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  1. blue metalflake

    That time of the year

  2. blue metalflake

    That time of the year - Happy CNY

  3. blue metalflake

    Guitarist Magazine - early custom Nocaster

    Free with this month’s Guitarist magazine in UK, a booklet of iconic guitars. Really taken with this ‘Oscar Moore’ Nocaster, made for Nat King Cole’s guitar player.
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    Bought a magazine

    Don’t usually buy too many guitar magazines, but the latest issue of Guitarist (in the UK) sucked me in, with a supplement on Fender 75th anniversary. Some nice photos + 4 Fender beer mats.
  5. blue metalflake

    Christmas Trees anyone?

    This year it seems like Christmas trees have been appearing in people’s home much earlier than before. Early / mid November would have been normal in shop displays, but not at home. Maybe people need to lift their feelings because of a pretty poor year. We avoided the fashion until this...
  6. blue metalflake

    That time of the year

    It’s beginning to look like ....... let’s hope the holly lasts another 20 days ,
  7. blue metalflake

    Names in neck pocket

    I started a thread a few years back, searching out if anyone else had come across the name M BUDANO. This is my 73 Tele which was refinished to sparkly blue in 1981. Many years later in noticed something in the neck pocket and sanded it back to expose the name. The neck is stamped HERB G, which...
  8. blue metalflake

    New strap from UK

    No affiliation to these guys, but anyone from UK seeking out a good quality leather strap should check out Heistercamp. They modified one of their standard designs, and tooled my initials into the strap - well pleased.
  9. blue metalflake

    M Budano anyone

    This is something I found in the neck pocket of my '73 tele today. It was refinished over 30 years ago, has a neck code mid '73, a no notch body to match & I bought it in autumn '73 so the timescale is fairly close. I noticed today that there was something stamped below a bit of the...
  10. blue metalflake

    Another '73 Tele

    I never realised I had a vintage Tele until now. So nice that TDPRI picked pre '74. For me this was the one that started it all in September 1973. Started life as a standard blonde, and still has all its original bits. After I'd used and abused it for a while it was a sorry sight, so I had...
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    Year of the Snake

    On the first day of the year of the snake -- Xin Nian Kuai Le
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    New Amp

    This is a mix of a late birthday present / early Christmas present from my wife. The Kustom Sienna 16, rated as 16 W with an 8" speaker & springline reverb. I alway struggled to get a decent acoustic sound from my Pro reverb, heard a guy using one of these, and thus began the quest. With my...
  13. blue metalflake

    My TDPRI Statistics

    I joined TDPRI in early 2005, 7 years, 10 months and 15 days ago to be exact. During that time I've learnt a lot, managed to share some knowledge a few times, written an incredible amount of nonsense, but above all, have made some great friends across the globe. I owe everyone a thank you...
  14. blue metalflake

    Kids & Santa

    Whats the current age when kids stop believing in Santa. I've a 10 year old who's still totally hooked. Are today's kids more gullible, or is it us that's being taken for a ride?
  15. blue metalflake

    Mini iPad Memory Question

    Anyone have a take on how adequate the 16GB memory is? Its quite a cost to move up to 32GB.
  16. blue metalflake

    7" Tablet anyone?

    I'm looking at getting a 7" tablet, without the expense of Mr Apple. Currently the favourites seem to be the Google Nexus 7, & Samsung Galaxy. Anyone expeience of either - can I import photos into these things?
  17. blue metalflake

    Eurodisney - commercialism supreme

    Just back from a family half term break at Eurodisney. From the moment you buy the over priced tickets, it's downhill all the way - a temple to high powered retail extortion. That said we had a good time - at a price!
  18. blue metalflake

    My favourite pair of guitars

    I was noodling around this morning, cleaning, tuning, and generally loving my guitars. I eventualy settled on my favourites, and realised that if I ever went back to gigging, these would cover all of the bases, all of the time.
  19. blue metalflake

    Merle Haggard - ID the guitarist Anybody help out here. I found a few of the same era on U tube. I think this is post Roy Nichols but can't work out who the guitar player is.
  20. blue metalflake

    Kids and music

    My daughter began to play clarinet 2 years ago, and really loves her instrument. Earlier in the year she was put forward to audition for the county concert band, which is mainly teenage kids. She was successful, and became their youngest member. Last night I picked her up at practice, and...
  21. blue metalflake

    When you can't sleep . . . .

    When you can't sleep, what do you do. This morning I woke almost 2 hours before my normal getting up time. Felt wide awake and not at all sleepy. I tried to stay in bed, cause I know I'll be sleepy later, but after another hour I gave up. Usually if I wake up, I'll look at the time, turn...
  22. blue metalflake

    Serious GAS attack - NGD

    Spotted a Tele & strat for sale in our local paper last week, called the number last night & discovered they were both still there. Tele was the 52 spec reissue c/w with the case, candy, ashtray, etc. Went to see it today and now have a further Tele at home. Its a 1998 guitar, with hardly...
  23. blue metalflake

    Help me with your knowledge

    I always think along the lines that the collective knowledge here must know the answer to everything. My wife bought me some sort of compas from a local curio shop. Its in a brass case around 3 inches diameter. There's sines of angles on the back, and some sort of sighting arrangement...
  24. blue metalflake

    Bluegrass Day Out

    Visited our local bluegrass festival at the weekend - now runs to three days and is supposedly one of the biggest in Europe (the organisers say so) Saw some great bands, including Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - marvellous tight sound as well as great fiddle playing. Must mention the...
  25. blue metalflake

    Airstream Guitars

    Doing a bit of reminisence & thinking of my first guitar, which was an electric model, an Airstream 3 by Rosetti. Red, 3 p/u, white pearl pickguard. Individual switches for each p/u, with overall volume & tone pots. I got it in 1966 I think and it was second hand at the time. Had a look...