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  1. BarnKat

    It will buff out, I think 🤔

    Run it through a wood chipper...
  2. BarnKat

    Seeking advice for outdoor gig

    Don't eat the chili dogs and soda, bring something decent for yourself and your buddy.
  3. BarnKat

    Valve stocking

    I was fortunate to stock up on old tubes at garage sales, etc. 30-40 years ago. probably the only smart thing I've ever done. 😜
  4. BarnKat

    Ugliest Band Ever

    Being as ugly or uglier as most of these guys, I have no room to judge... :cool:
  5. BarnKat

    Why is Fender putting plastic nuts on guitars over $1,000?

    I agree completely. Even way back when, Leo Fender sought out the cheapest way to build a guitar. Sometimes all the parts come together and you have a very good instrument, other times it's just passable. A good ear and strong fingers can make a passable instrument sing, once it is set-up correctly.
  6. BarnKat

    Drinking, playing guitar and motivation

  7. BarnKat

    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    You could flip those suckers 50 feet in the air, at least.
  8. BarnKat

    boild penuts

    Probably had to stop for other reasons... ;-|
  9. BarnKat

    boild penuts

    I've tried them and couldn't enjoy them for some reason... I also have issues with okra. Love the taste but can't get past the slime.
  10. BarnKat

    About the ES-335 . . . .

    My 3 favorites... exactly.
  11. BarnKat

    .022 or .047 cap?

    If there is no LCD screen to keep me "entertained" then, ho-hum...
  12. BarnKat

    Walk songs

  13. BarnKat

    That moment when you like the way your cheap $240 partscaster plays more than your $1K partscaster.

    According to that way of thinking, nothing on Earth happened before 1839...? :D:eek::lol:
  14. BarnKat

    Modern day cheap guitars that are punching well beyond their weight.

    I've been looking at Grote guitars myself... unbelievably low prices for some awesome looking machines. I'm tempted to get the single P90 model, or maybe the 2 P90 model. Does anyone know how they play? What the P90's sound like? How is the "fit & finish? Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  15. BarnKat

    Hello Brothers & Sisters

    Thank you!
  16. BarnKat

    Hello Brothers & Sisters

    LOL!! Well, maybe not exactly dumb, just coming from a different perspective? :lol: Hey, thanks for the welcome... and I do have a lot of pics to share. Thanks again!
  17. BarnKat

    Hello Brothers & Sisters

    Here is a bad phone pic of a corner of my cave this morning... My Fender MIM P-bass, Epi Dot, Fender Baja Tele and on the floor a Fender DRRI, a vintage Silvertone acoustic called a "Kentucky Blue" and my Fender Rumble 100. Also a CBG on the left, made for me by a good friend. I usually take...
  18. BarnKat

    Hello Brothers & Sisters

    Thank you, DLReed, the transition is relatively easy, chords were difficult at first. The good thing is my picking hand is more adept at using my fingers, except I need to get used to the string spacing. I'm still trying to decide whether I like the sound and feel of a pick, fingers or a hybrid...
  19. BarnKat

    Hello Brothers & Sisters

    I'm from a wooded stretch of hills in rural Kentucky, where the bluegrass region and mountains come together. Being somewhat isolated (especially during the pandemic) I've been spending more time learning to play my Telecaster. I've had a P-bass for about 20 years and got into it, off and on...

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