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  1. JohnFender

    Can someone help identify these tubes?

    Bought a 76 twin reverb a couple of years ago and it supposed to have some 6l6 i it one side had el34 and the other side had these sylvanias
  2. JohnFender

    Any twin reverb experts?

    Just wondering if anybody know if theres a difference between a 1970 oxford 12t6-10 and a 74 oxford 12t6-10 ?
  3. JohnFender

    72 twin reverb need help , have pictures of inside

    I just bought this 72 twin reverb for a good price, its the non push pull master volume but the master volume was pulled out of circuit, but the issue is that it starts to make minor some pops here and there after it gets warm for awhile and when i move or hit the first power tube it also make...