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    Prove You Are Not A Robot

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    Esquire Wiring Help Please

    What I have so far is a typical Esquire wiring....bridge pos. is p/u without tone control...middle pos. is p/u with tone control. I would like to wire the p/u tap into the neck pos. of the switch. Can someone please describe what I need to do to make that happen? Thank you.
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    Prime OSB???

    I'm building a shed in my backyard and I'm using OSB for the floor. Is it recommended to prime, with oil primer, the underside of the OSB? It's obviously not directly exposed to the elements but will encounter moisture in the air of course. I've built the foundation using 4 way deck blocks so...
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    Carl Sagan And Stephen Hawking Sing

    " If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe… "
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    Oh Yeah? Well Take THAT!!

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    A customer/friend just dropped off a Gibson LP Custom for me to do some work on. It weights 11.4lbs. It feels like it's made from old growth Brazilian concrete. I can't imagine wearing it for a whole night!!
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    Is The Meguiar's The Problem?

    I've refinished the top of a 1950's Martin with nitro. I was sub-contracted to do it by a luthier in town. I level sanded the top without any issues. The guitar has been stored safely when it's not in my shop. Today I started the buffing using foam pads and a Meguiar's product I've never used...
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    Undercoat For Touch Up?

    I won't go into all the details of how this tragic event occurred but during the final buffing of some Fiesta Red nitro lacquer I burned right through to the wood on the inside edge of the lower cutaway. I think I can repair it so it's invisible. My question is this, even though Fiesta Red is...
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    YouTube Clip Cutter...?

    Does anyone know of a YT clip cutter that actually works. I've tried numerous Chrome extensions and online YT clip cutters and I can't get anything to work. To be clear what I'm looking for is a free program that will cut a clip out of an existing video on YT. I'm not looking for a video editor...
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    Refretting Question

    I've now done maybe a dozen refrets with varying degrees of success by my standards...the people I've done them for all seem to be pleased but I have high standards that I have not yet met. The one aspect that I'm really finding difficult is dealing with the fret ends without scuffing the...
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    Classical Composer Reacts To Frank Zappa

    I've watched one other of this guys 'reaction' vids and it was also a Zappa tune. I find it interesting to hear him comment as the composition moves along.
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    Steve Khan!

    My gawd I loved this record. Steve Khan 'Tightrope'. I had the LP back in the early 80's. I had just gotten into jazz and the bartender at the golf and country club I worked at in Toronto sold me 50 jazz LP's for $100....he had a huge collection. Steve Khan 'Tightrope' was one of those records...
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    15 Bar Blues......or 19 maybe.....?

    Have you ever bothered to count out Clapton's 'Lay Down Sally'? Well, give it a whirl. I'm fully aware that a blues doesn't have to adhere to a specific format so let's get that out of the way right off the top. If we count from when Clapton begins singing the 1st verse it's solidly a 15 bar...
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    External Hard Drive Install Help Please....

    I bought a 2T Seagate external HD of off Amazon. It's supposed to be 'plug and play' drivers or formatting needed... but when I plug it in all I get is that it shows up in Devices and Printers but I've found no way to transfer files into it. It won't open. I'm using it with a desktop PC...
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    The Tri-Tone Myth Exposed!!

    This is interesting. This guy always has some pretty cool stuff to consider.
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    Refret Problem!!

    EDIT: I think I've resolved the problem. I had wondered if the small StewMac fret pullers may not be giving me enough force to lift the fret out which was causing me to wiggle it in an attempt to pull the fret loose which in turn was causing the denting of the board. So I took a much larger pair...
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    Okay...Now I'm Awake!!

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    Warming Up Or Cooling Down... What's Your Preference?

    This was inspired by the thread discussing heat and humidity. Many years ago I realized that, for me, the feeling of warming up after being freezing cold is a much nicer feeling than being hot and then cooling off. Being out in the cold and then getting into a vehicle and then slowly beginning...
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    Metronomes, Hendrix, Quantizing.......

    Here's an interesting look into musical feel and timing etc.
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    Grow Your Own 'Tone Wood'!!!

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    Primer Under Black?

    Did Fender use a primer under a black topcoat in the 60's. I know they did on other solid colours but what about black?
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    Robben Ford - Festival de Blues e Jazz

    Here's the video I mentioned watching in my thread called 'Feel...?". I thought I'd post the concert separately because it's so good. It's his newer music I guess since moving to Nashville and I love it. I haven't listened to all of it yet but there's not one 12 bar blues or shuffle so...
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    What do you suppose 'feel' is? What are the constituent parts that combine into what we call 'feel'? I'm watching a great live concert of Robben Ford from earlier this year (a live streaming show) and I paused it for a while and at some point watched some footage of Josh Smith and his band...
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    The Astley Paradox!