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  1. Lone_Poor_Boy

    I find this comical and tragic at the same time

    Reminds me of when I went to a small restaurant for lunch. Mom, Dad and two kids all at the table staring into their phones. Of course, we've all seen that, multiple times. Probably one of the many things to the breakdown of discourse. I'm thankful I got to experience the times I did...
  2. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Trivia - who knows specifically what this line is from?

    "I tell you this... I don't know what's gonna happen, man... but I wanna have my kicks before the whole ****house goes up in flames, alright!" And you can't look it up!!!
  3. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Parker Fly' - Anyone own one?

    I was reminded of this guitar today from another forum and so I looked into the specs etc. and I'm pretty impressed with everything they did. All except that handle. Is that what held them back? Just folks not accepting it for that and maybe the 'Fly' name? Looks like a design someone...
  4. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Part Time Love' - another one of my songs

    A little ditty about hooking up when you shouldn't be.
  5. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'I Believe' - another one of my songs

    An upbeat little number in the spirit of 'The Monkees'.
  6. Lone_Poor_Boy

    DJ Khaled is gifted a special Bob Marley guitar and proceeds to play it

    We are so fortunate to have so many talented people in the modern music business.
  7. Lone_Poor_Boy

    I'm always mesmerized by the guitar on 'Wonder'

    Jen Turner playing on the 'Tigerlily' album. I love the song; the premise, the lyrics, the vocals, that guitar. Any insights into the scale? Or how a player lands on such a unique style?
  8. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Does the new site grow on you?

    I had not visited in awhile and came back to a totally different design. Just asking.
  9. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Dick Dale Observations

    I didn't realize he strung his guitar reversed, but am also curious about the writing on the pick guard. I quickly assumed it was tuning of the strings, assuming he used an odd tuning, but there are only five notes written out. A - B - A - E - G (in order as one would read them looking from...
  10. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'I Been Woke Up' - another tune by me

    Merry Christmas! This was my recording studio.
  11. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Love and Pain' - another tune somewhat by me

    A friend wrote this poem and later asked me to put it to music.
  12. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'All You Could' - another tune by me

    Hey all here. Long time no see. Now here's another song wrote and recorded by me.
  13. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Have You Seen My Baby Dyin' - another tune by me

    Take a break from talking about your goiter and what you had for lunch to listen to a tune for a few minutes! Sappy as hell but I think it's the best mix I have done.
  14. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Heaven Knows' - another song of mine

    I apologize for the songs overall timing/beat. I recorded it with just vocals and acoustic guitar, but then just kept adding layers.
  15. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Crucify Me' - another one of my songs
  16. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'I Met a Lady' - another one of my songs
  17. Lone_Poor_Boy

    'Strap On' - a rough song I recorded long ago...

    In light of my crappy playing last night I'm going to link a very bad, noisy song I did long ago. I had a bad cold one Wednesday and called in sick. Never one to waste a Wednesday, I probably started writing the song around 9 am and hitting the Seagrams by noon. Written and recorded in one...
  18. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Ever have a bad night playing?

    I mean, I'm sure most have but damn I hate when it happens. Probably more frustrating because I don't know what caused it. I've been playing and practicing a lot, with a lot of different guitars and setups (may be part of it) and have been really happy with my Gibson ES 135 into my Blues...
  19. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Well if that ain't the early 1970's....

    Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, the 'Fatal Vision' killer, and his attorney Bernard Segal. 1974. I like chasing down and refreshing on old crime stories, or new ones, and stumbled onto this pic today.
  20. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Fifth song post - 'A Mess Called Me'
  21. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Shipping - Yikes!

    Shipped a single pedal today in a small box one state over via UPS ground. $12.54. I noticed shipping getting bad beforer Covid. I think we're subsidizing Amazon Prime shipping, where you can have a van drop a battery off and later that day another one comes with that set of ivory chopsticks...
  22. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Fourth song post - 'Love Lies Dying'

    Played on the 1976 Yamaha FG-335 my best friend gave me. The one he is playing here back in 1992 in the Medicine Bow mountains of Wyoming.
  23. Lone_Poor_Boy

    Third song post - 'Give Away'

    These are my 'basement tapes'. What I consider 'demos' of songs I wrote. If you listen, stay for the 'outro'. It's my favorite part. 'Give Away' - Eb tuning
  24. Lone_Poor_Boy

    J.J. Cale - 'Call Me the Breeze'

    Playing a Danelectro.

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