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    Telecaster Sale

    I hope this is allowed on here... Mods please delete if not. Here's a great deal for someone who is shopping. Don't know how long it will last. $450 from $600
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    NGD - MIM Standard - Lake Placid Blue

    sitting around drinking on New Year’s Eve and of course had to scan for Telecaster deals. Found a remaining MIM Standard for a great price and clicked the buy button. It arrived today! Lake Placid Blue. Love it, my first ever Telecaster!
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    BB 007 mods

    Hi I'm thinking to mod my Bassbreaker 007 to raise the clean headroom a bit. First thought is to put a pair of 5751's in place of the 12AX7's Does anyone know why this amp has TWO 12AX7's when most 5-7 watt amps have only 1 ? What would be the purpose of the second preamp tube? (to increase...
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    VibroChamp WTH?

    what the heck is going on with Vibrochamps all of a sudden? About a month ago I decided to look for a Vibrochamp and noticed they were going for $300-$450. There were only a few available, one or two. I started watching for a good one close to me in Southern California and now all of a sudden...
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    Question: SS Rectifier versus Tube

    Hi Guys, I'm thinking to build a homebrew or kit 5F1, 5F2A or 5E3. But I'm wondering about the pros and cons of solid state rectification versus tube. Certainly tube is more romantic but what about hum and hiss? What about power requirements and maintenance? Is there a real difference in...
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    NAD - Fender Bassbreaker 007

    Was in Guitar Center and they had the Bassbreaker 007 combo on clearance for $100 off. I thought about it for an hour and decided to grab one. Cool little amp, perfect for my needs which is practice/learning in the house. No intention to gig or play in a band. I will probably never get that...