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  1. mamoru

    HSS Wiring Help - No auto-split

    Hi There! I have a Cort G250, with HSS pickups setup and push pull pot (to split the humbucker), 1 vol, 1 tone with a 5 way-switch (Auto-Split on position 2). I'm planning to change it to a 1 Master Volume, 1 Bridge Tone, 1 Mid + Neck Tone but I've been told that it's not possible to have a...
  2. mamoru

    Cheapo Modern-size 3-saddle bridge?

    Hi there again guys, I was looking through Amazon and just found this: Looks like a American Standard Sized bridge with 3 saddles (and top-load holes). Kind of insta bubba mod, maybe? Am I wrong about the dimensions for a Affinity Tele? I see that...
  3. mamoru

    Affinity Tele - Thinking of modding it

    Hi guys, been a long time reader and today I've decided to post a question I've had some hard time to find out. So, I have a 2-tone sunburst Affinity Tele and I'm planning on putting two p-90's on it. At first, I was planning on getting standard sized p-90's but here in Brazil it is actually...

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