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  1. middy

    What Blues Needs…

    Meh. Clark Terry said imitate, then integrate, then innovate. A lot of famous musicians never get past integrate and I’m not convinced that Stevie Ray ever did.
  2. middy

    Will a Warmoth Yellow tort guard fit my Fender Tele?

    Good choice. The Warmoth tort is real celluloid and looks awesome.
  3. middy

    Will a Warmoth Yellow tort guard fit my Fender Tele?

    That’s not true. I’ve never had a Warmoth body and fender pickguard fail to fit each other.
  4. middy

    Drinking at gigs

    To be fair, most of them preferred heroin to alcohol for performing impaired.
  5. middy

    Drinking at gigs

    Why does this topic keep coming up? We’re not supposed to talk about drugs on this site.
  6. middy

    Do Craigslist lowball offers work?

    You’re supposed to haggle!
  7. middy

    Just bought a Twin Reverb...

    Do yourself a favor and plug an SD-1 into the normal channel, all knobs at noon, volume at the edge of pain. Rawk
  8. middy

    Just bought a vinyl copy of Led Zep's Presence

    It’s a ritual with a physical object with physical waveforms frozen in vinyl, played back through diamonds and electrons… what’s not to love? You invest some time into appreciating a collection of songs instead of hitting next on your 10,000 hour shuffle. It’s just different.
  9. middy

    Video games

    I’ve spent thousands of hours on video games, most of which I want back. I can’t play for more than an hour or two at a time anymore. I get bored. I prefer 1-4 player turn-based RPGs, single-player Minecraft, action games like tomb raider, and single-player or multiplayer-coop vs AI FPS games...
  10. middy

    I put a down payment on one of THESE

    Why is everyone always posting pictures of guitars without the headstock? Does nothing for me.
  11. middy

    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    I only have one band t-shirt anymore.
  12. middy

    Really, in this day and age ....

    “Don’t worry! They’re not terrorists, only morons.”
  13. middy

    Best albums to learn completely?

    As Tom Bukovac would say, learn every Beatles song.
  14. middy

    Crazy Used Pedal Prices

    People think they can pay for extraordinary tone, when really most of it is in the fingers. It’s easier to shop than practice. You guys should see what vintage Fender Telecasters go for…
  15. middy

    5th position minor pentatonic box

    I use it all the time as it’s easy to mix in notes from the major pentatonic scale of the same root note.
  16. middy

    Of these 4 speakers (or other,) which would you choose for the '65 DRRI and why?

    I just love Celestions for everything, but then again I prefer Marshalls, even for country.
  17. middy


    I’ve been on a no social media rule for the last few days. Just a little TDPRI last night and today. It’s so easy to get sucked into reading peoples’ (mostly dumb) opinions. For hours. And getting those little dopamine rushes when someone likes or responds to your comments. It’s a vicious...
  18. middy

    Team Johnny Depp

    There are the testimonies of other people, fortunately. Johnny’s exes and sister and even Amber’s parents and sister all come down on his side.
  19. middy

    NCD - Barefaced Reformer 1x12

    Very nice! I have a Barefaced Super Compact bass cab. It’s a 1x12 that’s weighs less than 25 lbs. It fills the room with deep bass as good as the best heavy 2x10 or the typical 4x10, but keeps an articulate midrange everywhere. I want a Reformer with an H30 really bad!
  20. middy

    Reaching satiety

    Naw, all I really need is my Esquire and Marshall SV20c, maybe a good delay or reverb, maybe tremolo pedals. I’m good. I do need a nice steel string acoustic, though. I have a cheap Yamaha beater, but it only sounds ok.
  21. middy

    Minecraft: Good or bad?

    Maybe they want to escape from a reality where the climate is collapsing and school and rent is unaffordable and the best you can expect from a regular job is to be micromanaged and underpaid as much as possible? I don’t know, it’s the world we made for them. But at least we can make them feel...

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