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  1. zippofan

    Tiny Overdrive

    More 1590LB fun, this time with a Zendrive clone. I'll be drilling holes in the bottom of this one to get at the four trimmers more easily. Everything is a tight fit, these LB builds aren't for the beginning builder, low parts counts aside. The low profile electrolytics needed a little...
  2. zippofan

    MOSFET Clean Boost 1590LB

    I had a day off so I drilled the first of two 1590LB enclosures for boards that Delyk makes. I decided to do the "Super-4" MOSFET boost as it can be made as multiple circuits, including the ZVex SHO, AMZ Mosfet mini boost and a couple by Lovepedal. I have a point to point SHO that I made from...
  3. zippofan

    More Small Pedals - A Small Delay

    I mentioned in another thread that I ordered some boards from Delyk, starting with a through-hole PT2399 delay 1590A size build similar to a Deep Blue. I've been building 1590A's as a bit of a challenge, the opposite of what I was doing last year with big complicated circuits like the Aion Lab...
  4. zippofan

    Some more 1590A builds

    While waiting for pots to complete my parametric EQ, I got a few more of Madbean's 1590A boards. While I have a Rat and a Big Muff, I don't have miniature ones, so here we go! The "Runt", Rat board, quick stuffing job with a very special IC coming courtesy of a fellow member here, thank you FL!
  5. zippofan

    TH Custom 3 Band Parametric EQ

    Started this build today and realized I got the wrong pots for Q and Frequency, ugh. Thankfully I found a drill template, it's not going to be a blast drilling lol. I have built a couple of TH Custom's boards including their version of the ROG Supreaux overdrive, and their mono pedal size...
  6. zippofan

    Dead End FX Terrahawk EQ Boost - Hawk Tonal Enhancer

    I got this board last year, meaning to start it in January of 2021 and kept putting it off for other builds because I knew drilling everything but the pots would be a little tricky. Dead End FX has made some of my favorites, I love their spaceman clones and have built a few, along with their...
  7. zippofan

    Electric Druid Flangelicious

    I picked up this board directly from Electric Druid back in January or so and it finally made it to the top of the build queue. I have an MXR four knob flanger, but I didn't use it much since it's an 18V supply (though now I could with my new Truetone power supply) and I hadn't built one yet...
  8. zippofan

    Phase 45 clone

    In a 1590a, I may be crazy! But given how well Madbean documents his builds, I think it'll be a dandy pedal when complete. I finished the last circuit step tonight by matching pairs of 2n5457 JFETs and actually have a few close matches out of 20 devices. I like the Phase 45 better than the...
  9. zippofan

    Merlin's Glassblower Boost

    After I completed a couple of 1590A PCBs that I bought on a whim I went back to the queue I started earlier this year with a TH Custom board of Merlin Blencowe's (The Valve Wizard) bootstrapped clean boost, the Glassblower. It could easily fit a 1590A but I already had gotten a 1590B for it so...
  10. zippofan

    A couple of comps

    After the marathon Aion Lab preamp build I need something a little simpler, so I started two compressors. The left is an AMZ Q&D compressor using the Analog Devices SSM2166 processor, the right board is a Madbean Afterlife optical compressor for a 1590A. As always, I'm now waiting on parts...
  11. zippofan

    NGD: Harley Benton TE-70 RW

    This arrived late yesterday, it's sweet: Of course it's getting some new parts, not because it needs it, just because I want to and can lol. Out of the box it was darn near in tune, intonation spot on. The neck needed a little relief and the action adjusted, but otherwise I was jamming out...
  12. zippofan

    Aion L5 Preamp

    I remember looking at the Norlin Lab Series guitar amps when they came out back in the 70's, our favorite music store had a big display of them. Much later I found out the Lab amps were a solid state amp designed by Robert Moog and a favorite of BB King, among others. I saw some built units on...
  13. zippofan

    Aion Blueshift Chorus

    Just got my Aion Blueshift up and running this afternoon, what a build! 100 resistors, 65 capacitors, 14 ICs, 9 transistors, all controlled by just three switches (four if you include the stomp). It's a clone of the Boss Dimension C, something I've wanted to try and was inspired to build while...
  14. zippofan

    A couple from Dead End FX

    I just finished up another Spaceman clone from Dead End FX, I really enjoy their builds. This one is the "Anticarus", a clone of the Aphelion overdrive using a CA3080, a J201 JFET, and an LND150 N-channel depletion mode MOSFET. It's LOUD! I did their "Glenn" boost back in January too...
  15. zippofan

    Aion Vector Delay

    Back in November-ish my good ole Visual Sound Garage Tone Axle Grease delay (phew, that's a long name!) gave up the ghost. When I popped the circuit out to troubleshoot I was confronted with an SMD circuit. While I have worked on SMD's in my late 20's, I drink way too much coffee now to...
  16. zippofan

    Dyna Comp clone

    On a whim I ordered a couple of PCB's from Guitar-Electronics.EU last month, they have a number of kits/PCBs and their compressors interested me. I picked up a THAT 4301 based circuit since it wasn't familiar, and a Dyna Comp board. I just gave an old friend my modified Ross build, a Mammoth...
  17. zippofan

    New Pickup Day

    I recently ordered a "super special sale" pickup from Zhangbucker for my Ibanez Talman neck position. My Talman is the Tele style, and I had a Duncan Quarter Pounder in there, thinking at the time that it would be a good match for the overwound DiMarzio Pre B-1 bridge pickup (that I really...
  18. zippofan

    Matchbox Silicon Fuzz Face

    This originally started as a Catalinbread Hyperpak fuzz clone from Fuzz Dog, but I didn't really care for the tone. I may have messed something up too, as I had a bad pot. Since I have been building fuzzes in these 'matchbox' enclosures, I haven't made a Fuzz Face, so why not? I had good...
  19. zippofan

    PedalPCB Poptop Boost

    aka JRockett Hightop clone, Darlington pair of 2N708's in the gain stage. Stalled on a 9V Zener, swore I had some, and clear lacquer for the decal. I thought the last one was hard to drill for 6 pots (Talons clone), this has 5 pots and two switches. Thankfully the build template was right on...
  20. zippofan

    Rullywow Eaglet (Talons) OD

    I haven't made a dirt box in awhile, mostly boosts and a delay this year, so time for a different style OD. I pickup up a few boards from Rullywow last fall and the Eaglet OD came to the top. It's an Earthquaker Devices Talons clone, straightforward IC OD (TL072, or a 4558, I'm using the '72)...
  21. zippofan

    PedalPCB Simulcast

    aka Hudson Broadcast clone. I got started on this the other day, and I thought I had all the parts I needed. Missed some caps, darn it, so they're on order.
  22. zippofan

    New CV Starcaster Day

    I'm head over heels about this guitar, it plays and sounds terrific!
  23. zippofan

    Aion Gale - Schaffer Vega Storm clone

    I started on this back in March, finally was able to order some parts, including the NSL-32 optocoupler. Two caps were jumpered in the original trace, so they're omitted here. I can always install if need be.
  24. zippofan

    1776 Effects Multiplex Echo Machine

    It's been a little while since my last build, got busy with other stuff, but since we aren't going anywhere I figured I'd start this one up. I bought all the parts last year, so I started stuffing the board today, resistors first. I miss Mammoth for enclosures already.
  25. zippofan

    Nucleon Arion Chorus clone

    I've been posting about the Liquid Eternity Chorus in the Chinese Klon thread, but it deserves it's own. The board is from Nucleon FX in the Netherlands; I really enjoyed building their "Redstone" TMB EQ/boost. Good build docs, and they use an optical bypass board with an TLP222G included...