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  1. Torren61

    I'm Turning Off The News Today

    I can't stand it. 20 years later and I still get emotional when I hear or read some of the stories. No, I don't want to forget, it's just too painful to go through it again. I'll never forget.
  2. Torren61


    I recorded this several days ago and just got around to putting it up on YouTube. We were patrolling the lines to make sure we could energize them and, because of the fire in the area, critters were out and about (oot and aboot, for our Canadian friends). The mosquitos were bad that day, too.
  3. Torren61

    R.I.P. Ronald MacDonald (Willard Scott)

    Willard Scott The origin of Ronald McDonald involves Willard Scott (at the time, a local radio personality who also played Bozo the Clown on WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., from 1959 until 1962), who performed using the moniker "Ronald McDonald, the Hamburger-Happy Clown" in 1963 on three separate...
  4. Torren61

    NOVTC Day

    New Old Vacuum Tube Caddy Day! I didn't even know these existed until a few months ago. I bought one from a CL seller and then another CL seller recently posted one with a buttload (how much is that, exactly?) of old TV tubes that are completely worthless to me. He wants $275. I told him I...
  5. Torren61

    Collectible Amps $4000 Range

    I have a bid on a sports car and, after talking with my wife, I’m not going to increase my bid. I’m winning right now and that’s fine if I do win. As a consolation prize in case I lose, I have been authorized a $4000 purchase. What is a collectible amp in that range? I’m thinking an early...
  6. Torren61

    I Have Six Days...

    ... to talk my wife into letting me buy this car. 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP. 2.0 liter turbo charged 5 speed manual. If I'm successful, it means a flight (ugh) and a coast to coast road trip.
  7. Torren61

    '73 Marshall Head And Cabinet Restoration

    I bought this early '73 1987 JMP 50 Lead last year. This was before I was frequenting the Marshall forum. I build power lines in California and had been working sixteen hour days for over a month straight during the fires. I was flush with overtime money and, frankly, exhausted and I wanted a...
  8. Torren61

    The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Year

    Our cat is a bit intimidated by me. Mostly because I am the Alpha cat and also because I don't put up with his... stuff. He also is terrified of garbage bags whenever we take them out of the box and then fluff them before we put them in the trash can in the kitchen. (To be fair, so was our...
  9. Torren61

    Ronin Mirari Clean Demo... Critiques Wanted

    This is my first gear "official" demo video. We made this one yesterday before I started the "What Do You Want To See In A Gear Demo" thread. Give it to me straight. Be honest. Don't hold back and don't be kind because you think it'll hurt either of our feelings. I want to make GREAT gear...
  10. Torren61

    What Do You Want In A YouTube Gear Demo?

    When you click on a YouTube gear demo or shootout, what kinds of things do you like to see and what kind of things do you NOT want to see? Frankly, I don't like a LOT of gabbing before the demo begins. I HATE it when I click on a video of a gear demo I really want to see and it's a five minute...
  11. Torren61

    And THAT Is How You Do THAT. (Reverb Content)

    I had an Earthquake Devices vibe pedal, The Depths. I've had it for awhile and used it and now it's time to move on. I listed it on Reverb and five minutes later, it sold. I had the box, bag, manual, decal and paperwork for it. Near mint condition except for two small Velcro strips on the...
  12. Torren61

    Photoshop Experts, Help Please

    I'd like to make Kirby's eyes yellow in the black and white photo but I don't know how to do things like that. Do you? Also, I simply cannot get a proper photo of how the sun looks through the fire smoke haze. I've tried using both my iPhone 12mini and my Canon but neither are giving me...
  13. Torren61

    Impressive! How Do I Kill It?

    Boston Dynamics are making these things better and better. Put armor on them, increase their numbers and give them weapons and we're going to be in trouble. I wonder how many a billion dollars can buy?
  14. Torren61

    NSMD (New Slot Machine Day)

    I snagged this today. I know nothing about slot machines. It kinda works but I’m sure it needs restoration to get it back in proper working order. I texted the pics to my wife and I was sure she was going to give me the “Why in the heck did you buy THAT stupid thing?”, but she LOVES it, lol.
  15. Torren61

    What Should I do? Vintage ES-335 Content

    I have a very original 1970 (debatable on that point but certainly '70-'73) ES-335. The pots show oxidation. Everything about this guitar is original but I have an itch to swap out the pots for a solderless MojoTone or RS wiring harness. So, should I leave it or swap it? (I don't need to say...
  16. Torren61

    Cheesy Cornbread With Jalapenos

    This is a cornbread recipe I got from the mother of a girlfriend about forty years ago. You'll need: 2 cups of cornmeal (NOT THE SWEET CORNBREAD MIX! Just regular cornmeal. 6-8 pickled jalapenos. Look for the canned ones in the Mexican food section of your store. 2 Tbsp of olive oil for the...
  17. Torren61

    I Haz A Sadness...

    Here's something for your entertainment pleasure. I heard a rattling inside my Emery SuperBaby so I opened it up. This what I found. I haz a sadness...
  18. Torren61

    Which Beatle Songs Did John Not Like?

    Which Beatles’ songs did John Lennon not like? John hated the following Beatles songs. His comments about each are included. He had harsh comments about many of his own songs, as well as several of Paul’s. My (Torren61) responses are in parentheses. It’s Only Love - “One song I really hate of...
  19. Torren61

    My First Bad Reverb Experience

    I paid for four speaker cables. Two fifty foot 12 gauge 1/4" plug ends and the same cables but two 12" cables. The seller sends me much smaller gauge instrument cables. I immediately message them with pics and tell them of the mistake and that I'd like to return these cables and have them...
  20. Torren61

    If I Could Play Like Peter Banks...

    How many of you know of Peter Banks? He was the guitarist for Yes before Steve Howe. I wish I could play as well as Peter Banks. Yes, (lol) before Steve Howe there was Peter Banks. Listen to his chops (headphones). Jeebus, if I could only reach his level of musicianship, I could die happily...
  21. Torren61

    The Beatles Multi-track Meltdown... The White Album

    This is "Dissecting The White Album Surround Sound Mixes" I really like how I can hear the tracks from a completely different point of view than I have ever heard them before. I'm posting the links to both part one and part two of side one of the White Album. Listen closely to Paul's bass on...
  22. Torren61

    Justin Johnson Justifies A Jasper

    I'm sure you all have hear of Justin Johnson. You may or may not have heard of Jasper guitars. Justin demos a Jasper Deja Vudoo guitar. Looks like a very innovative design. The guitar sounds great in his hands. He has incredible chops. Both left and right hand technique. It's pretty mind...
  23. Torren61

    12AX7 Tube Substitutions

    Here are some tubes that you can sub for 12AX7 tubes. Some of these can be found at a much cheaper NOS price than 12AX7s and are better. So don't get suicidal about the world running out of tubes just yet. 12AX7A ECC803S, E83CC, E803CC, 6L13 B759 12DF7 7025 12AD7 12DT7 12BZ7 7729 6681 7058
  24. Torren61

    Car Issues

    "Car Issues" is a newer show on Motor Trend TV. The premise of the show is this guy goes around and buys used cars. He drives away in the car and finds somewhere to stop and tell you about those kinds of cars. Then he drives the car like he stole it to see how it runs and then he takes the...
  25. Torren61

    When I Win The Lottery…

    … and become a millionaire, I’m going to have a chef make an omelet for me made of Bee Hummingbird eggs. What would YOU do if you win a big lottery jackpot?