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  1. ramseybella

    Heritage Amplifiers Owners club.

    I still have mine will not part with it, hope it will be like fine wine..
  2. ramseybella

    BUDDA Owners club.

    I have three Phatman's all modified by Jim West from the old Bonepicker Amplifier. One is a rack mount setup..
  3. ramseybella

    Strat content - help id-ing this mij strat

    S on many SE numbers from my knowledge meant Samick, they did make some Squires in the 80's and Valley Arts after Valley Arts. One of the biggest guitar makers in Korea at the time.
  4. ramseybella

    Heritage Amplifiers Owners club.

    single channel amp, More blended Vox Fender than Marshall clear sounding amp, has mercury Magnetic Transformers.
  5. ramseybella

    BUDDA Owners club.

    Rare Breed of amps.
  6. ramseybella

    RIP, Rip Wilson passed away last Saturday 3/5/11.

    Rip Wilson passed away last Saturday 3/5/11.
  7. ramseybella

    A simple Jazz Bass Build

    I scored an old set of Bart’s with the copper bottoms and active set up I like them better in my fretted Jazz I took them out of the fretless. Bought a bridge SD Antigua 2 and an old 73 Jazz pickup in the neck, replaced the flatts with round wounds and put all on the fretless, more growl now...
  8. ramseybella

    A simple Jazz Bass Build

    Had fun buliding my Fretless Lefty sort of Jaco.
  9. ramseybella

    Heritage 535 questions

    The neck on my 535 is a little more chunky than my H-150 and 157.
  10. ramseybella

    WTF? Can cardboard "etch" a just polished finish?

    Deft has retarder in it and I know what you’re feeling, I put Retarder in my Lacquer for my Jazz Bass project and hung it for two weeks sanded and polished laid it in a sketching pad an etched the edge of the pad across the back @%$^$##*?. Luck I was doing a Relic. .
  11. ramseybella

    Post Your Basses.

  12. ramseybella

    Lefty Alder Fretless Jazz Bass Build.

    Done!! Early Batolini Pups Active electronics>> Standard thickness on the body and pocket, went a little deeper on the pickups, lines are thin white binding material glued in then sanded.. Thanks that you like it but it's not totaly Flawless pickup cavaty gave me a hard time..
  13. ramseybella

    Lefty Alder Fretless Jazz Bass Build.

    I guess building a Bass is not as cool as building a guitar?:roll:
  14. ramseybella

    Post Your Basses.

    Almost done Fretless Build..
  15. ramseybella

    Lefty Alder Fretless Jazz Bass Build.

    Almost done>>
  16. ramseybella

    New project Lefty Fretless J-Bass..

    Almost done>>>
  17. ramseybella

    Check out my Faux aged pickguard!!

    So you heated up the polish and rubbed it on?
  18. ramseybella

    Lets see all them spray bomb 3 tone sunbursts

    I use an Air Brush Harbor Freight on sale>> Sweet Jazz Bass..
  19. ramseybella

    DIY knowledge bass

    I have used these plans work perfect I went to a local print shop 500% is 1 to 1. This is the results so far, I have finishid the neck and painted the body I will post more photos.. Neck was traced from a Warmoth Jazz neck from a friend made template.
  20. ramseybella

    4001 Rickenbacker Bass plans????

  21. ramseybella

    Bass Amps 101 (kid's first "real" amp)

    #1 on the Acoustic B200 I replaced it with a neo 15" and built another Cab for the stock speaker.. Bang for the buck it is A+..
  22. ramseybella


    What did you use to get that Die cut outline?
  23. ramseybella

    Fender "Drip Edge" Club

    Nice little home amp I like it thanks!! The Stele I built one piece and a small chip old growth Swamp Ash re-fretted, re-finished 80's Squire Strat neck Illusion pickups.. It was my first build and finish and refret job as well it came out better than I thought, I didn't want to trash...