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    El34's and 6L6's What are you liking/loving?? New production-NOS or ANOS

    ...which EL34's and 6L6's are you folks liking? mainly interested in power tube chatter..6V6's maybe should be in here but I just bought a nice quad of matchy Sylvania chrome domes so im sorta set for a few....minutes. I do consider, in the El34 area, clean tones as only EL34 amp is...
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    Amp Hiss, White noise-ish -nothing plugged-volume Off..

    Morn, My 69 Vibrolux was acting perfectly, super quiet..sounding great.. I turned it on the other day and im getting a white noise, hissy, snowy..tiny bit of crackle but not suoer pronounced or loud's mostly snowy noise, consistent The amps does this with no guitar plugged into it...
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    Fender Brown Blob Caps-Blue Molded--Type of Cap-Material?

    Hi Folks, What are those old Capacitors, the Brown Turds and Blue Molded, in Fender amps, made of?.... What is the technical name for this type of cap based on material? I see more speculation on this topic out there than anything else. seems weird that I haven't seen a dog-down definitive...
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    Speaker Swapping-messing with combos of 2x10's

    digging out some speakers that've been at rest for a while and mixing stuff up found a nice combo of a 1955 nicely reconed (slight ribbing) Jensen P10Q (alnico) Have a pair of these,, still great speakers after the recone..previously smooth cones that had begun to fall apart..IMO, much more fun...
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    vibrolux--has that shoosh/jangling/broken glass sound in the decay of the Reverb..

    I've chased this annoying sound before.. it's when you have the reverb on--worse at higher amp volume.. that jangling, shooshy-like sound shaking a jar of broken glass thing.. Presents in the decay-right after a sympathetic note from a guitar sets it off.. more pronounced after certain chords...
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    Coupling Caps-Fender Amps-Voltages

    Hi all, I notice when reading/learning...looking at schematics..and looking at layout pics and gut shots..That there are different voltage ratings on coupling caps amp to amp--same capacitance rating>different voltage rating ..same model, different model, similar or same legacy circuit..when...
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    88-89 MIJ Strat..looking at it today..what is it??

    Going today to look at an mij stratocaster a guy has listed as an 88-89 ‘vintage edition’. Pretty sure it’s not a proper model name.. but checking with you guys.. Basically, what is this? Any insight into a model number or name? Details on build? He’s blocked the last part of the serial...
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    testing a range of tone cap values

    Hi folkz, I recently bought a used tele with a 500k tone pot in it.. It's got an .047 cap on this tone pot...things are a bit bright There are some things i like about this brightness when playing somewhat low volume.. Anyhow...before i pull this 500k pot and install a more standard 250K pot...
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    Looking at this mid 90's Japanese Tele--TL52 'CIJ'

    Going to check out this 94 ish TL52 Japanese Telecaster tomorrow or monday.. CIJ Fender Telecaster 1993-94 Natural TL52 Reissue Ash/Natural I've had Japanese Telecasters before and love em.. This one has a nice visual vibe to it. Supposedley stock..always hard to tell in pics but the frets...
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    Output Transformer 69 Vibrolux..2 companies out of biz

    Im gearing up for bad news on the OT in my Vibrolux.. Hopefully it's ok but........... Dave Allen no longer is selling his Heyboer made transformers.. Classic Tone is out of business.. Any recommends for a replacement? I'd like to stay accurate to the specs of the amp, a 1969 Vibrolux.. Are...
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    Changing Speakers Frequently (fender amps)...cable setup

    Hi folks.. Im in a mode where im swapping out speakers here and there for some recording my partner and i are doing.. I do swap out speaks in combo cabs from time to time anyway.. ..and wondering about a source for a good, robust, short Amp>Speaker cable set up with a quarter inch jack on the...
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    Help in Identifying an Epiphone electric...

    Can anyone identify what model Epiphone is this?
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    Marshall DSL20 (r) Does it have a built in attenuator?

