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  1. hepular

    these humans fing rock

  2. hepular

    old girl's got it

  3. hepular

    whoa ripe talk to the moon

  4. hepular

    i guess it had to happen sometime

    nvm. thread already exists--didn't see it at first
  5. hepular


  6. hepular

    pre-finger-tip beatles attempt

  7. hepular

    more practice w/stepping out

  8. hepular

    chill jazz by masters

  9. hepular

    near northeast window

    in which microphonic pickups become a feature:
  10. hepular

    proving that i can't get thru 2 bars flawlessly

    this is a butt-kicking:
  11. hepular

    Aimee & Valeanu

  12. hepular

    Strength In Numbers live 1989 soundboard

    Edgar Meyer blows the doors off the place in the first 4 minutes. plus rehearsal vid:
  13. hepular

    the most amazing thing here

    is how normal Mr. Gibbons's date appears:
  14. hepular


  15. hepular

    working on birdland

    lots to work on:
  16. hepular

    some girls covering layla

  17. hepular

    just realized, Charlie Patton looks like

    Troy Aikman: (wait for the pic to shift . . .)
  18. hepular

    tone schmone

    this is the sound
  19. hepular

    sadistic mika band . . .

    (maybe skip to 2:20)
  20. hepular

    stop me before i spend $$$

    currently jonesing for bendix 5992. please help re-set my sanity.