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  1. Bones

    Eagle Photos From This Morning

    Took the in-laws for a trip up the Hudson this morning to "our" eagle watching spot. The eagles did not disappoint.
  2. Bones

    Winged Rat...

    Yesterday morning , as I was leaving the Home Depot parking lot, I notice what I thought was a dead "seagull"(there's really no such bird) laying upside down on the pavement. It sort of looked like a gray and white football laying there motionless. However, as I drove past, it turned its head...
  3. Bones

    When You Know You Have Crossed Into The Bad Part Of Town...

    We see a lot of beautiful things on our weekend road trips, but this stopped us cold...
  4. Bones

    Some Photos From This Weekend

    Spent all day yesterday and this morning along the Hudson River, watching birds and wildlife, here's few pics. Juvenile Bald Eagle trying to warm up in the morning sun. A rain/ice storm had coated everything in ice the night before we arrived. made getting around a challenge. Adult Bald...
  5. Bones

    The Never ending Question

  6. Bones

    Super Rare Bird

    Took a 9 hour ride this morning to look for a super rare bird. And we found it! The Stellar's Sea Eagle. Just a quick pull from my camera on to my phone. Not sure how it will look here and I don't have a laptop in tje hotel room to do a proper job. Short of going to Russia or Japan, this was a...
  7. Bones

    Christmas Guitar

    This is the guitar that I got for Christmas, I never got around to posting about it . It's the only musical item that I had mentioned and Mrs. Bones made it happen. It's a Bad Cat "AC-230", sort of a Dan Armstrong copy. Always liked the look of the D.A.s and clear acrylic guitars in general but...
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    Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears

    How come no one told me?
  9. Bones

    Do You Trust Your Brain?

    The brain is a weird thing, you can use it to analyze itself from either an intellectual point of view or an emotional point of view, but how do you know that it's not just tricking you into believing what it wants you to believe? You have thoughts about your brain and your brain has thoughts...
  10. Bones

    What Is Your Snow Removal Strategy?

    Personally, I'm a combination of 2 and 3 depending on how much is forecast. Either way every walkway, the patio and the driveway have to be spotless before leaving. Can't stand having it compacted and turned to ice.
  11. Bones

    What is going wrong now?

    Letters are not showing up all over the place, posts make no sense. My title had a question mark, where is it?? this had 2 qquestion marks.
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    Amazing Craftsmanship

  13. Bones

    Bald Eagle

    At the Conowingo Dam in Darlington, MD.
  14. Bones

    Rick Nielsen Collection

    Be warned, to get Rick and his guitars, you have to take Mark Agnessi in the bargain...
  15. Bones

    Fish and Chips

    The "chips" should never be "shoestring" french fries. There, I said what needed to be said.
  16. Bones

    This Ain't No Turkey...

    Was lucky to get 1 frame of this juvenile Bald Eagle from my truck this morning.
  17. Bones

    I Don't Even Like The Beatles...

    But I did sign up with Disney+ so that I can watch Peter Jackson's doc. While not a Beatles fan, I am a doc fan, especially any music docs. The clips that I have seen really look and sound great and it will be very interesting to me to see the interactions of these musicians play out in a way...
  18. Bones

    Here's A Live Bald Eagle Cam....

    You're welcome..
  19. Bones


    Les Paul Classic "Antique": As best as I can figure that's what this is. Serial number puts it at February 2007. Came to me very dirty and judging from the strings it hasn't been taken care of in quite a while. Gave it a quick clean up and fed the board as it was super dry. Going to let it...
  20. Bones

    I'm Not One To Complain About Technology Gains/Losses, But...

    I'm pretty bummed that LG will no longer be making "smartphones". My current LG "ThinQ" phone is hands down the best, most reliable and long lasting phone that I have had. I'm not an Apple person and Samsung's phones seem perfectly timed to self-destruct near the end of each 2-year contract...
  21. Bones

    Donnie Iris Is 78 Years Old

    He was 77 when this was recorded, pretty amazing if you ask me...
  22. Bones

    Traditional Halloween Eve Dinner...

    Lasagna, of course...
  23. Bones

    The Mobile Groomer Just Left

    It's somewhat of a luxury, but Yuki likes it better than being at a shop.
  24. Bones

    Free Guitar on Facebook Marketplace

    Would you go check it out?
  25. Bones

    Peregrine Falcon

    From this morning...