    Not sure why it never occurred to me.. as to how most, or many, amps running two EL34 power tubes are rated around 50 watts (my Marshall 2204)..and hence..What is going on inside the DSL20r head that i have, with 2 EL34' restrain it and call it a 20 watt amp..straight up attentuation?..some...
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    Fine sanding an old les paul top color and changing color..

    Mornin', I have a 90's Les Paul Standard in a dark wine red..not a huge fan but i bought the guitar a while back liking it's sound and great shape, great price. Im at a point where I'd like to change the top color.. can i do a fine scuff of the existing top color without stripping and...
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    Spending time lately with my Marshall DSL20hr

    jeez..what a killer and fun little lunchbox of an amp.. I was reading a thread here from a guy who was looking at combos thinking of testing the water with a Marshall..i suggested this amp (not a combo,duh). Had been playing mostly Fenders for a bit so took it out after i made that comment and...
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    Played an Ibanez Destroyer / Explorer the other day

    Man..i found it to be an extreeemely comfortable guitar to play.. I loved how I could reference the face of the guitar with my arm/ above elbow on the back wing, sort of wrap ..i have to say it was the most comfy guitar (for me and the way i play) I've ever played..totally different and cool...
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    Proper (stock value) volume pot for '69 Vibrolux and questions

    Morn Peoples, The Volume pot on both channels of my Vibrolux yield not much volume between 1 and about almost 3..i mean..not much at all I've popped the chassis and all of the tone pots including Reverb and tremolo are clearly marked on the backs.. However, both Volume pots in this amp have...
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    Fender HSS 'Player' Alnico Pickups..any experiences, thoughts?

    Hi Folks, (posted this in the Strat subFrorum..didnt know there was a 'Pickups Only' section) there's a loaded pick guard in my area with a set of the Strat, HSS, Player Alnico Pickups in it..100 dollars Thinking about checking these out..i hear and read about folks liking these quite a...
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    Fender 'Player' Stratocaster Alnico Pickups? Sound? Love?

    Hi Folks, there's a loaded pick guard in my area with a set of the Strat, HSS, Player Alnico Pickups in it..100 dollars Thinking about checking these out..i hear and read about folks liking these quite a bit..and of course..people hating them...something about the mids being too strong or...
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    Original Speaker 1970 Prince Rev- Identification help

    Hey Folks.. Couple of pics of the codes and labels from an old Oxford/Fender 10 inch..i believe this was stock to my 1970 Princeton Reverb..shelved it, but now thinking about having it reconed with tighter bass in min. Hoping to identify specific model and version of model..some of these extra...
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    Weakened Speaker Magnet- Sound Symptoms

    Does a weakened speaker magnet (old) affect the sound in a linear way? Or does it affect certain frequency areas?
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    68 Vibrolux questions--pics--

    Morning, People.. Found this 68 vibrolux 3 hours away, drove and bought it.. got a good price on a partial trade and she cleaned up nicely. (I dont understand why some sellers don't clean their amps before sale./this thing was generally dirty..dirty grill cloth..cleaned up to almost museum...
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    Zoning in on - correct Grill cloth - 1970 Silverface amps

    Hey People,, I want to try to zone in on which version of SF grill cloth was for 1970 era Silverface amps? A decent reliable online resource or, Maybe someone could snap a close ish pic of their 1970 Silverface grill.. thank you...!
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    68 Vibrolux Chassis pic..identify changes? (crappy pic warning)

    Morning looking at an amp to buy..a 68 Vibrolux..hoping some of you might be able to id any part changes..Obviously the (orange drops i think) jump out on the left.. Anything else that anyone sees? I compared to a supposedly original circuit and see differences in my ignorant eyes..this...
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    today: installed some Fender Original 52's--and trimmed some lip off the Bridge plate

    coupla of items for search database i suppose In installed a set of Fender 52 Original (s) pickups today.. These pickups sound great to me-very sweet sound..balanced front and back,,perfect bridge sound for my taste. Neck is lush with just enough tooth..all the Tele goodness characteristics i...