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  1. sotob

    Fender 57 Champ Custom vs LovePedal Champ pedal

    Just some rambling... A few days ago I was able to get a new Fender 57 Champ Custom amp. The amp is loud for just being 5 watts. The breakup starts happening around 7. The clean sound nice just like a bunch of other Fender amps do. I swapped in a 12xa7 because I read some folks say that it...
  2. sotob

    Hot Rod Telecaster neck wear question

    Gang, For owners of this guitar: do you have fretboard wear on it? Did it take long for wear to occur becasue of the "thin-skin" layer? Pics would awesome! Thanks
  3. sotob

    Should I join or not?

    Had an audition last Friday night for a cover band. They told me to learn a few songs from their existing list and I did. After we played those songs, we played a few random tunes that I suggested with slight hesitation and overall it sounded pretty good for our first time playing. The main...
  4. sotob

    NGD - NPD!

    To celebrate my 40th Bday, my wonderful wife got me this great cake and as a added bonus: one TC Electronic Reverb pedal!
  5. sotob

    Me playing some Rolling Stones on Youtube - Open G

    Hi Everyone, Finally got around to posting some Stones songs. All songs are in Open G. Hope you like them! Here's a link to my channel:
  6. sotob

    Going to Ensenada on vacation

    I'm going to Ensenada again for vacation in a few weeks and I'm considering going back to the Fender Factory to see if I can get a quick tour. Last time when I was there I totally forgot to look for the neck and pu departments. Wish me luck..
  7. sotob

    Open G - Relic maple fretboard patterns

    The relic wear on an open g tele seems to me that it would be different than a regular tuned guitar, right? Open G your most fretting across on the fretboard (I know, sometimes licks are played) instead of cowboys chords so the wear would be different. I ask this because I'm interested in a...
  8. sotob

    Cool relic article in

    It's a few yrs old, but a fun read either way:
  9. sotob

    speaker tweeter thingy?

    I'm looking for the that "thing" that you put in the middle of you speaker, which allows the sound to come from all directions instead of straight. Does anyone know that name of it? I saw a thread mention it, but I forgot what it's called? Thanks
  10. sotob

    Celestion V12-80 (Silver Series) speaker info?

    I just got this speaker in used Peavey Classic 30. I tried to look for info on the web, but came up empty, so by chance does anyone have info on these? I guess I'm really looking for the sensitivity level on them. Thanks
  11. sotob

    Need a tube amp greater than 15 watt

    Hey, I currently use a SCXD with the Ragin Cagin (sp?) speaker in it, but I feel that it's not loud enough for me during practice with a full band. I tried the HRDx, but was too heavy for me and I had to keep the volume at at around 3, which seemed to be a waste? Is there another tube amp...
  12. sotob

    NAD - 98 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    Hey Gang, I decided to get this bad boy last wkend. I guess the gift cards that I had to GC are to blame! The amp is a used 1/98 USA model and the black tolex on both bottom corners are slightly ripped. I know nothing about this amp, but I will start snooping around here to get more info...
  13. sotob

    Have you dealt with Axetreme Creations before

    I 'm getting ready to pull the trigger on some aged Telecaster hardware for my first Partscaster, but I thought I would check with you lot to see if you can share anything about them? Thanks
  14. sotob

    Jimmy Gnecco - Ever heard him sing?

    Saw this guy last week in town and he put on a killer show! I don't know if this is your style of music, but who knows? He's the lead singer of the band called "Ours", but is doing a solo record/tour now. This song is called "The Heart" and I say take a listen to the whole song with no...
  15. sotob

    How much will my partscaster weigh?

    Hey Gang, I just purchased a Tele Alder finished body that weighs in at 4 lbs 7 oz. Once all the parts are on it, how much do you think the total weight will be ? Thanks
  16. sotob

    Breaking too many strings as of late

    He Gang, For whatever reason I have been breaking the G, B, and high E a lot recently. The G just broke and I thought I would seek your help. 3 Brass barrels saddles with .10's on them and using S.I.T and D'Addario strings. One tuned to E and the other open G. I saw a tip that...
  17. sotob

    What pickups do I have in my Fender Japan TL52-BTX?

    The specs say they are USA Texas Specials. Ok, but if I look at the images on-line for Texas Specials the wrapping string is black in the bridge on mine, but all the images I've found the wrapping is white and I just read something somewhere earlier today that mentioned this difference on this...
  18. sotob

    Question for you 52 RI players

    I've had mine now for about 4 months and last night I came to the conclusion that I love that guitar just using the bridge pu and when I do move to another position I end going back to the bridge. Maybe it's the song that I'm currently playing? (Zepp - The Ocean) Maybe it's the great pu? Do...
  19. sotob

    Imagine if your in a Zeppelin cover band and ...

    jimmy page is watching .... Cool read.
  20. sotob

    Les Lius Lovepedal power supply

    Hey Everybody, This pedal arrived yesterday and I went to Radio Shack in hopes that they sold a 9v power supply for the unit, but there were out of stock on it. Does anyone know of a on-line place that I could order one that would work with this particular pedal? Thanks
  21. sotob

    2001 52 RI neck still sticky?

    Hey Gang, I picked up a very nice used 2001 52 RI last week. I'm enjoying the guitar, but the neck seems to build some junk on the back on the neck while I play. At first it was sticky junk and I used the Windex temporarily, but 2 nights later it is just like a layer of sweat/grime on it now...
  22. sotob

    4 way switch on a 52 RI?

    I just got a 2001 52 RI yesterday and will need to bring it to the Guitar tech to do the modern wiring change, but I was thinking that maybe a 4 way switch install should be done at the same time. Good move or bad? Thanks
  23. sotob

    Where to buy Telecaster Tex-Mex pickups?

    I would like to buy these, but can't find them. Would you know of an on-line store that sells them? Thanks
  24. sotob

    95 Telecaster Special has what type/model of bridge pu?

    Hello, I got a 95 Telecaster Special about a month ago a truly enjoy playing it, but the bridge pu is real dirty and loud and it rocks! Would anyone know what pu Fender used? I know that the hw used was USA, but what model or was it just generic Fender Tele pickups? Thanks
  25. sotob

    On your next birtday will you....

    On your next birthday will you buy a Telecaster in the year that your were born on? I have this idea that I hope I can do when I turn 40, which will be to buy an original 1971 telecaster or even an original '71 Telecaster part that will become part of my playing gear. Something about doing...