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    Fender 5B3 and Humbuckers

    Hi all, I have an original Fender Tweed 5B3 and last week I pickup a original Jensen P12R smooth cone speaker and while it sounds great with my tele with my other guitar with humbuckers when I hit the low "E" string it sounds like it's going into overload, the other strings sound good...
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    Epiphone ea35t amp

    Hi all, Does anyone have any info on these amps, Like tube it takes and speaker size and such? Thanks
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    I wondered why my Fender Deluxe sounded so dull

    Hi all, I have a Fender 5B3 Deluxe amp, and I just had some fun last week building a new Telecaster which came out good, (I alway's thought Strat's had that sound) but Tele's have that magic. I also because of Chemo my hands got a bit stiff and this will help give me some relief, now...
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    Original Jensen P12Q Speaker

    Hi all, I received the speaker last week and put it in the 53 Fender Deluxe and it sounds really good, clear high's but no icepick like before. I was wondering what the watts this speaker is rated for 15 or 20 watts?, also it's from a 59 organ with a black frame and smooth cone.
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    I'm in Love

    Well maybe not the way you would think. I been restoring the 1953 Fender deluxe for awhile and have been using a Newcomb speaker in it, it's not bad but bright at times must be a PA speaker or something else. well last week on ebay I saw a vintage smooth cone P12Q with a black frame, it was...
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    Finally the caps are complete

    Hi all, I've been working on my 1953 Fender Deluxe amp for awhile now and finally received the last two of the Astron caps and I got to tell you it sounding really good even the voltage's went down a bit compared to the blue molded caps I had in there. So from it's very humble...

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