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  1. Dismalhead

    People who sit while you practice - what do you sit on? Pics appreciated.

    Hey people, I've been standing while I play 100% of the time for 35 years; gotten to the point where sitting and playing feels very alien. Now I've got foot problems (neuroma in each foot) and am thinking I need to start sitting again. Also, I want to make some YouTube videos and I think the...
  2. Dismalhead

    Acoustic wall foam - how do you get it to stick to the wall?

    Hey all, Remodeling my studio/music room. I bought a bunch of 1' x 1' acoustic foam squares and some 3M double sided tape that was recommended from the seller. Mounted a bunch of them last night - looked really cool. Went back to look at it again a couple of hours later and all the tiles had...
  3. Dismalhead

    Shooting video demos in a small room - what's a good background and how close should the camera be?

    Hey all, About to remodel my music room - have to do a floor repair so I figure it's time for a makeover. I've shot a few videos of me playing songs but the background and lighting are awful at present. It's beat up '70s paneling with sticker residue and scuffs all over. So I want to be able...
  4. Dismalhead

    Going down the bass cabinet rabbit hole - 8" vs 10" vs 12" vs 15" speakers.

    I'm looking at getting a +/- 200 watt lightweight bass combo and posted a thread asking for recommendations; all of my initial choices were 1 x 15" combos. I'm a decent guitarist but pretty much a hack bass player who got into bass for laying down tracks when I'm recording and occasionally...
  5. Dismalhead

    I want a lightweight giggable bass combo. Choices?

    Hey people, My existing rig is an '82 Bassman 135 head, an SWR 2 x 10" and a Peavey 1 x 15". It looks like a monstrosity from the garage in the '80s. All of it probably weighs a couple hundred pounds too, so I've gotten to the point that I never move it anymore because of the ridiculous weight...
  6. Dismalhead

    Are there any online used music equipment sales places other than Reverb, EBay, or CL?

    Hey people, Been watching Reverb, EBay, Craiglist looking for a used Rivera Clubster 25 1x10 combo for a reasonable price. Nothing out there at least for the last few weeks that I've been looking. Can anyone recommend other places I should be checking? Thanks!
  7. Dismalhead

    Are you the PA guy in your band?

    Since the mid '90s I've been PA guy in most of my bands - the guy who has to set up the PA and mics on top of their own rig at PA-less venues. Pretty sure it comes from being the one who owns the PA and is less technically-challenged than the rest of the guys in the band.
  8. Dismalhead

    Metalheads - how do you get your distortion?

    I've been amp shopping the last week or so and realized that I always go for amps with great built-in distortion as a requirement - but then I usually set it to clean and use pedals for the crunch. Only time I used onboard amp distortion was in a band in the '90s when I used my JCM900 high-gain...
  9. Dismalhead

    Anyone have experience with the Rivera Clubster 25 Doce?

    Hey people, Thinking of pulling the trigger on a used Rivera Clubster 25 Doce. I can get it for $700 shipped in good condition. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this amp or Rivera brand amps in general. I had an '84 Super Champ from the Rivera-era for a long time and it was a...
  10. Dismalhead

    1st World PRS Dilemma - what would you do?

    Hey people, I'm kinda in a quandary. A few weeks ago I bought a 2014 PRS SE Custom 24 (MIK) off Reverb, my second PRS SE. A decade ago I messed up my back and I sold my boat anchors and ended up with a stable of lighter weight guitars. So with this one I made the mistake of forgetting to ask...
  11. Dismalhead

    Ding Dong, Witchiepoo is dead

    Billie Hayes, the actress who played Witchiepoo on HR Pufnstuf is dead at 96. Such a wonderfully insane show, and she was a big part of it. RIP Billie.
  12. Dismalhead

    Easy, cheap way for a luddite to play backing track for small gigs?

