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    Just Jimmy Vaughan...

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    Christopher Cross Solo You Couldn't hear

    I have to agree with Rick Beato on this one. I always liked this tune but wished the solo was out front.
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    Sad time for my old friend

    Got her from a rescue 14 years ago, said the found her on the street with almost no hair on her back. They didn't think anyone would ever take her. I did and she's the sweetest dog I ever had. Unfortunately she now has cancer and much as I hate to we'll have to put her down very soon. I love her...
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    Wives' Birthdays

    In 30 years of marriage I always struggle with a gift for her. Most times, especially with jewelry I failed. Diamond ring? She exchanged it. Ruby earrings? Returned them saying they were too expensive. Diamond tennis bracelet? She never wears it. Cheap set of earrings? She loved them, wore them...
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    Two old friends on the couch....

    Couldn't resist posting this one:
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    Bandit Speaker Options

    So my $40 pawn show score of a teal stripe Bandit has a blown Scorpion speaker. I know I can get a new basket for about $120 but I am just wondering if there is a recommendation out there somewhere. I don't do metal or heavy gain stuff at all. I run clean to moderate rock/blues/fusion type...
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    Orangewood Dana Problem?

    Just thought I would get another set of eyes on this issue. I was looking for a cheap travel acoustic since me work takes me on the road every week. Wound up purchasing an Orangewood Dana from Amazon based on the review I saw. I've had it for 1 week and just noticed a belly just behind the...
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    Teal stripe Bandit trouble.

    Just purchased a Teal stripe with a scorpion for $40 from a pawn shop. I knew it had issues but for that price, I'll throw dice. The problem is that it has very low volume and a very muddy sound. I pulled the Scorpion and it sounds great in another amp. I put another speaker in it and I get the...
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    You Tube Intro...

    Like most of us, I use YT for research. If I want to know about a product or how to do something, I'll check out a few YT vids. However, I get annoyed when the vid starts with the idiotic intro: What's up You Tube? Usually shouted. Why on earth would a vid start that way. Say you were a news...
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    The Ricca Project

    Just found this on reddit r/jazzguitar.
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    Robben Ford at Home

    This is really long but kind of cool to see him just sit, jam and talk about his guitars and style.
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    6505 + Gain Hissy

    So a couple of month ago i scored a cheap 6505 + combo. Got it cheap as there is a hiss on the lead channel constantly and on the rhythm only when the crunch is activated. Rhythm without crunch is quiet. Any ideas?
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    Magic Sam's Boogie Live 1969

    Can't keep my feet from tapping to this one.
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    Johnny Winter - Down and Dirty

    Just watched this one the other night on Amazon Prime. Very well done and told me a few things about Johnny and Edgar that I didn't know. It's not loaded with music but I always find the life of someone like him to be quite fascinating. Been a fan since my early teens but for some reason I never...
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    Guy walks into a pawn shop:

    And there to greet him in plain view is a Peavey 6505+ combo with a chartreuse spiky tag pulling your eyes toward it like a magnet. It reads "$200 AS IS". What's wrong with it the guy asks? Young girl at the counter says: well a guy bought it and then brought it back, said it rattles and...
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    Favorite Street Sign

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    Voodoo Chile Gary Myrick

    This is about as pure as it gets, a man and a tele. I can't watch it enough times.
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    NGD Quilted Ibanez

    Very happy to have a proper acoustic again, for a couple of years I have had only my Stratacoustic which works well plugged in but not really inspiring unplugged. So I have been casually searching CL and stumbled on this quilted maple body/mahogany neck Ibanez.Quick check online tells me when...
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    PTB Suprise

    So I have 2 Peavey Predators MIA that I love to play due to the awesome necks they have. Tore the guts out of each and replaced them with better quality. I bought a set of G&L pickups from ebay and put them in the 92 but could never get them to sound right. I did a rotary switch with a master...
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    NGD Stratacoustic

    Just received a Fender Stratacoustic I scored used on Ebay. She was filthy and the action was ridiculous. I took her apart and did some cleaning then shimmed the neck up to work on the action. First strung it up with a set of electric strings (Hybrid Slinky EB) to further work on the action...