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  1. Teleguy61

    A Nice Thought For New Years

    Hi all- I'm reading a bunch of threads this evening, and I am very happy to find, and feel, a very nice vibe going on tonight. Mellow, accepting, and open. It's a nice thing guys. Happy New Year to all, peace, prosperity, and good health to all. Happiness to all. George
  2. Teleguy61

    Just Hanging Out In Tele Heaven

    The CAR is a new one for me. Both Fender Japan- Custom is a 2015 Made in Japan TL-62, FSR '60s Custom Telecaster double bound sunburst, factory Bigsby. Bridge pickup is a 1972 Fender, neck is a OC Duff Big Boy (great pickup)- CAR is a 1994 Crafted in Japan TL-62, double bound Candy Apple Red...
  3. Teleguy61

    So Do You Read Posts When the Thread Topic Is Misspelled?

    Or does it put you off? Just asking.
  4. Teleguy61

    What Makes People Think This Is a Good Idea?

    Taking their dog for a walk in the woods, picking up their poop in a plastic bag, and then leaving the plastic bag filled with poop there in the woods. I just don't get it. It's worse than leaving the poop to just degrade naturally. What makes people think this is the right hing to do...
  5. Teleguy61

    Why Do I Find Posts With "Haha" After Every Line So Annoying?

    Just asking, that's all.
  6. Teleguy61

    I'm not buying any more "I'm not buying any more" threads

    That is all. Thank you.
  7. Teleguy61

    Anyone have info on RockAudio?

    The company seems to have disappeared, their website is down, nothing in their eBay store. I couldn't find anything online. I wouldn't be surprised if they were using some of the same suppliers as GFS, and GFS, as a much larger operation, put the kibosh on their delivery schedule. They were...
  8. Teleguy61

    What? No Memes?

    via Imgflip Meme Generator