a 5k.

    Someone from my childhood neighborhood posted a photo of his dad training for an upcoming 5k. He might be a member here. My strong memories would have been when the couple was probably in their 40s and all of us just kids playing in the neighborhood. My estimate is they're around 90 or older...
  5. imwjl

    My apologies.

    I did not mean to create a political thread but didn't have the body cam to catch the hilarious rush the HR staff person did for cleaning supplies. The timing of the alcohol comment I got made it all funnier. The overall context was a pair of operations and infrastructure person taking it all...
  6. imwjl

    It's Lightning (F150) day!

    This is exciting. The electric F150 assembly line starts today. I'm well aware of battery and parts constraints but the product sure makes sense for a lot of us. Our 1930 Model A Ford was made in same in same Rouge complex and it is very much in line with Ford history for another game changing...
  7. imwjl

    The top 12 states to live in.

    I catch the debates others have on top places to live, but it seems really obvious to me.
  8. imwjl

    Stop $ GAS complaints - it's nothing compared to bikes and skis.

    It has occurred to me I cannot cover the range of riding bicycles with only 3 of them the way I do with 1 acoustic and two electric guitars. Same for skis. Wearing out expensive strings is nothing like replacing worn chains and tires. I don't physically beat up on guitars, but they don't wear...
  9. imwjl

    Future grocery shopping now (cars & solar).

    It occurred to me late yesterday that our pilot system to charge cars off grid has been occupied with 1-2 cars nearly constantly in the recent grey rainy days. It does have a backup generator but none of us watching it closely have seen it running. There are Tesla, ChargePoint and Blink stations...
  10. imwjl

    Real estate & inflation ver. 2022.

    Yesterday I did an around town putt putt on my bike and saw houses with coming soon maybe a 1-2 weeks ago with sold. The calls to sell our main home have resumed. We just listed my mother in law's house Saturday. Now we have 5 offers more than asking price. Something funny in all this is...
  11. imwjl

    Brain-to-body mass ratio.

    My apologies if we've covered this before. How come I don't generally hear bony-eared assfish used as an insult if they have the smallest brain to body weight ratio of all vertebrates?
  12. imwjl

    Biggerize me.

    I think Yakima is really onto something here. The $4,122.00 is less than the jump to a pickup truck that very often can't carry what our Sienna does. You still have great tow capacity and that legendary Toyota reliability. I've had Chevy, Ford, Nissan...
  13. imwjl

    Powder (skiing) is probably like a serious alcohol or drug problem.

    My core posse of pals thought the ski season was done. Now it looks like a final lake effect dump means two places will have 6" - 10" of powder when lifts open Friday AM. We are late side of middle age and early old age professionals scheming like little kids. Then there's just plain Boho...
  14. imwjl

    A heart breaking theft.

    We are preparing my mother in law's home for sale. Her yard was full of pottery and sculptures she did. Animal shaped pots with plants growing from them peaking out of places, bushes and paths etc... With a "coming soon" real estate sign and dumpster there someone stole most of the planters and...
  15. imwjl

    Cabin therapy or replacement.

    Has anyone here bought or built some of the pre-fab or plans out there for small homes? Managed to do a pretty good refurb of a really simple and overall flimsy place without a good foundation? We put a new roof on two years ago and a new well a year ago. The 1974 bathroom that was added to far...
  16. imwjl

    PSA: Behavior behind the wheel.

    In other posts I've disclosed we lost a family member from someone's very common stupid behavior behind the wheel. It's well documented pedestrian and bike deaths are up as well as other accidents. I'm urging chill and good behavior. Yesterday I witnessed two incidents and just read local news...
  17. imwjl

    Whether nurture or nature, I am putting to rest a big fear and suggest working on it.

    Something funny as I age is remembering being a kid and recalling family elders and neighbors either chill or "get off my lawn". I feared I'd be an angry old grump. I feared having kids for reasons like that. For an easy 2/3 of my life I was quick to fly off the handle or see things too dark. I...
  18. imwjl

    Shaggy's skis anyone? Shaggy's has a bit of a cult following here because of Boho (see Mt. Bohemia TV on YouTube) but I know they're popular elsewhere. I'd like a gear refresh but I'm also staring at my retirement age. My daughter and I are going to Boho so I'll see how I do following a...
  19. imwjl

    The Mac Studio (and the rest) - who's in?

    Once again someone can call a Mac expensive if they mean the new Studio but the specifications are rather whole new world for a desktop computer. I expected a new MacBook Air but a coincidence of yesterday's product reveal is we had staff who all have late model top laptops and the existing M1...
  20. imwjl

    VW Electric Van Official Reveal

    It's as official as it will get for a while. The US model will be out when our current van is 8-9 years old so maybe good timing. I would want all of the longer wheelbase, dual motor and more range that's coming. My quote from the Motor Trend article is interesting. "Regardless of the battery...
  21. imwjl

    The Tesla roof, something similar and storage - anyone here have it or similar?

    Upon deciding to not spend on a new car thoughts have moved to our cabin and more home improvements. Has anyone here done the Tesla roof? I keep failing to find actual installs near me though they offer sales. When you put your house info in their web site they still show a similar style roof...
  22. imwjl

    Car shopping solved.

    I believe my wife will have thrilled TDPRI John for not getting an EV and bummed out @JL_LI and @dkmw for not getting a BMW M or Golf R. To start, the back orders were a bother. Though she can afford a nice car, she would be embarrassed or uncomfortable to drive some. The solution: She bought...
  23. imwjl

    A much needed escape to Gichigami.

    After 2+ years I finally had a true getaway for more than a weekend. My first time in a long time not being first one to get all the function, tech and alarm problems in the enterprise. I should have done better with the camera. My guess is @stephent2 knows all or most of our stops. For those...
  24. imwjl

    The state of robots behind the wheel.

    It's been a surprise to me there has not been more backlash with 2022 model cars all having AEB. Some I expected to react to the robot factor seem to love it. Autonomous driving cars seem to get more news about them but I'm wondering if trucks will have more implementation sooner. That said, GM...
  25. imwjl

    Helping TDPRI John.

    Maybe the best help we can give TDPRI John on most things sagacious, new or different is pointing out "Women dig it.".