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  1. Alamo

    The Black Crowes - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    The Black Crowes perform the song Papa Was A Rolling Stone on Jimmy Kimmel Live. :cool: Album "1972" has or is coming out.
  2. Alamo

    Rolling Stones European Tour 2022

    The Rolling Stones announced their SIXTY Tour Europe 2022 Pre sales starts on Wednesday
  3. Alamo

    Keith Richards & the X Pensive Winos 2022

    Live at the Beacon Theatre on 10th of March 2022 :cool:
  4. Alamo

    NPD - Joyo Quattro Delay

    I just received the tiny Joyo Quattro pedal, hooked it up and I'm smiling as soon as I start playing. this is such a usefull small guy with it's four modes ...and only 45 € bucks. :):cool::) ckeck it out, it's worth it.
  5. Alamo

    Music in Advertising

    I mostly dislike music in ads and can't reach the mute or skip button fast enough... but this one speaks to me. I like it quite a bit and had to grab my guitar. it's safe to play the only 25 sec clip. no obnoxious pics or sounds. ;) how about you. like or not?
  6. Alamo

    Accidentally killed my Horse

    It was golden and a good ride so far. The Mosky Golden Horse - mini pedal. I'm $25 sad :( I was re-arranging my mini pedal board and had a reverse power cable in line. bye bye. it still passes the sound in the off position. is there any cure besides buying a new one? the same had happend with...
  7. Alamo

    Q: about Behringer Ultra Tremolo

    Does someone know differences between a Behringer Ultra Tremolo UT100 vs. Behringer Ultra Tremolo UT300 I have had the UT100 for years and don't like it much. it's too choppy and lacking in the lush department. I'm wondering if the UT300 was improved or what at all has changed. thanks
  8. Alamo

    NGD Squier CV 70's Custom

    This came in today. still peeling off the plastic wraps. nice light weight, very chimey in the bridge, yet very full sound in the middle position. I'm liking it. a lot. one flaw is: Fender's Achilles - the jack cup. that's a sloppy job :rolleyes: I'm not sweating it. An electro socket will come...
  9. Alamo

    A bit like Tom Sawyer's Fence

    I have this magnet I pulled out of an old computer harddrive, attached to a string, to pick up lost screws that might have fallen of my work desk. The other day I bring this out to the park, where we usually meet, jam, drink and have a good time. I start fishing bottle caps with the magnet...
  10. Alamo

    EAZY SLEAZY — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl

    Mick Jagger: "I wanted to share this song that I wrote about eventually coming out of lockdown, with some much needed optimism - thank you to Dave Grohl for jumping on drums, bass and guitar, it was a lot of fun working with you on this - hope you all enjoy Eazy Sleazy !"
  11. Alamo

    Vintage Headphones

    I re-activated my old Sennheiser HD 414 headphones by just ordering new foam earpads, directly from Sennheiser. six bucks, including shipping. they sound darn good and I'm happy :cool::) I'm not sure how old they really are, but I'm guessing from pretty early on. Production line was from 1968...
  12. Alamo

    Dropped Pick inside the Acoustic

    ...metal Resonator with f-holes :eek::cry::rolleyes: weighs nearly 4kg and the f-holes are rounded on the inside. that's quite a work out, shakin' the guitar at the sky but I finally got lucky.:)
  13. Alamo

    Keith on the Cover of...

    ...Total Guitar, April 2021
  14. Alamo

    Rolling Stones - Fully Finished Studio Outtakes

    A boatload (50 songs) of Fully Finished Studio Outtakes have emerged on the web. most of 'em are on YouTube now. some of them never heared before. check them out, if that's your cup'o tea ;) don't even know where to start... edit:I changed the first video, perhaps the channel got removed. uh oh
  15. Alamo

    Why Ike Turner fired Jimi Hendrix

  16. Alamo

    HNMD Behringer FLOW 8 Mixer

    I pulled the trigger on a Flow 8 Mixer the other day. had to wait a while because of hefty Winter weather and the pandemic slow downer but a last, it arrived. I had some difficulties connecting the bluetooth app with it, turns out you need to allow GPS/Location on the phone. doh'! why would that...
  17. Alamo

    Keith, about the Horizon

    "About last night! New music on the horizon!" That's all he said on far. :cool::)
  18. Alamo

    Any Snow People sightings?

    We had our first snow this season around here, yesterday or was it the day before...IDK. these kinds popped up quite a lot. :cool: mostly all gone today did you catch some?
  19. Alamo

    The Black Crowes - Charming Mess

    An unreleased song recently unearthed by the band and is being released as part of the 30th anniversary of their classic album Shake Your Money Maker. NOS, new old stock, so to say :cool:
  20. Alamo

    Telephone Scammers from....

    ...."Microsoft". Not! My land line rang (which is seldom enough) had a local caller number, so I picked up only to hear some english with indian accent speaking guy introducing himself as a Microsoft... that's where I slammed down the phone. Ain't got time for that :rolleyes: I immedeatly...
  21. Alamo

    What would be your Soundtrack of 2020?

    If 2020 was summed up in a video, what music score would be under laying it? I'll start:
  22. Alamo

    Tribute to Ricky Wilson B52s

    Instrumental version of Give Me Back My Man :cool::)
  23. Alamo

    Uranium Glass Slide

    Glows in the dark :eek: well that's a new one to me. does it have any side effects? any radiation? maybe you have be over a certain age to use one. like nearly 100. :lol:
  24. Alamo

    DC Powerbanks for Amps

    I bought a XT-Powerbank to feed juice to my Vox Da5 for playing outside. the Vox is a battery powered amp from the start but it takes six Baby Mono or whatever they're called cells and only delivers 9 Volts...if they're fresh. I used to have recharable NiMH cells at 1.2 Volt each. the amp...
  25. Alamo

    Foghorn Stringband

    Anyone enjoying this band as much as myself? :):cool: