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  1. sjtalon

    Saugerties trivia

    So I have a guitar strap on my Martin acoustic called Saugerties. I am teaching my granddaughter how to play a baritone Uke, and she thought it was a cool strap and I was looking around to see if I could find a smaller one with the same pattern/colors. Anyway, my curiosity got me to thinkin'...
  2. sjtalon


    What's the deal there. Not in the standard menu above, and when I hit a link I had in my history, the page says "error" Telecaster Guitar Forum - Error The requested page could not be found.
  3. sjtalon

    RIP Troy Gentry and Don WIlliams

  4. sjtalon

    Da Colon

    Time to get on the soap box. I hate to bring up such a subject.........but......(I am the funnest guy I know :lol:) : (← that's a colon................rim shot !!) I had posted about this in 2011 IIRC too. In June of 2008 I had my first colonoscopy. No prior problems, just screening...
  5. sjtalon

    Comedian John Pinette, 50, dies

    Watched a couple of his shows on Netflix about a month ago (had never heard of him before) and thought he was pretty dang funny. Too bad. RIP
  6. sjtalon

    Mud, the movie

    Just got thought watching it (Netflix). Pretty good !
  7. sjtalon

    Acoustasonic 30 DSP Ex. spkr

    Howdy. Anybody have a suggestion for an external powered speaker ? One that is good to run off the line out on these ? Nothing fancy, or too big, just thinking of a little more boom than the unit by itself. Maybe 5-6" speaker, 50 watt-ish ? Thanks
  8. sjtalon

    Ideas for a SMALL p/a amp

    Here's the deal: I am now a guitar room player/singer for the most part, other then about three different people I jam with now and again. I taught a niece of mine to play geetar a couple years ago and the other night we decided to play a while at my bro-in-laws ( her Dad's) surprise 50th...
  9. sjtalon

    Good DIY amp kit

    I have a small p/a system monitor that is shot, but thought of using the Cabinet and making a little portable guitar amp out of it. It has a 8Ω speaker (6"x9") Would like to keep the deal under/around 30 bucks. It's the little speaker above the turntable/amp in this pic:
  10. sjtalon

    USPS Priority Mail is pathetic

    You pay more, but there are no guaranties. I have read just recently that it's a farce and P M gets treated the same as 1st class. So I am sure if I went to the P.O. and complained, they would just say, oh well, what can you do. IF they do deliver on Monday, that's a day short of 2 WEEKS...
  11. sjtalon

    Custom Shop NOS '63 Telecaster Custom

    Anyone know the deal on these pickups ? Are they something used in other Tele's ? Like the '52 re-issue uses Original Vintage, are these the same as something else I could compare ? What are the magnets ?
  12. sjtalon

    MacGyver my wife's Laptop

    O.K. common problem. Frayed/cracked Laptop power cord (jack end). You know how people are, just whip things around. I did electrical tape it but you know that is, just a band-aid and ends up getting gooey and sliding around anyway. So for support of that area, what's a good trick ...
  13. sjtalon

    Harddrive recovery

    Can anyone recommencement a good, fairly reasonable ($) company ? My sis-in-law had a Dell PC (2005) with two drives (160 GB Seagate) and from a power surge or whatever they are both kaput. I have a drive enclosure I put them in, hoping it was just something funky with her PC. One drive...
  14. sjtalon

    Some people are just wacked !
  15. sjtalon

    Ukulele string question

    I want to see if my 6 y.o. Grandson will have interest in playing guitar. So I bought a Kala KA-T Tenor Uke. Just so things are simple (for both of us, although I know a few std. tuning uke chords) and for hopeful transition, I'm going to geetar tune it. What is a string set, or diameter...
  16. sjtalon

    Cowboy Boots HELP

    About 10 years ago I bought a pair of Justin boots for my wife and I from a online place recommended to be a great place to deal with. IIRC it was in Texas ( go figure). Well for the life of me I can't remember their name, but I think if I hear it, I'll know. I am thinkin' it's about...
  17. sjtalon

    CRAZY !! CS69's :shock:
  18. sjtalon

    This guy was on Jeopardy

    the singer ↓ just last week: mnm9Cl6RGJE
  19. sjtalon

    Happy Birthday to you !!!

    Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
  20. sjtalon

    TV audio cable question

    I'm not sure about this new deal on a Vizio TV I just bought. The sound is a little weak/poor and thought, hey I have a good (extra) set of PC speakers I could hook the TV to. It's in a small room so don't need much. Well the issue is the pc speakers have a 1/8" stereo jack (is it 3.5MM)...
  21. sjtalon

    Cable network or TV series stumper ? ?

    My brother and I were talking about AMC's Hell on Wheels and he wishes he could find episodes of a series years ago and all he could remember was something about people trying to find oil in Pennsylvania. He said it was pretty good. Anybody have a clue ??
  22. sjtalon

    Da Judge that beat his daughter.... gonna walk ! Cops say too much time has passed to bring any charges against him is what I read. Well, we all would like to see him do time, or beat him ourselves but the way things work in the end, he will get his !!:twisted:
  23. sjtalon

    Da 'ol Gas hole scope.

    Sorry guys, not the coolest subject butt bare with me. My father died of colon cancer at the young age of 54. I had been putting off getting a colonoscopy for various reasons a while back but finally said, DANG IT so on my 49th birthday 3 years ago I called and got it scheduled. Had the...
  24. sjtalon

    Another Hodag over and done

    Well, me and my liver have survived Hodag Country Music Festival for another year. Travis Tritt did some VERY good solo acoustic guitar pickin'. WOW I never knew he could play like that. I had the same surprise when I saw Clint Black at a different festival a few years back. Man can he play...
  25. sjtalon

    Angela Instruments

    Anybody know of, or done business with this place ? Annapolis Junction, MD I'm not going to comment yet, just curious.