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    Sd1 question

    Hello, does anybody think the SD-1 SMT needs the C6 mod? If yes, has anybody done it? Thanks
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    Mxr swtch question

    Hello all. I have an MXR bezerker overdrive, however the switch is a little hard. Can the switch be replaced easily? What part number? Thanks
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    Gave away some pedals

    I scored a whole boss pedalboard with pedals inside and increased my pedal count. it also made me have several pedals i wont ever use so i when i went to jam i gave away my budget copies of tubescreamer, flanger, and EQ. Made some friends really happy before Christmas
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    high nut question

    hello, does a high nut throw off the intonation? the G note on my low E sounds sharp when i play the cowbow G chord, tried moving the bridge saddle but the intonation on the 12 fret will also be off
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    strat "yellowing" question

    Howdy, i'd like to have a white strat that WILL NOT yellow or amber. is there a white fender or squier that will not yellow? thanks , LDR
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    New Blues Driver SMT

    hello guys, just got a new BD-2 Blues driver which is in the black box and SMT circuit. the SMT version is quieter and more importantly, no more of that fizz that plagued the THD version. currently, im going to use it as my slightly dirty sound/boost to the SD1(medium gain) and whatever higher...
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    Bridge is "ringy, trebly"

    I bought a budget tele and the overall sound is trebly even if i turn down the tone. There seems to be a ringy quality that also affects the overall sound. Just as a test, i tapped the bridge with the tip of a screwdriver and it makes that ringy sound. To compare, on another tele, the bridge...
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    help. Od-2r problems

    Hello modders. Need some help. i Got a Od2r and in the non-turbo mode there is no sound, normal or distorted. In the turbo mode, it sounds good but sometimes the sound weakens. there is also that warm-up period before it turns on. i already tried powering it with batteries, but still the...
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    Going the budget route

    I just ordered a budget tele which according to users and reviewers is good for the budget but needs some set up and TLC. Since i usually change the pickups then its a challenge. Should be here week › collections › el... Web results Electric Guitar – Jolly Music
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    SD1 input impedance mod

    hello all, anybody tried to mod the sd-1 input impedance resistor R2? I have two SD1 and modded 1 and compared it with the other stock one. disclaimer: both are not completely stock because both have the C6 mod and different gain mods, one through the clipping diode, the other through a...
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    boss OD3 input impedance

    hello all, is R33 with 1M Ohm the input impedance resistor for the boss OD3? thanks ldr
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    neck pocket measurements

    hello all, im planning to put a lighter body for my peavey generation ex tele style. the neck pocket width is 5.7cm according to the only pic about it i could find. the bodies available are 5.5 cm. i think . can i enlarge it to make it fit? this is my first re-body, btw. thanks, ldr
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    boss od3 pic solder side

    hello all. can i ask for a clear picture of the boss od3. the pcb traces are destroyed and like to find out where i can tack C8 and R14 . thanks ldr
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    Ehx pedal question

    hello alll i just received an ehx crayon from a reputable on line seller here in my country. i think it sounds the way it should be but what is questionable is the pedal doesnt have the "New York City USA" mark beneath Electroharmonix. are newer pedals not marked with this anymore? thanks
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    lightweight 90s to 2000s strat

    my friend has a fender american standard strat and it is very ligh compared to my mim. were these guitars light? ill try to get the serial nmber next time? thanks ldr
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    sold one of my t-styles

    finally decided to sell one of my peavey generation t styles as i was not using it really. better let somebody have it and enjoy it. i sold it to a student and he was happy with it. i still have another peavey t style and thatveill be my only one. i have 1 fender strat and 2 other s types and a...
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    SX tele mod questions

    hello all tele guys, im thinking of picking up an SX STL50 and doing some mods. id like to replace the 3 piece bridge saddles with the compensated saddles. are these the same size as the common replacements like wilkenson and GFS? thanks LDR
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    humbucker sounds thin

    hello all the bridge humbucker in my yamaha rgz sounds quite thin when played clean. its ok if its on overdrive or distortion but when clean, theres a drop in volume and loss of bass. currently it has a dimarzio 36th anniversary humbucker but ive tried different pickups and even returning the...
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    new bd2 has no fizz?

    hello all! did anyone buy or try the new blues driver recently? what i mean by new is it comes in the black box and has the new SMT circuit. i played it in a store and i noticed there was less or no fizz that plagued the old ones. did i hear it right? thanks
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    joyo ultimate drive error did you know?

    hello guys i was looking at something else when i stumbled across this from and i did the mod/ fix and it mde the UD clearer more articulATE as the OCD. Definitely worth the effort as the circuit is not really oldsckool thru hole, and i almost disconnected the ribbon cable to...
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    change ALPS to ordinary switch

    hello, i want to change the ts-9 switch to a more common electronic switch which is widely available. i think i can it be done be an ordinary on-off switch, or am i wrong? can it be done? thanks, ldr
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    got 'nuther sd-1

    with the change to SMT in Boss pedals, i thought it would be a good idea to stock up on some fave boss pedals. i found a guitarist selling his boss pedals after he changed to multifx and snagged his sd1 for about 25$. he still has a ds1 and a ds2 and im saving for them. pity his bf-2 was already...
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    still a fender strat?

    my 2005 fender mim standard strat is getting a little heavy for my back. i plan to buy a squier bullet strat and use the body, with the fender neck electronics and hardware. would the guitar still be technically a fender? im going to assemble also the leftover squier neck with the fender body...
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    HH tele question

    hello is the HH tele equivalent to a Les paul with a 25.5 scale? just wondering. i dont have a les paul type anymore and i like my HH tele style☺ regards Ldr
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    standard squier tele users

    am planning to get a squier tele and the standard model feels and sounds right for me and the closest to the fender. i looked at the opinions here and everybody seems to be playing bullets, affinities &classic vibes. why? thanks