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  1. zimbo

    Anyone Watching the Real Wild West on Fox?

    I just started watching last night. They had on the story of Jesse James and Doc Holiday. Very interesting bio series with lots of big names, Kit Carson, Davy Crockett, Butch Cassidy, Lone Ranger etc. It's hosted by Kelsey Grammar. Seems like westerns are popular again. When the world is going...
  2. zimbo

    Mark Knopfler Back in the Studio

    Looks like the old gang is back together. Let's see what they can come up with. The last couple solo albums didn't really do anything for me.
  3. zimbo

    Best Dark Sounding Amp?

    I play mostly Fender amps but I find the tone with the original Jensen speakers to be ice picky. I solved the problem by putting in Creamback speakers. However I'm wondering what amps come originally with a darker sound? I'm willing to consider a boutique amp if that's what it takes. Any...
  4. zimbo

    Foods That Built America

    Anyone else watching this series? I think it's great. Last night they had the rise to fame of Dave Thomas of Wendy's. Also the invention of soft serve ice cream with Dairy Queen going up against Carvel. The shows are a little corny but it's amazing how famous brands came about by someone...
  5. zimbo

    How Does This Scam Work?

    I'm selling an expensive guitar online. I get an email from a guy asking a couple simple questions and then he says he'll buy it. He says he's out of town but he'll deposit the money in Venmo and his wife will stop over to pick up the guitar. I just got a similar email today only this time it's...
  6. zimbo

    Are You the Original Owner?

    I find this one of the most aggravating questions people ask when I'm trying to sell a guitar locally. When they ask that question I'm pretty positive right off the bat they're not actually going to buy it. Why would it make any difference how many people have owned a guitar? If it looks good...
  7. zimbo

    Anyone With Sleep Apnea?

    I was diagnosed a while back with mild sleep apnea. I had the take home test from the dr. However it seems like it's getting worse. I'm not a good candidate for a CPAP machine and I was wondering if anyone had found any alternative methods? When I search online there are endless offers of...
  8. zimbo

    Back Button Doesn't Work

    I get a red X and have to get out of TDPRi and then go back in.
  9. zimbo

    Stew Mac - The Spam That Doesn't Stop

    I ordered something years ago and stopped the spam back then. Yet they still keep starting it up again after however many months and it's been going on for years. When you get the spam you can't just click Unsubscribe. You have to contact the company by phone or email. What a pain. WTF is wrong...
  10. zimbo

    Any Fans of Sped Spedding?

    He teaches some awesome Led Zeppelin on YouTube. He consults the big Zeppelin book that describes the making of every song, very accurate. And the guy is a super cool Brit.
  11. zimbo

    Installing a Prewired Strat Pickguard

    First time. Strat pickguard came prewired along with the output jack prewired. The new pickguard had 2 black wires and one white wire coming out. I cut the wires to the old pickguard which had a black, white and yellow wire. I took the yellow wire to be the ground. On the new output jack I had a...
  12. zimbo

    How Many Still Listen to Hendrix?

    A lot of his songs are still popular namely Little Wing, Watchtower, Voodoo Child. But how many actually put on one of his albums to listen to? All have great music but the lyrics are definitely dated. I put on Crash Landing the other day and it was okay.
  13. zimbo

    Bad Pedal Off Reverb

    I got a bad fuzz pedal off Reverb and now they're refusing to let me send it back because the seller doesn't want it. The pedal sounded like it was playing underwater and the light would flicker with the power supply on. I sent Reverb a video of the malfunction and they're still denying a...
  14. zimbo

    Anyone Paid to Have Tab Done?

    It looks like it's a booming business. I suspect most use an app that just spits out the notes in tab form. I ordered one tab and it had a lot of mistakes but it gave me enough that I could figure it out myself...
  15. zimbo

    Anyone Get on Reddit?

    I got on and saw some interesting forums. However they wouldn't let me post because I don't have Karma. That must mean I'm not cool enough to post. So I tried to post a pic of a guitar and they said I needed permission first from the guy in charge of guitars. Imagine if you had to be cool first...
  16. zimbo

    My Pants Don't Fit

    I've always bought Hanes cotton chinos for lounging around the house. One wash and they fit perfect. Now I've bought 2 new pairs and they no longer fit. They've gone to a relaxed and 2" added on to the length. No amount of washing will make them right. It looks like now the clothing people are...
  17. zimbo

    GC Used Gear Online

    I like to check the website regularly for gear I'm looking for. I can see how you can search for gear by putting in the word strat etc and it shows the guitars and the locations. it seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to be able to search by location. Just put put in the city name. Even if...
  18. zimbo

    Rowdy Roddy Piper WWE Biography

    I watched the 2 hr show on cable last night. Roddy was a really cool dude. I grew up watching him wrestle on tv. He lived quite a life and was also a family man. Lots of cameos by Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon etc. McMahon seems like a real jerk. They said his wrestling company offers a pension at...
  19. zimbo

    Anyone Watching Lonestar SRV 1984-1989?

    It's playing on Amazon Prime. I'm about halfway through and it's pretty interesting. Most of the stuff I knew about already but there a few new things that wouldn't be suitable for regular TV. Pretty interesting.
  20. zimbo

    Mooer Pedal Sucks Power

    When I put my Mooer pedal on my Power Supply with the rest of my pedals everything has less power. I'm not sure why. Isn't the Mooer good with 9 volts?
  21. zimbo

    Marketing Coffee Like Beer

    I've always been a sucker for craft beer described as hint of chocolate, woody, smoky etc but I've never seen coffee described like that. I always see coffee as pretty much coffee, just darker , stronger, more full bodied. When I saw this description it surprised me, Smoky aromas and tasting...
  22. zimbo

    Need a New Electric Razor!

    I've had a BrAun 5614 for many years but now it looks like the batteries are no longer charging. I started looking for a new shaver and was kind of shocked to see the prices go from about $70-$500. Any recommendations?
  23. zimbo

    Anyone Call Amazon Customer Service?

    I had a delivery problem. I shoveled a path to my porch door and they threw the 2 blue envelopes on top of the snowdrift instead of inside the porch door. I don't know if customer service is in the US, they say they are but I doubt it. Immediately they start asking for my info to confirm who I...
  24. zimbo

    Anyone Watching The First 48?

    I really enjoy watching detectives solve actual homicides. It's pretty interesting how they put together the cases and in the end it usually turns out the murder was over an insignificant amount of money. The cases take place in major cities, usually Tulsa, New Orleans or Atlanta. However they...
  25. zimbo

    Reverb Problem

    I sold a guitar on Reverb. It was a strat, 1995 with 2 small dings. Other than that minty. The day after the sale I shipped it UPS first thing. That night I get a message from the buyer asking if I can cancel the transaction, no reason given. I told him it was already shipped. Immediately I had...

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