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  1. AlfaNovember

    Pedal rig for a kid who loves Metallica?

    What's the basic pedal setup for a young kid with a Strat, a 1x10 Fender solidstate amp, and a love of Metallica? My ten year old nephew is one of those taught-by-youtube wunderkinder, and lately he loves Metallica. In his SRV phase, I was able to help him out with a TS, but I have no idea...
  2. AlfaNovember

    Red Foley and Ernest Tubb - The Chicken Song (I Ain't Gonna Take It Settin' Down)

    Since it came up in another thread: Here's a fun one, released on 78 shellac back in 1951. Ernest Tubb often gets the credit for Honky-tonk, but this one is Western Swing, the dance music popular in California that Leo began building his guitars for. I also hear shades of jump blues, and...
  3. AlfaNovember

    Hello from California

    Hi Everyone - I'm a two-year learning player and long-time solder slinger who spent years fixing amps for friends before I finally mustered up the will to learn to play myself. I mostly play Blues and Country. I have a Samick Tele which followed me home from the thrift store, an Epiphone...