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    Everyday stuff in my neighborhood.

    Over the past week or two there have been many stories on national and local television news about gator sightings in neighborhoods, and most of them are here in Sarasota county. Trust me, if you live here it’s no big deal. It’s mating season and they are moving around, but they are always...
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    Your parents' cars

    We have thread about our grandparents' cars, but I suspect that our parents' cars probably had a greater impact on us when we were young. I know that this is true for me. I came from an automotive family. My grandfather started at Ford Motor Company in Detroit in 1908 as a draftsman and then...
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    Why won't McDonald's sell me a burger at 6 AM?

    To follow up on what I mentioned in swervinbob's thread about making burgers at 6 AM, why is it that McDonald's will sell me a limited breakfast menu all day, but I can't buy a burger in the early morning? I don't like most of their breakfast menu, and I could eat a burger at any time. Several...
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    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett to Reunite for His 95th Birthday with 'Special Shows' in NYC — 'One Last

    I am a huge fan of Tony Bennett and I have great respect for Lady Gaga, but is this a good idea...
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    Mike Campbell to sell gear from his personal collection

    Mike Campbell Reverb shop review. I want the Barney Kessel: Campbell Lead Static...
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    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

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    Best vehicle for a cross country road trip?

    I am just beginning to think about a cross country road trip, going from Florida to the west coast in spring. The eventual destination probably is Portland, OR. I will be driving alone. I expect that I will be staying in motels for most of the time, but will also stay with friends and family...
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    Dickey Betts reveals the true Allman Brothers stories behind ‘Almost Famous’

    Front page story from Sunday's Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The writer has worshiped Dickey for many years and manages to publish something about him every six months or so. I thought this one was pretty good, and worth reading. Apparently USA Today liked it, too...
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    The Allman Bothers March 26, 1969

    Tuesday is the 50th anniversary of The Allman Brothers first gig. "The Road Goes On Forever" Dickey Betts on Allman Brothers’ 50th anniversary and new Allman Betts Band
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    The ‘King of Slow’: Remembering Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey
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    Dickey Betts’ bandmates rally around him in Sarasota

    From the local paper a few minutes ago:
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    Dickey Betts in critical condition after accident at his home Dickey Betts is in critical but stable condition following a fall at his Sarasota home Monday. Publicity photo Former Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts is in...
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    Dickey Betts has a stroke "SARASOTA — Dickey Betts, the longtime Sarasota-Manatee resident and Allman Brothers Band co-founder, has been forced to cancel upcoming concerts to recover from a recently revealed medical...
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    Donna Betts serving 30 days in county jail

    This is a follow up to the thread from several months ago when Dickey Betts' wife was arrested: SARASOTA COUNTY — Donna Betts, the wife of Allman Brothers founding member Dickey Betts, is serving 30 days in...
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    Another Midlife crisis Corvette thread

    Inspired by homesick345's Corvette C3 thread, I thought that I would post my own thread concerning my current "crisis." For the past several months I have had a strong urge to buy a used Corvette C7 convertible. I have done a lot of research, and my preference is for a 2014 Premiere Edition...
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    Wife of singer Dickey Betts arrested for pointing gun at rowing team

    They live a half mile away from me. I happen to agree with Dickey and his wife. The rowers are a major irritation to everyone who lives on the...
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    Saab 9-3 production re-started

    I know that there are a few Saab fans here. It looks like we won't see them in the US, at least for a while. I'm not a Saab fan, but I am an electric car owner, and I would consider an...
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    Really don't need any more new guitars, but...

    I absolutely do not need any more guitars, but the local Best Buy is closing their musical instrument department this week, and they are offering some screaming deals on the remaining inventory. All of the high end guitars are gone, but they have several things that are pretty tempting. I...
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    Prince makes amends for damaging borrowed guitar during Fallon set I'm a big Prince fan, but this sucks. I think that this says something about Prince's character. He should show respect for another musician's equipment, especially when it is a vintage instrument that can't easily be...
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    Out with the old... and in with the new... I just took delivery of my new 2012 Chevrolet Volt a couple of days ago. So far, I am really impressed. I have driven it about 120 miles, using gasoline for just 3 miles. I have been charging it overnight using the 120 volt charger...
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    Car Talk guys retiring

    Tom and Ray Magliozzi are hanging it up, but there will be reruns for several years. I'm happy to hear that there will be reruns, because I dig these guys and I haven't had much of an opportunity to hear them in the past 8 or 9 years. They...
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    Someone needs to grab this Epi Nighthawk NOW!

    I have too many guitars and can't justify buying this one from Musicians Friend. I really like these guitars. Epiphone Nighthawk re-stock in trans black, $339 with free shipping. If you have a coupon, you can probably do even better on the price. An additional 10 or 20% off would be sweet...
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    "VW Beetle Fender Edition Heads for Production"

    "Iconic car jams with a classic name in musical instruments to further appeal to men." Having owned 8 Volkswagen Beetles and 8 Fender guitars, I guess I fit the profile of their target...
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    R.I.P. Carroll Shelby
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    Tom Petty/Mike Campbell guitars stolen!/media/set/?set=a.10150679212095905.390370.19703580904&type=1 Mike's blue Duesnberg, one of Tom's Rickenbacker 360/12s and an SG Jr., Ron Blair's Broadcaster, and Scott Thurston's 1967 Epiphone Sheration were stolen from the Soundstage in Studio City, CA