    Hey everyone, I've been working on a solo set, some of which require a backing track. I'm somewhat of a luddite, basically play along to my stereo and use '90s technology. What I'm hoping someone can point me to is a way to play MP3 backing tracks without having to lug my '70s style stereo and...
  13. Dismalhead

    Nothing to see here

    Somehow I made a dupe when I created a new post. Feel free to put anything you like into this one.
  14. Dismalhead

    PRS Pre-lawsuit vs Post-lawsuit. What lawsuit?

    Hey people, Looking at maybe getting another PRS. I'm noticing there are a bunch of posts that mention pre and post lawsuit models. They look the same to me - CE22, CE24, McCarty, etc. First of all, what lawsuit? I know Gibson sued some of the Japanese brands putting out LP shaped bodies in the...
  15. Dismalhead

    Check this out - GC Daily Pick - Brand new G&L Tribute for $269!!

    Just saw this in my email. Not gonna get one 'cause I've gone completely nuts buying guitars lately. Figured I'd pass it on.
  16. Dismalhead

    PRS SE - how is the quality of the older models compared to today?

    Hi people, Recently I became the proud owner of a brand new B-stock PRS SE Standard 24. I love this guitar so much, I'm thinking of getting another SE with 24 frets and a trem being my only requirements (kinda want a Santana model). I'd like to go used, but from my web searching it seems that...
  17. Dismalhead

    Help me pick a pickguard for my Bluesboy

    Hey people, I just got this G&L Tribute Bluesboy. Absolutely love the color - it was supposed to be turquoise mist but it looks more like a mint green - no blue whatsoever. It's sparkly, somewhere between metallic and flakes. Anyways, the white pickguard is OK, but it does seem kinda pedestrian...
  18. Dismalhead

    Best, cheapest way to ship a guitar?

    Hey everyone, I'm gonna put my '96 American Hot Rod Series Strat up for sale on Reverb. Haven't sold a guitar online for quite a while. Wondering who you guys use to ship a guitar, who to avoid, how much does it cost approximately, and any helpful advice you may have to make the process go...
  19. Dismalhead

    NGD - Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat

    Hey people, Just received my Olympic White Strat. MIM Deluxe Roadhouse; bought it brand new. Been wanting a white Strat for a long, long time now. Gonna be some fun here in a bit.
  20. Dismalhead

    Solo players - do you record your own backing tracks?

    Hey people, Coming off a band experience where I brought together a bunch of my old buddies and tried to get something going but it ended up slowly falling apart after a few years. Kinda tired of trying to get projects going with other people. Now I'm playing a lot lately, and I haven't played...
  21. Dismalhead

    It's coming.............The Curse of Oak Island season 8!!

    November 10th. So exciting! Been looking forward to it for a while. Anyone else?
  22. Dismalhead

    Learning to read music specifically for guitar

    Hello, I'm suddenly finding myself in a conundrum. I've been playing guitar somewhat seriously for about 40 years. I grew up as a classically trained drummer in band and can still sight read drum music fairly well, so reading a rhythm is no problem. I also know what most of the symbols and...
  23. Dismalhead

    Truss rod issue in my US Strat - advice

    Hey everyone, Last night I played my '96 US Lonestar Strat for the first time in a while. I noticed the neck was a bit bowed and after I was done playing I went to tighten the truss a bit. I bought this guitar used about 7 years ago and the set up has always been perfect since I got it, so...
  24. Dismalhead

    TV - what are you guys doing for service?

    So, being the dinosaur that I am, when I moved into my new place last year I got cable TV and internet from AT&T - same as I've been doing for my entire adult life. Had most of the premium channels and then cancelled them to lower the bill a few months ago. Now I'm paying $130 a month for...
  25. Dismalhead

    What's the most you've ever paid for a guitar?

    I was just perusing my latest Sweetwater catalog. Looking at the Les Paul Customs and such that range from $4K up to $13K for the Slash "Brazilian Dream". I was wondering what percentage of people here have actually forked out money for one of these showpieces. I just recently bought a used SG...

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