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    BWV 540

    Been just looking at Bach lately. Not even playing but just looking/reading scores. This guy planned a canon displaced by two bars to work out harmonically for 48 bars in the A section alone. The manual part looks like a function displaced by x & y. I can’t even fathom beginning to write...
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    Second shift, third shift

    I’ve worked a lot of second shift jobs. Never third shift, but I totally wouldn’t be opposed to it. Early risers usually think a) it’s an imposition to have people work then or b) have such malice towards those of us who naturally prefer going to bed around the crack of dawn. It’s really...
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    Do you have a least favorite progression?

    For me it is the “four chords” - i.e. I-V-vi-IV (or the vi-IV-I-V). Aka “don’t stop believing,” “with or without you,” etc. Not even necessarily because they’re “stock” - all popular music has stock progressions, and that becomes a “what do you do with the format,” thing. That’s fine. Love me a...
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    Low power Orange?

    Hey all, thinking about building another amp in the near future. Really been GASing for an orange (a real orange, OR80/120). Of course, I don’t need a behemoth like that these days. I was thinking about just buying an affordable Marshall 18 watt kit and then redoing the preamp as a classic...
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    delete (wrong forum)

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    Is your music on hitpiece? It might be...

    “the market will find a solution,” lol. @joinhitpiece (going down from time to time, keep refreshing i guess). bots are trawling online music services and reselling downloads as NFTs. already found a number of my deadbeat...
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    Beach Boys - Apple Bottom Jeans (1964)

    nailed it
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    Strangle switch, what's the best move?

    So my tele's tone pot is dead (something messed up with the trace) and I need to replace it. I really like bass cuts like the PTB in the G&L legacy. But I'm not sure the best way to implement it on my tele.... a) I have a TBX pot laying around. Con: can I quickly hit the center detent in the...
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    Tube Amp vs. Tube Power Amp

    Hey all, wondering what would be the best option here. So I will need an amp in the near future over in Europe (I'm home for the holidays). Before I left, I removed the transformers from my 5E3 (personally I'm kind of married to this amp), to ship gutted and redo it as a 220V proluxe. But last...
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    Just get the ceramics

    I’m visiting home for a bit and have gotten reacquainted with my 96 mim strat. I’ve also had the opportunity to play some 50s/60s strats and teles (and out of my own amp too!). While I did not feel that they were worth it for feel (the v-neck strat was really nice though, makes me consider that...
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    Your pick pickiness

    So I’ll agree that if you have the mechanics of picking down, you can really use whatever. But there are certain pick attributes that just let you play more naturally for your individual picking style. I tend to change my main pick once every 3-4 years. I recently went on a pick sampling (like...
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    Japanese "New Music"

    So the zoomers are all on this "city pop" tip, which is like early 80s boogie type of stuff from Japan (my sister was asking me about Miki Matsubara's Mayonaka no Door the other day, I guess it became a tiktok thing). I mean I'm still reasonably on the city pop tip, but a lot of the late 70s...
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    Signals, Calls, and Marches

    Seriously, how could one band predict 40 years of music
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    Dream opens at night

    the scene last night was getting put on the spot to play this and singing in broken japanese to 50 drunk people: do you keep a journal? i find when i write things down the dreams get more vivid and closer to feeling real. I had a friend in high school who would take a B complex and melatonin...
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    Stop giving us crap for “like”

    One of the heaviest crutches I’ve heard from older folks is “sort of.” “It’s sort of a great way to uh, sort of get involved with a uh, sort of a community.” What do you mean “sort of?” At least “like” is definitively “like this,” “similar to.” “Sort of” implies doubt. Are you not committing...
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    Looking for a cheap keyboard

    Hey all, looking for a cheap keyboard. My qualifications are as follows: -Able to be used standalone for piano sounds (doesn’t have to sound that great) so I don’t have to pull up the DAW -Able to spit out conventional midi w/ velocity -Weighted keys to make a real piano not feel so weird...
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    The other hexatonic that should be "required learning"?

    So we as guitar players and starting in blues based genres always get taught the blues scale. Our staple hexatonic - 1 b3 4 b5 5 b7. But over the last year or two I sort of think it should be drilled into us to use the "Eric Johnson" or "late Coltrane" hexatonic, aka - 1 2 b3 4 5 b7. An A...
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    Chord drone app?

    Hey, I'm wondering if you guys know of any apps where I can just specify a chord (even if by individual notes if necessary) and have it drone to work things out over it...sort of like you see Beato or other educational YTers do with a freeze pedal (I really should get a freeze pedal someday, but...
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    Moving your hand after a phrase

    A lot of people, myself included do this. Either off the neck, or the hand goes down or up out of position. The blues guys even slide down or up. Why do we do this? It makes no sense from an economy of motion standpoint. Do you do this?
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    3 octave arps, large position shifts

    hey, so i've been incorporating this into my warmup there is a large position shift in all of the arps jumping up to the 7th. he says that after time, the position shift will become natural. and i've noticed for myself that it has somewhat, but occasionally i'm still hitting it one fret too...
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    Finished tele custom body?

    Hey all, wondering what to do. I have this rosewood jazzmaster allparts neck laying around that I really like. I’m sort of getting the itch to make a custom with it. Spare vintera 72 custom bodies are around for about 280 in black. But I think rosewood + the black is too much. Would prefer...
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    Your Least Favorite Custom Color

    Let's get some arbitrary disgust and complaining up in here - let it all out, hahaha. For me, it's LPB - it is the "sensibly priced mid-sized sedan" of fender custom colors. What about you? You have to pick one.
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    Practice Anxiety?

    Hey, just posting to see if this happens to anyone else and what they do about it? Whenever I'm working on something that I have to concentrate really hard for (can't think of specific examples at the moment except for something like playing extremely slowly at like 30 bpm) I get this weird...
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    What do you work on on off days?

    Some days I’m just not playing up to my potential, just trip all over myself. What do you work on when it’s just not happening for you?