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  1. Boubou


    Turkey phoned me today To tell me there was a problem with my social insurance number. Really, I am Canadian, not a Turk, the government communicates with me in French, not English, also the government does not know my cell phone number. Sigh, that was the second call this morning about that...
  2. Boubou

    Data usage app iPhone

    Hi, The Ms busted her data plan. Just today she downloaded 3 Gb on her phone while at work and NOT using her phone. The only data usage option on the iPhone is since the last reset, which was February 2018 so useless , we did a reset . We will check it closely. Anyone aware of an app that gives...
  3. Boubou


    New pick bowl. Ok, new bowl. Turned from somewhat curly maple. My second bowl More to come
  4. Boubou

    It’s been at least 45 years

    Since I skated and played hockey
  5. Boubou

    Xmas had been cancelled

    Got everything for hosting Xmas eve. Then krap happened. Sitting in hospital with my mom haven’t seen doc yet Tomorrow have to bring Ms Boubou to see the doctor , her colitis is starting up again with a vengeance I am burned Need to rest Well you folks have a good one
  6. Boubou

    iPad/iOS issues question

    The Ms and I each have an iPad pro. Hers has iOS 13.3, mine has iOS 12.4 and is the big a$$ iPad pro. We are sitting side by side on the couch, she goes on a webpage and it keeps spinning, i go on the same page and boom, its there. I deactivated most of the background app refresh on hers. For...
  7. Boubou

    The beauty of video games

    Game volume Music volume Edit Wish movies were like that
  8. Boubou

    Xmas gifts

    Ok done for this year, finished turning candle holders , bottle stoppers and one pencil
  9. Boubou

    Washer cleaner

    Just saw an ad for dishwasher cleaner, they also have ads for laundry washer cleaner. We always have this discussion with the Misses, I tell her it’s a cleaner we use with soap, every time we use it, why would we need to clean it? She is not convinced. What do you guys say? I know slow day, well...
  10. Boubou

    Electricity question

    We have older Christmas lights and newer. The newer have the “polarized” plug, the older not. I can’t connect the newer into the older. I am very tempted to take a file and make the polarized plug into a non-polarized one. Can someone explain to me why Christmas lights actually need a polarized...
  11. Boubou

    Happy turkey day

    To those concerned
  12. Boubou

    That was close, I was so scared

    I don’t have to go to the Nutcracker!
  13. Boubou

    Had a meltdown

    I was cold smoking cheese yesterday and this happened The smoke comes from the pellets which are supposed to smolder When I opened the Kamado there were flames in 2 spots in the pellet maze. Maybe the vents were opened too much giving too much air or an ember fell on the charcoal underneath...
  14. Boubou

    Sad Halloween

    It’s pouring rain, half the cities and municipalities have postponed Halloween to tomorrow, but not where I live. We have had 10 kids. Meanwhile, AMC has played each iteration of the Halloween movies more often than the number of kids we have had. Bought close to $80 chocolate /candies, I have...
  15. Boubou


    First try at smoking almonds and cheese.
  16. Boubou

    Total eclipse of the heart.

    It’s too bad they don’t make music videos like this anymore. Its awesome
  17. Boubou

    Stopping a dog from pulling

    We went for a hike yesterday with the beast and she was a really bad girl. She is a mixed Canadian Inuit Dod, which were bred/culled for 4000 years to pull, so yeah she got it in her genes. Took a class with her, first class I had blisters on my hands and was dripping with sweat ( and I have had...
  18. Boubou

    YouTube music gone?

    I always had at the top of YouTube, 4 videos with a (50+) besides it , it was made from music videos I watched and music YouTube deemed similar, and it would auto play the next one . Well it’s gone, I am trying to find it and I can’t. Not a major issue, i started saving the music videos in “my...
  19. Boubou

    Fall hike

    Took the dog for a hike today to the top of a small mountain. We both really enjoyed it, she pulls like a tractor, like all sled dogs. Got to do it more often. We were on a hike last Saturday and took a side trail which ended up being too technical, too many big rocks to navigate over and...
  20. Boubou

    Ad choices

    sunday morning, reading while listening to music, I go to YouTube and play Hurt by Johnny Cash I get an ad for Johnny Orlando, a prepubescent boy singing bubble gum pop for tween girls. Really, your algorithms can’t figure out that the Probability Of Success is Zero? Sigh, what do you expect for...
  21. Boubou

    Apple rant

    Ok, I am on a roll. After the shampoo rant this is the Apple rant. Let’s say I go to Costco, or Best Buy online or whatever. There is a window that pops up asking me if it can use my location. But it does NOT work, if I say yes I still have to enter my postal code or chose my location. It NEVER...
  22. Boubou


    I had my hair cut yesterday. It's about 1/4" in on the sides and the back and about 1" on top. I will go again in 3-4 weeks. I need shampoo, wash my hair every morning in the shower. We used to buy the dove cucumber ( and something else) scented. But not really available anymore. I like Dove...
  23. Boubou

    Cat hangover

    My cat Checkers paying for his excesses
  24. Boubou

    Speaking of grammar

    First there was KeDollarha and now there is a rapper called ADollarap. How else do you pronounce those names? Yeah i know, slow day, way too hot to do anything, though this morning i did enjoy the fact that all my neighbors are gone and cranked that Orange amp.:D
  25. Boubou

    Good old days part 2

    i can’t remember what exactly was the recent thread about the good old days, but here is a new one